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  1. We Still Have Hockey

    Im not a lawyer either but maybe copyright issues with the original movie.
  2. We Still Have Hockey

    GUess the guy from bisonville got a little scared and pulled the video off. now thats funny.
  3. Jordan May

    whose this allard everyone talks of?
  4. Spring Practice - 2008

    Is the new coach pushing the boys a little too hard?? I heard all of our Rb but 1 (brandon brady) are injured. We have lost 3 CB for a while. Also, heard our O line is pretty banged up too. IM not saying what the coaches should do but with all these injuries, wouldnt u change ur habits a bit? little less contact or somthing. Hopefully we get a couple of these players back in the next 3 months for the season.
  5. 2007-2008 Fighting Sioux Gene Pool

    hes not playing for wisconsin though is he since of issues up in red deer giving him moeny to play.
  6. "Friend" spam

    Could "the source" be proudsioux or siouxrock?
  7. Brian Faison - from New Mexico St, new AD

    Would have preferred a good ole boy but looks like this guy has a lot of d-1 experience with indiana state and new mexico state. Hopefully this guy can control our powerful alumni and the coaches who are good ole boys.
  8. UND's next Athletic Director

    WDAZ said UND has offered the job to a person. Didnt say if it was an applicant or not just said he would be in office by may 1st to get the deal doen with alerus and und football. one could only speculate who this would be since it has been 2 weeks since finalstst were named.
  9. Titletown on ESPN

    the wikipedia one? that one is right.
  10. Titletown on ESPN

    and all of RR hockey titles too. I think i read somewhere GF has 36 titles compared to 12 for rest of the state
  11. Oshie, Vandevelde trouble

    Not sure if anyone has posted this yet but 3 hours after they touched down in grand forks they get a loud party violation. This makes me mad. The cops should have atleast given them a warning. I no poeple who have like 3 of these warnings.
  12. 2008 World Curling Championship

    on national tv now. channel 16 grand forks.
  13. Reloading Thread

    looks like finley is staying. http://www.pennlive.com/hersheybears/patri...&thispage=2 gotta go to the second page. "Caps prospect Joe Finley's University of North Dakota season has concluded, but the defenseman isn't expected to join Hershey"
  14. Oshie, Vandevelde trouble

    Im sure we all would have heard about it since GF is just one big high school.
  15. Oshie, Vandevelde trouble

    \ http://media.www.dakotastudent.com/media/s...d-2664561.shtml read that. says a loud party violation is more sever then a DUI. It may not eb a felony but its pretty severe.
  16. Oshie, Vandevelde trouble

    I dont know about that. Police around here usually cut people some slack on this cuz they now how much this little violation screws u over big time. If im not mistakin, this is a felony and ail time suspended. Now oshie I think will haev to serve some time cuz of the prior incident in the elevator i beleive. My son has 2 written warnings for loud party ordinances.
  17. Oshie, Vandevelde trouble

    really it was a warning? i heard different.
  18. It's time for a coaching change

    if its a friggin joke then why do u 2000 posts? lol nice joke huh.
  19. It's time for a coaching change

    triouxper, how are you right? its ur opinion. everyone has one and not everyones is right. My friend PCM left this baord cuz of u and i can now see y. i also can see why you were suspended to. I think one will probably be in the future for you also. go ahead bash me idc. ur prolly jsut some little kid out there.
  20. It's time for a coaching change

    high school never ends.
  21. It's time for a coaching change

    prepare to get bashed engelbunny. cue to mafiaman and thetriouxper.
  22. Reloading Thread

    i bet a one of the three captains next year will include watkins. kozek is as good as gone. talked to his dad at the final 5. said andrew doesnt no that this is the time of his life and andrew thinks he will be making ton of moeny and life will be great.
  23. Another Pact?

    0 chance. the ink is on the dotted line.
  24. It's time for a coaching change

    its not the coaches. anyways, if u gusy had ur way and they fired hakstol, who woudl coach the sioux? there is no one better then hakstol. i think its just the players. hakstol recuits all these high end guys that were drafted high and only care about them self. blaise really never had all the top end guys. he had the 4 year rough tough players. like the matt handerson's, the ulmers, panzers, hoogsteens the guys that owudl stay longer and beat all the teams with the draft picks.
  25. UND-BC Game Thread

    im so surprised that radke didnt drop the gloves with anyone