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  1. Really?
  2. Have to explain this to me. Are they vying for representing a player or are they the "family adviser"?
  3. Last person out of GF, turn the lights off.
  4. More important, who did the coin pick?
  5. Thanks, that is information that I was just dying to learn.
  6. Any idea which end UND will be shooting at 2x?
  7. He wants to build on the legacy that was set last year for rare chance at history.
  8. Quit being NUTS
  9. You are new here, but this the way that we roll in here. We are a community of Sioux hockey fans and we talk about where others are sitting because we actually meet during the games. Last weekend in MSP, there was a brunch for people who are in here. We do talk plenty of hockey, but we also cover everything associated with the games. Have fun and get to know some of the great people on this site. You are not going to meet a more passionate bunch of fans.
  10. I have a feeling that is what is going to happen for me too. I called back to her and she said she has the receipt. I am just going to have to trust it and k sera sera .
  11. I have a 701 number, so they knew I was from ND when they called me.
  12. ok, stupid question, has anyone had charge for the tickets that they received from Duluth hit their credit card yet? If so, how long did it take?
  13. So did I , they called me back off the waiting list. She said they were able to get their hands on more tickets. Just waiting for it to show on my banking statement.
  14. PxP is Matvick, I don't know who color is. Although there will be lots of colorful words said during the game in the arena.
  15. We may have to do that between games, no beer sold in arena. But there will be at the fanfest, if I am correct. No reentrance either, so lets encourage the UMD guys to leave between the games.