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  1. Peggy Wehage Didn't she play UND and NDSU?
  2. Will the jerseys still be Reebok or move to CCM/Adidas?
  3. I don't understand the gleeful grave dancing that has reared its head on this board in the last 48 hours. Agree with the decision all you want (I do), but shaudenfruede is a bad look and doesn't belong anywhere in this conversation.
  4. Why are they wearing last year's uniforms?
  5. A season bookended by effing blocked punts.
  6. Running into the kicker...... Will Go down as the worst penalty in UND football history.
  7. From September Q. There is talk about UND changing athletic conferences. What's your preference—Missouri Valley or Big Sky? I think the Big Sky has a lot of fun places to go play ... but both would make sense for us. If we were ever to get in and realign with South Dakota State, South Dakota and North Dakota State, it would make sense. It's a better experience for our fans, because they can travel to games. And I'm talking more than just football. But once again, that's not my decision. We can sell the Big Sky. When I was growing up, we wanted to kind of stay local. Now, when we tell kids we play in nine different states, they think that's really cool—going to nine different states to play. We go to a lot of fun places to play. If you want to have fun, go to Montana State. They will cheer when you come in the lot, but their students really get after you when you come out on the field. It's a lot of fun, and it's really challenging to stay focused.
  8. During Cleveland Indian discussion on Dan Patrick show just now. Surprised to hear..... "Like the Fighting Sioux, they didn't need to get rid of that." - Dan Patrick
  9. To that end, why doesn't the Alerus leverage what works at The Ralph? - When we score play Chelsea Dagger. - Use the band the way hockey does. - Here's your fighting hawks scoooriiing.......... Welcome to the jungle has already been used, lets steal more. Thoughts?
  10. The Alerus needs to give these signs to our CheerTeam.
  11. Fans have every right to publicly hate, love or ignore the new nickname. However, employees of UND who are not buying into the "mandate" need to keep there personal feelings to themselves and grow up.
  12. Hypothetically, If Im the Summit I wouldn't let in UND unless UND restarted baseball. The league needs programs.
  13. Bismarck Scheels has both grey and white adidas hats. I would guess other Scheels do as well? They also have the black stocking hats.
  14. I'm gonna guess they did create it and it was used in direct communication to Boltmann, who did then tweet it out himself. It appears to be a trend.
  15. To my ears he was quite competent at hoops play by play. Not sure what to say re the "Douche Nozzle" comment. Embarrassing.