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  1. The adding color might be the way to keep more people happy on both sides of the fence. How do we get this out to the important decision makers higher up than us? Would they even listen? Mafia could make me want to buy one like this if we could get this thing going! Just like the game worn logo, only with a twist that everyone would want!
  2. http://video.foxnews.com/v/4979101939001/new-und-logo-reignites-debate-over-team-name-changes/?playlist_id=2827720506001#sp=show-clips That cleaned up version with black outline looks 100 x's better. Almost makes me a believer in change. The other one looks a little girly to me.
  3. This foolio lists the jersey as if it was actually used in the frozen four and added the patch. True Sioux fans know they only used the white and then the green in both games...Way to mess up a good jersey by modifying it yourself, probably loses some of the value. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Game-Worn-University-of-North-Dakota-Fighting-Sioux-Schmaltz-Frozen-Four-Jersey-/182094014423?hash=item2a65a627d7:g:pC8AAOSwKfVXEPQo
  4. Might be like '97 when Schweitzer won the championship and Goehring won the spot the following year.
  5. Sensers already full. Show up anyway and walk through and ask fans to make room at tables as we will fill in until fire Marshall shuts us down!
  6. Let's get rid of the new arena and bring back the old one and we will win a championship.
  7. Why does it look like Sioux fans are cheering for every little thing against BC? I thought they would be an easier opponent and would rather play them, though I dislike them more. If I was there I would probably just watch and not really care either way unless some BC fans upset me.
  8. This is crazy here...
  9. Just saw some Sioux walk by to Tom Reid's. McGoverns upstairs lots of room and we have sound for Sioux once Wild win!
  10. Upstairs McGovern's! Watching Wild and other games. All the green at the X will be here soon!
  11. Already called McGoverns and they will be expecting us Sioux fans at 5:00 between games. They will have it on the televisions with sound in the upstairs.
  12. Let's pack McGovern's tomorrow with green those who are in still for the West. I already called and made sure they would put on our game with sound when the place clears out and people go to watch the second game since ours against Michigan will start at 5:00.
  13. Anybody know if that ESPN 3 Duluth game can be found on a television channel, possibly local near the Twin Cities?
  14. Hey just go and watch hockey like we are and hang out at McGoverns because there will be many of us there watching us on Saturday after we win Friday. Go to whatever we are able to watch across the street and wear our green!
  15. I would think on a Friday at that time shouldn't be a problem to get it on the television with sound throughout unless there is bouncy ball going on.