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  1. the green team

    2018-19 Season

    I'm guessing the Men will be trying to play as many big money games as they can this year in order to try do that again next year. That certainly was a benefit for the team that went to the dance.
  2. the green team

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    Probably not much there for a Title 9 suit, as the student body at Humboldt is 56% Women, 44% Men. Now with football out, the athletic opportunities provided probably fit the representation of the student body even better.
  3. the green team

    Brewster named new Women's BB Coach

    I am surprised this hasn’t had a lot of discusssion. A bit of a head scratcher.
  4. the green team

    Things to do in GF

  5. the green team

    2018-19 Season

    Considering how many recruits that assistant from Australia brought in... zero. If this guy as able to bring anyone over from Europe, that will be a step forward in regards to the recruiting efforts between the 2 international coaches we've had over the last few years. Whether any of the player(s) he brings across the pond will be any good is another question entirely. I'm hopeful, yet skeptical. Welcome to North Dakota, Dani!
  6. the green team

    2018-19 Season

    Really? I'm surprised that there would be that many Big Sky teams on the schedule. I realize there is the scheduling agreement with the Big Sky, but I figured that it would be 1 home game and 1 road game with a Big Sky program(s) and that would be about it. That would be great if there is more than just the 2 though.
  7. the green team

    UND Athletics, Hornbacher's introduce new relationship

    This is an interesting/weird thread in that so many people take so much interest in this particular sponsorship, as if there is some sort of deep hidden meaning. My business in town does sponsorship(s) with various platforms within UND Athletics now (Learfield aka UNDSports Properties) and The Ralph. I know this because I get separate bills and have different sales people with each. I assume Hugo's will be continuing with their pieces at REA. It didn't say they that they wouldn't. And they are 2 entirely separate sales entities UND Athletics and REA, or even entirely separate yet...Midco Sports. I listen to UND radio broadcasts quite a bit (that's really not a secret with my previous posts here). The last several years Hugo's had several "live spots" in the course of the broadcast. What I think happened here, and I'm just speculating, because it's happened with our business, that when the contract came up, the pricing for the element may have changed, and Hugo's may have passed or they may just have had different marketing plans as priorities change, and Hornbacher's took the opportunity. It's not a bad thing, and doesn't speak badly for Hugo's as again, when this all got announced...they may have just prioritized their marketing pieces differently, or Hornbacher's may have been more aggressive. As I've said, my business has had various sponsorships through REA, UND Athletics, and Midco and sometimes your priorities on your marketing choices change. It looks to me like Hornbacher's is a new enthusiastic partner and we will most likely see that in program ads, or signage at Football- video boards, website or radio (I'm just spitballin) or something entirely different while it wouldn't surprise me if Hugo's remains at The Ralph. Which is awesome as well. 2 businesses that compete, that will have a relationship with UND Sports in some shape or form says to me that UND Sports seems to offer a good platform for businesses to reach people in this region. And I think we are fortunate to have businesses like both, that do want to have a partnership with UND in some way, because it is incredibly necessary for UND Athletics to move the revenue ball at this level of NCAA Athletics.
  8. the green team

    What do you think of the logo now??

    I didn't think we are Big Sky Football UND is an independent in Football, playing a Big Sky schedule.
  9. the green team

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Actually, setting aside what is put at center court. The only thing I don’t like is the permanent Volleyball lines. I like VB at UND and go to some matches but actually don’t see VB lines on too many D1 basketball courts. Makes UND seem a little small. High Schoolish even. I think programs that utilize venues for both BB & VB they tape lines down for matches so the lines are removable. Just my humble opinion.
  10. the green team

    2018 Season

    I will be curious to see what time UND puts those Sunday matches at. I can't imagine they will want to go head to head when a Viking's game is on. Or maybe that really doesn't matter? Of course opponents that play here on Sunday will want to get back home to where ever at a reasonable time on Sunday, so their student athletes will be able to be in class on Mondays. Just a little glimpse how we as fans will have to get used to a new routine in The Summit as opposed to The Big Sky. I'm sure with basketball there will be some scheduling things to get used to as well.
  11. the green team

    2018-19 Season

    That doesn't sound official to me. Yes, I would agree it sounds like UND will be involved in the challenge...but it sounds as if the writer is just spit balling potential match ups. At least there is potential for more D1 non conference home games, which if recent history has shown, are almost impossible to schedule here in Grand Forks.
  12. the green team

    US Supreme Court lets states legalize sports betting

    If I read some of the articles correctly, North Dakota was one of some 17 states that has already begun paving the route to legalized sports betting if NJ won at the USSC, which they have. What that paving is...I'm not really sure.
  13. What will this look like in North Dakota? What will the outlook be? Will this be like when I went to the UK, and could walk into any number of sports betting joints and place a wager on the entire spectrum of sports? This will be fascinating. This will frustrated the heck out of the NCAA no doubt.
  14. the green team

    2018-19 Season

    I believe Davidson, was a full assistant with full responsibilities. He was a national team shooting coach, I think. In fact during the National Tournament season, Ralston mentioned on a broadcast that Coach Davidson was unbeaten in all his scouts that season. I'm guessing each assistant gets certain teams to scout and prepare the game plan for each of their games during the season during. In fact in every pre-game show he visits with the assistant who has built the game plan and done all the video work for that night's opponent, and gives info during the interview of what they've seen from the opponent. This would make me think he does the standard assistant's role. But I may be wrong, as I don't know all the behind the scenes duties of assistants.
  15. the green team

    2018-19 Season

    This Davidson to USD, does rub me the wrong way in a couple of ways now. 1. I don't like to see our staff pilfered by what will be starting this year as a conference rival. 2. I'm concerned that what I was told by someone close to the program, that USD, offered a significant pay hike that we couldn't come close to. If that's the case, we might be in trouble for the foreseeable future if we hope to retain assistants. Basketball at USD is there baby, and I could understand why an assistant would be tempted to go there...but it is also Vermillion, and that would maybe be a tough choice, between here and there. But if he's getting a big pay bump and we can't compete, I can't fault anyone including Coach Davidson for looking out for themselves and their family, but I also don't like it as we are A. going to have to compete against him to get to where UND wants to go in the Summit (he knows our philosophies and how we typically adjust), and B it indicates that as far as budgets for a sport like basketball in The Summit-- we are chasing, and that is never a great place to be going into a new conference.