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  1. Former UND Student Jamie Grant

    The word of mouth (which even from people I know....is what it is....subjective) is that Grant wasn't a violent guy and Patterson has worn a shirt that says "Talk sh*t get hit".
  2. Former UND Student Jamie Grant

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.inforum.com/news/4288329-who-darren-patterson-fargo-man-charged-manslaughter-deadly-punch%3famp About halfway through the article. Most of society has never been in any bar fights but for some reason this guy has a pattern.
  3. 2018 Season

    If you care about timing, tell Bubba to only schedule the Ball States and Bowling Greens of the world. That sort of attitude sucks.
  4. Former UND Student Jamie Grant

    Hopefully a rational jury is selected for the case. The heat of the moment argument goes out the window once he made the conscious decision to run around the building to the other exit to confront Grant.
  5. Former UND Student Jamie Grant

    How about a history of getting in fights and causing bodily harm to other people? Educate yourself a little on his background before making excuses for him.
  6. Former UND Student Jamie Grant

    The guy that punched him has a history of being a hot head. That's our criminal justice system these days. Keep giving second chances until someone gets hurt really bad or dies.
  7. Things to do in GF

    Hey bars, you already are guaranteed a good crowd of students on reading and review day/springfest weekend.......maybe we could do something in the summer when your traffic is lower and you could use the spike in business during a traditionally slower time. Because by most accounts, getting a beer was mission impossible since you placed a band geared towards 30+ year olds.....in an area full of a bunch of college kids (whom for the most part aren't into that genre). BTW the best paying customers aren't college kids that will go wherever the Busch Light taps and fruity shots are the cheapest. Places like Brick and Barley, Rhombus, and Half Brothers would have made a killing selling their craft beers if their target market (same target market that digs 80's hair rock) could have gotten to them at a more open venue. Hugos was a sponsor too btw. Not knocking the concert idea at all, just saying there is definitely room for improvement next time. Thanks.
  8. Driving in Grand Forks

    Yep. Most churches depend on getting just part of old people's money via offerings. Hope church is gonna get every penny of people's money once they get old with the built in old folks home. Heck, with a good midwife someone could live from cradle to grave without leaving the compound!
  9. Driving in Grand Forks

    Rumors wanted to expand into the newly vacant Jack's Shoes space but were denied so that's not surprising. A bar and retail fit in with a traditional mall scheme but not with a religious compound I suppose. Everytime Hope can kick out a business and re-label the space as "Hope Library" or "Hope Daycare" or "Hope Administrative Office" the space becomes tax exempt. A great racket if you can get it I suppose.
  10. Also makes booting out people that may have dissenting views from you (i.e. not part of the GOBC.....not the GF hockey GOBC, but the other one) that much easier.
  11. I suppose time will tell. I just think that something had to really get under her skin to trigger the response. If UND was gonna release info showing the REA deal was lopsided towards REA a couple percentage points, I just don't see why she would react the way she did. If it wasn't for her loyalty to her dad she would have stopped sending money to UND years ago.
  12. Being able to skirt FOIA requests was just a convenient by-product...
  13. Good idea...........safe to say I should be hoping that Kennedy actually ordered there to be written documentation instead of the infamous consultant review of athletics that cost thousands of dollars but didn't result in any written documentation?
  14. Fixed it. Whoever he is his ears must be ringing what the heck he did wrong.
  15. Interesting and good post. I'm not an accountant good at crunching these numbers, but at initial glance it appears that neither REA or UND is is showing a huge profit or loss as a result of this deal. Most college sports don't actually make money. I think besides the budget numbers you cited, it's important to note the total benefit (in addition to money) that REA provides. How many people in Grand Forks, the surrounding community, and ND in general benefit from getting to enjoy the events hosted there including hockey, concerts, etc.