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  1. Selection Sunday thread

    BU's last few months -
  2. Selection Sunday thread

  3. Old school Sioux hockey he wouldn't have walked off the ice. I wish UMD was in our bracket in Fargo... Guy is a punk and deserves to get crushed. That's why hockey has fighting, not the Tie Domi vs. Probert staged tough guys squaring off... But to police the dirty players when the refs refuse to.
  4. And then there were three....

    I've always felt Nodaks was derogatory. And have had a few run-ins with certain big city fans that really set that in stone ...
  5. Jerseys

    A few people need a hobby on this site
  6. Jerseys

    I understand, don't need it explained, but still don't care if some self proclaimed jersey wonk doesn't like it. Just sayin'...
  7. Jerseys

    Well Defauw liked it when he signed it and I couldn't care less if you "cringe" or not.
  8. Framing a Sioux Jersey

    Game worn and signed by the 98 team. I changed the logos.
  9. Framing a Sioux Jersey

    No story, I prefer the Blackhawk to the geometric that's all...
  10. Framing a Sioux Jersey

    Got 'em done. Came out looking pretty good IMO.
  11. Target Center Fail

    The way I see it if someone is offering the X (or any venue) a contract for 5 solid years vs a contract that is one year at the X and a year at the Joe and back at the X. A smart person takes the guarantee of a 5 consecutive year contract - because I'm sure the NCHC or WCHA will make other arrangements and not schedule around the pig10 every year. Also with more than enough local teams it should pay off. The only thing I am not sure of is the TV contract, that could be enough $$$ to make the X agree to an every other year deal...
  12. Framing a Sioux Jersey

    OK, looking to finally frame a game worn - Anyone have a guy either in Minneapolis or Grand Forks? Also has anyone done this and have any good ideas I could steal? Pictures welcome!
  13. NCAA selection show 11am ESPNU

    Since when do you make the rules that the last team in can't bitch? Why is a gofer bobo trolling here anyway... You should worry about penn st Or whoever you just lost to.
  14. CBSSN, one last rant, maybe

    if they had an app for roku or something I might think about it, but hooking up a laptop to my tv. Not interested. I love how some people on here think going from a national tv deal to a webcast is progress. hooray for progress.
  15. CBSSN, one last rant, maybe

    So now I have to sit at my computer to watch the sioux games for 2 hours and I have to pay $60 for a webcast, that I was previously paying about the same amount to have on my tv where I could record the games and watch them at my leisure. Convenience counts for something and webcasts aren't for me. I'll bet the danny kristos aren't watching webcasts. they're watching HD gopher games...