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  1. I saw this also but when you looked at the dates the posts were from last summer.
  2. The NCHC wants to be the premier league and in terms of competitive teams they are right there. For the fans they have some room for major improvement in certain areas. The webcasts from a number of the schools are total crap, second rate broadcasts with very minimal effort and $$$ spent and then they have the audacity to charge for this poor product. As far as the target center goes it is a complete joke. No conference that wants to be the best should be holding any event in a dump like the TC, especially when you have one of the premier buildings just miles away. If they don't terminate the TC and move it to the XCEL by next season it will tell me the conference is just doing lip service on being the best.
  3. Refs certainly could have been better, but what do you expect with Todd Anderson ? He is the worst ref in all of college hockey, the undisputed champ for quite a long time. Pionk should have been tossed from the game. If you won't toss someone for what he did to Cam then it is open season on goalies. As far as Sandelin, I have not been a fan of his coaching for quite a while. Has nothing to do with the game or style tonight, I just don't think he is a good head coach. Hard to argue with his mediocre record at Duluth as his record is 312-283-82. To put it another way he has won less than half the games he coached. He would have been terminated long ago at UND with that type of record.
  4. Could this be Dean's last game of a great coaching career ? Hope not, but if UNO loses I think there is a possibility he retires.
  5. Lots of empty seats for W. Michigan game 3. The rink looks half empty.
  6. We will need to elevate our game to beat Arizona
  7. In the past the game times aren't posted until sometime on Monday.
  8. Looks like we get Arizona.
  9. Not wrong at all. 51% they get an at large bid, the remaining 49% they will get the auto-bid. They can't have any higher chance for an at large bid if the rest of the time they get the auto-bid.
  10. Are you sure on the NIT ? Regular season champs that don't make the NC$$ tournament get an auto-bid but how do they handle it if there are co-champs ? Do both teams get auto-bids or only one. If only one then do they have to take the #1 seed or can they take whomever they think will draw the biggest crowds or some other subjective reason ? Remember, this is the NC$$ we are talking about.
  11. When I am in "" and try to go to any links under "Hockey Rankings" I get a not found error.
  12. Of the returning players who has improved from last year ? Gersich for sure. After him it is difficult to come up with a name. I suppose Gornall but that doesn't help much given his playing time. With all the losses from last years team it would be impossible for this years team to be very good unless a number of returning players stepped it up. They didn't and it shows.
  13. Not sure I want to. We did get a tie in one game.
  14. Definitely a tough place to play when you play the way UND is playing.
  15. 10 of 25 3 of 9