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  1. former players

    A nice story about Aaron Dell on NHL.com.
  2. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Serial lurker...I'm always here, but don't post much.
  3. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Penn State feasted on an early and weak non-conference schedule last year and were the pairwise kings, until reality set in and then plummeted. This year they have tripped over early non-hurdles well before the semi-grueling B1G conference schedule begins. Their season is essentially over (in terms of pairwise), saving a B1G auto-bid.
  4. NORTH DAKOTA @ Badgers - FRIDAY Gameday

    I can support screwing over the B1G.
  5. NORTH DAKOTA @ Badgers - FRIDAY Gameday

    I'd much rather listen to Hennessy's radio call online than pay the B1G one penny. He is really good, and we are fortunate to have such a talent in our small market. Enjoy it while you can.
  6. NORTH DAKOTA vs. DU - THURSDAY F4 Gameday

    Sioux Yeah- Yeah!
  7. Frozen Four Watch Parties

    I live in Prescott. My Dad and I would always go to Philander's to watch UND in the NCAA tournament. They were always accommodating with TVs and have plenty of room, assuming the Packers aren't playing. A couple years ago I would have steered you elsewhere due to quality of food, but they have righted that ship.
  8. 10 years ago today.....

    That was one of my fondest Father-son moments. We drove from the cities to watch UND play, expecting a UND/UM matchup to go to the FF. I looked at my Dad after two period and asked, "Could this happen?". When Minnesota took the lead I thought it was over. I'll never forget that sound and emotion when Holy Cross scored in OT. That was the first time he ever got to see the new Ralph. Having said that, I still miss the old bandbox! Much different memories there as a student.
  9. If Big Ten Offers UND Should They Join?

    #uck and no! Let Minnesota and Michigan alternate as conference champions, followed by the annual circle jerk with banners to celebrate. Their league sucks, let them fix it. While the prestigious B1G annually sends one team to the NCAA's, much smaller and more 'inferior' schools get invites. I'd rather see less successful east coast teams get invites. Lucia wanted to let the UND-UMN rivalry to cool down, well, he got just that. Now UMN is desperate for rivalry energy. Guess what, Don, nobody outside the B1G cares. Your a$$h@t program and fans were above all else for decades, now the true-blue fans want change. Pretty soon, Minnesota will beg UND for renewing the rivalry, if not pay for it financially!
  10. One Set of Frozen Four Tickets

    Yes one set, both Thursday games, and Saturday's Championship. A friend had to bail, so we are selling his, preferably to another Sioux fan.
  11. Club 2, row 3 $200 (and shipping, if necessary) I live in Saint Paul, however my group are Sioux alum and fans. email wxpatty@hotmail.com
  12. Need Tix For Sat UMD Game

    I turned down roper's tix, see the other thread...get them while you can. St Patrick
  13. Saturday's UMD Game

    Free tickets fell into my lap for both games this weekend...can't refuse. Have at 'em Ghost! Go Sioux!
  14. Saturday's UMD Game

    I want them. Contact?