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  1. I miss hating Gwoz.
  2. Not everybody would have been going to Vegas to party it up and blow a bunch of money. I would have gladly gone to this game paying the premium $99+ fees for a ticket (which I think is kind of crazy for a college hockey game), but I had no intention of partying it up in Vegas. I realize I'm in the minority. This event is, basically, a Champions Club event and that's fine, but that's how it should be noted. I'm not really bitter and I'm over being annoyed. I understand why UND did what it did, but it definitely alienated some fans.
  3. I think the President could probably do without the position for a while in a hiring freeze and budget cuts. If you want to show how much you care about a business/institution, you should show that you're willing to take hits, too. I'm sure he's not going to cut his salary. I don't begrudge Kennedy for filling position when it was already there, but it's leadership isn't just about making tough decisions that effect everybody else.
  4. They are. Music therapy, integrated studies and it sounds like Women and Gender Studies, too. There will likely be more.
  5. I have family in Vegas who are not tied to UND beyond me. They would have attended with me and at least one friend had there been an opportunity to go. I'm not super upset, but slightly disappointed. Getting ND/MN tickets are usually pretty difficult to get to begin with regardless of the venue. It just seems like UND would have known that this event would sell out based on the fact that transportation to Vegas is pretty good.
  6. Monique and Jocelyne are still with the program. Volunteer assistant coach and Strength and Conditioning coach. I don't think Fabian is the answer if there needs to be a coaching change.
  7. Go to Times Square, take a picture and then GTFO (if you go there at all).
  8. And don't ask for a toasted bagel.
  9. Well, in a city like New York, you walk so much that it would probably keep off the fat, but I can't argue the alcohol. Ha!
  10. We had pizza near NYU (John's on Bleeker) and it was excellent. I think it's usually one on the top of many lists with Lombardi's. We had pretty good luck with pub-style locations. We ate at a diner and was not impressed. There are so many places to eat that it gets a little overwhelming!
  11. More budget cuts overall for the next biennium. That's coming down the pipeline.
  12. I went to the game on Saturday and had to buy a ticket. I specifically asked about ticketing and they said they have not heard anything about not ticketing.
  13. UND is still ticketing and charging admission for women's hockey. Just thought I'd clear that up.
  14. This is wrong. I went to Saturday's game (paid and received a ticket) and they're still require tickets. I asked and they said that they, absolutely, are ticketing this year.
  15. I currently work at NDSU and Bresciani sent out a staff-wide email six weeks ago or so about the 10-15 percent for the next biennium. That's what we know as employees as of now. There have been several updates since I started working there about three months ago.