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  1. Duluth is dirty and the reffing sucked. Go Sioux screw the little trophy if you gotta play dirty to get it. Duluth isn't going to go far if they meet Refs that can call a game.
  2. What a tie
  3. It would be nice if we could clear the puck
  4. I sure am glad Berry didn't change his game plan at the end of the season. Just played our game that's how it should have always been. GO SIOUX!!!
  5. Haven't been on here all year since my wife and I had our first child. Just wanted to say way to hang 8 boys and thank you Seniors!!!
  6. Does anyone know how many different Art prints had been made for the UND hockey team over the years? If you do and have an example of each of them I would appreciate seeing them as I'm sure a lot of other people would also. I would like to see even Art prints like that of "The Mariucci Arena" by Terrence Fogarty that has the Fighting Sioux playing against the Gophers in the old Mariucci. Or the one called "Our League" by the same artist Terrence Fogarty. I just think its neat to see any Art that has a Fighting Sioux or North Dakota Jersey or Emblem in it. Thank you
  7. yeH it's true but it makes for crazy TV. Like I said I was hot like everyone else and I'm over it
  8. wow ain't that a wicked pissa
  9. I think it's the curse of the New Ralph. Haven't hung one since it opened in 2001.
  10. Time to fire up this thread again. Im going to get the boat ready and open the cabin soon. Then I get to be a dad for the first time in late July or Early August can't wait for that one. after that then its on to October!!!
  11. Thank you Seniors for the four years!!! You will always be remembered in the Sioux legacy wearing that everlasting logo GO SIOUX and THANK YOU SENIORS!!!!
  12. I want to thank you guys on here for another great year also. It's fun hearing all opinions and rants and raves. I don't think I'll be on here to read to much next year or to give a grude comment once in awhile. I'll be busy with a new born boy in late July early August so again thank you guys and God bless I going to bed. laterz
  13. I've vented I'm om over it lets get ready for next year. Never to early to start prepping