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  1. Further to above if it is more convenient for you please email me at wsolta@hotmail.com with your information so I may speak to you. Thanks Wayne
  2. I would like to talk to you about these tickets could you please give me a time and phone number to talk to you in person about them. My name is Wayne. thank you. You can text me at 204-228-5316 with the details. I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  3. Please tell me what you are asking for two tickets to the FF and to the 2 tickets to the hall of fame game in LV.
  4. Unable to use my 2 tickets for this game. Would like to get back my costs. 137.50 Please message me or call me at 1-204-654-0183. Or 1-204-228-5316. Tickets are in GrandForks. Thank you.
  5. NCHC to get expanded TV coverage

    Yes I agree with this poster.
  6. 2014-15 UND Hockey Schedule

    Is there a list of the potential sched some where?
  7. Time for big boys tourney

    Great idea gives me another reason to go to Denver Or Minneapolis. Now if you can sell it to the powers that be we will be in business.
  8. Tim Hortons Opens Finally

    Yes I live in Winnipeg they do bake in store. Glad to see they are in Grand Forks. My Favorite place to watch a college game.

    Is the Miami web cast free?
  10. Your best Old Ralph moment

    I was there in the 70's as well
  11. Your best Old Ralph moment

    Thanks for starting this thread. 1. Working in the penalty box the 4 years I was a student. 2. Working in the league as an official in the 80"s allowed me to see some great games with the best college players in the country at that time. 3.The old REA allowed me to stay close to the city and University that gave me so much as a hockey fan and as a person. I am very sad the building is going to be torn down no matter what the reason. Great memories which will never be forgotten. Thank you Wilbur and thank you University Of North Dakota.
  12. Could you pm me with your phone number please? I tried to email you but it was returned.
  13. I would like to take your tickets if you would consider letting them go for 45.00 each. Thank-you. Please let me know.
  14. CC Tickets

    I am sorry I did not realize face value was 45.00 I looked at the price on line and saw 40.00 for the series tickets. If you pm me your phone number I can discuss it with you further. Thank -you.
  15. CC Tickets

    I would be interested in your tickets. Would you be willing to take 40.00 for each ticket.