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  1. Three (3) Section 110 tickets for tonight's regular season finale. Saturday. March 3. Saint Clown. Senior Night. Big house. Big win. Sorry. Husky fans need not apply. I have a restraining order that prevents me from sitting within twenty seats of you. Call or text 612.201.3239. Tickets in Grand Forks near Valley 4000. $40 each.
  2. NorthDakotaHockey

    Sioux Survivor Game #8 2017-2018

    FRIDAY: Simonson SATURDAY: Hoff Thanks.
  3. Thanks for this heads up. Did not think that there would be any left for us proletariat.
  4. NorthDakotaHockey

    NORTH DAKOTA @ Boston U. - FRIDAY Gameday

    Damned straight. Vendors gotta be bummed big time. Maybe I do understand why the other regional crowds look so skinny. Wish more fans had stayed but totally get why they would want to leave. I'd want to talk to those refs too. That's why God gave us trunks.
  5. NorthDakotaHockey

    University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    Why would they leave? Each can use another year of development. Practice rather than games. One shot to the NHL. The guys of late making it to the bigs are the ones who hung around for a few years. Lots depends on chemistry too. I am pretty sure that these guys like each other but hey, remember, I've no sources. As always, whatever happens will happen. No shame in the way this season ended. Three great closing games with probably the three best teams in the country. That's what hurts. We are North Dakota Hockey. Lots of rock solid guys coming back. And another batch of recruits coming in. Anybody got a sugar beet planting job for me?
  6. NorthDakotaHockey

    2017 Bracket Challenge

    Damned straight Sic. Believe. Tech rolls. Until they finally get rolled. In the Championship game.
  7. NorthDakotaHockey

    Tucker Poolman

    Unlike alot of folks, I have no sources. I am proud to admit this. Truth be told, none of us do. However, like Dagies, I do have a gut. Most of us do. My gut tells me that, after seeing Poolman leave the ice last Saturday, he ain't playing today. Hey, that's OK. Better to rest him than to risk him. This is D1 hockey. Next man up. It's time to man up. We'll be fine. With or without Poolman today. We may or may not win, but we'll be fine. See y'all in ChiTown. Last chance to grab those great Frozen Four seats of mine over on the ticket thread. Calling all believers. Last. Chance. Number Nine is on the Line.
  8. NorthDakotaHockey

    2017 Bracket Challenge

    Read it first here. North Dakota - Michigan Tech. Unless it's Western Michigan - Michigan Tech? It's the ramblin' wreck's year. Sadly, perhaps, Tech's slipper will come off in during the championship game.
  9. NorthDakotaHockey

    NCHC Frozen Faceoff - Xcel Energy Center

    Best I believe, there is nothing that stops North Dakota from bidding on a regional and using one of the Twin Cities arenas as the venue . . . . This said, nothing wrong with with Scheel's or especially The Denny. UNO would be smart to bid on one using the big arena in Omaha.
  10. NorthDakotaHockey

    The 2017 SiouxSports.com Hoggsbreath Brunch

    Great pic. Great hat. Always a great event. Sorry we missed it again. Was picking folks up from the airport late morning. In for the Saturday action and beyond. See y'all around the arenas. Did see the Ice Arena Man plowing through the concession stands. And Brian and his bride. Great seeing you folks.
  11. NorthDakotaHockey

    NCHC Frozen Faceoff - Xcel Energy Center

    From my observation being at both sessions all years, probably about 4,000-5,000 for the non-North Dakota games, 8,000 -11,000 for the Sioux games. I think that they announced a shade over 10,000 for the title game last night. Not terribly impressive given the teams, the metro area, the fan bases, the weather, and the fact that there was no other hockey in town last night.
  12. NorthDakotaHockey

    NCHC Frozen Faceoff - Xcel Energy Center

    Damned straight. Don't forget. I've great Frozen Four tix available on the ticket thread. At right fair prices right now, but not available come next Sunday. And, naturally, the Ralph and the NCAA are certainly no different than is the NCHC. You think that the NCAA cares about the fans? Don't kid yourself. Your suspicion is spot on, and it's only going to get worse from here. Next thing you know, the cable companies will be jacking their rates for our privilege to watch their televised drivel. Games and all.
  13. NorthDakotaHockey

    Tucker Poolman

    Pretty sure that Berry was playing an old fashioned game of possum when he made his remarks about Poolman last night. It was too early for him, or anyone, to know and, even if he did know, he's smart enought to hold information pretty tight to the vest. Right? Right.
  14. NorthDakotaHockey

    NCHC Frozen Faceoff - Xcel Energy Center

    The Target Center is OK. Not built for hockey but it can accommodate it well enough. The seats are a disgrace but they are getting changed out as part of the remodel. Moving people in and out of the building was much improved, even with construction. The scoreboard is top shelf. The ushers and vendors are much improved, and getting tuned in to the hockey atmosphere. It will compete hard to keep this event. Local hotels and hospitality will throw in on this front as well. It'll come down to one of economics. Solid North Dakota fans will show up regardless of the venue. The NCHC powers will play a numbers game. Just like all businesses do and will. The NCHC doesn't much give a darn on alot of your opinions, and it isn't going to lose any sleep if some of you decide to stand on principle and not come to town. Your loss. Not the NCHC's. Besides, the Xcel is often booked hard and may not have the flexibility to accomodate the NCHC. Finally, the streets of Saint Paul roll up hard. Every night. Early. Not the case in Sin City. Finally, I am disappointed in alot of the fans in the so-called State of Hockey. Premier college hockey tournament in town. The beloved Gophers are in Detroit and it is obvious that no one went there. I thought I'd see alot of impartial college hockey fans often seen at Mariucci in attendance. Just for the love of watching the game.