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  1. My Fighting Sioux Hoodies have become a premium! I no longer put them in the dryer, or wear them excessively. Not because I'm part of the Sioux Forever crowd. But because I'd like them to last me for the final 40 years of my life. And if I don't have to buy any of that other stuff, I assure you, I won't! 26 years after I graduated from Central as part of the last class to graduate as Redskins, I still haven't warmed up to Knights. Why? Because like Hawks, Knights doesn't kick @$$!
  2. Mrs. Boogieman and I have been to a couple of concerts at The Denny as we are big concert goers. Impressive facility. Plenty of lodging within a few blocks, and connected to the center much like the Alerus/Canad situation. Sioux Falls is a pretty cool city to spend a weekend in. Downtown has a lot going for it!
  3. This is an acceptable response to ANY and ALL gopher trolls. And don't let them throw 0.6 in your face. The comparison is nonexistant.
  4. There are three sides to every story on this site: The Good Ol' Boys. gfhockey and darell1976. And then everybody else...
  5. Don't know how serious. Upper body injury is all I heard. I had the game in TV, but I didn't see the play. I was tending to the pork chops on the grill at the time...
  6. Yup. Knocked out of the game in the first.
  7. Thanks to my Sioux hoodie with both the word Sioux and Brien's logo on it, I was crazy hostile and abusive!! I shouted at Bellows that he would NEVER be his old man. And then I gave BU drummer guy some crap about his drum kit blocking the aisle and that I hoped there wasn't a fire. Follow by my hostile and abusive chuckle. But my 7 year old son that was with me?? Forget it! When BU's band started to chant "HEY! HO! The Fighting Hawks have got to go!", I had to hold his hostile and abusive @$$ back! He was headed up there to thumb wrestle someone...
  8. Worked in the NCHC Tourney! Funny how if you look back over history, you can see that most of the games overseen by Todd Anderson are out of hand by the second period. Honestly I thought there were a couple bad calls against Duluth as well.
  9. As for the #1 seeds, Goofs and Harvard don't get out of their respective regions. DU v UMassL, W. Mich v Duluth. Duluth takes out Denver for every marble in the bag.
  10. Not that I heard. But he was on with JT for about 20 minutes. And, you know, I'm at work, so I didn't hear all of it.
  11. Coach Jackson is on with JT on KNOX as we speak. When asked by JT, his response was a large sigh followed by "as of yet, Tucker Poolman's playing status for Friday is undetermined." Now, I understand that might be a stock answer, and it doesn't mean he will or won't, but a few of you have stated that you are taking Coach Berry's word from the presser as gospel until you hear other wise.'s some otherwise to chew on.
  12. If that Gopher fan is Jeff Dubay, odds are...
  13. Not going this year. My wife and I went to NYC for that game, spent five days there, and we've got tix for the regional. I've already got half a dozen concerts lined up that I'm going to this summer. Plus, My brother and I are headed to Mpls/St. Paul for a Wild game and the Twins home opener on back to back days the first week of April. Something had to be cut...
  14. Pfft!! Get back to me when ANYONE ELSES fan base even remotely comes close to rivaling our traveling numbers. "We'd better give the Bulldogs the late game so their fans will have more time to buy tickets" said no conference official ever...