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  1. If UND Football wants their games on TV, there are only certain windows available set by the conference. And since we have a TV partner who pays UND, I'm quite sure (MidcoSN) would like to get the games they paid for, on. Of course I'm of the belief that having games on TV can have an affect on attendance, since it's so easy to say, "I think I'll stay home and watch". So maybe the answer is to have less games on television
  2. A 31 person committee? Really? I honestly am very skeptical of any committee larger than 6 to 10 people. Anything larger just shouts to me that it will get bogged down in never ending discussion. Also, what I see here is most likely a lot of people who will have some big ideas. That's excellent! Big ideas are great and some of these people are successful because of their ideas, however, ideas are one thing and implementation is another and often tied to having the dollars to do it. Last time I checked we have very few dollars to implement things with the new budget UND and Athletics have. Hopefully, they can be super creative or those on the committee who have the where-with-all can aid with the dollars necessary when it comes to implementing. Because often is the case you have to spend money to make money, but the sad reality right now from my understanding is that there is little or no money to spend. Not sure how they get around that one at this point in time. Super pumped to see the pre-season polls. It's great to see that this program has arrived to the point that it has the target on it's back. Now let's take the next step and handle being the team that is being the hunted.
  3. What I find interesting is, what many of us thought was a so-so year running the ball(hey, we have high standards) last year, Santiago and Oliveira, were still able to do what they did, which is a big reason for these preseason accolades. It also means that if the line play takes just another step, things could be scary fun in the rushing attack this season. Congrats to all, but I know this program is focused on bigger team goals, but sure is nice to have all the players listed within that locker room.
  4. The team from my understanding at that time needed and wanted a home game to bolster their home schedule, something they routinely get criticized for, by some here. My understanding is that they had already fulfilled the money game quota the athletic department sets upon it, by that time. And you don't take any more money games than necessary, after all you are trying to pick up wins too, and in non-conference play, those more often than not come at home. So the search for the home game was more paramount last year than taking a money road game at SDSU because they had already scheduled their $ games. From my understanding the only 2 teams that are asked to go and get substantial money games off campus (because they are the only 2 who really can) are Football (1 every year or every other year- correct me if I'm wrong) and Men's Basketball (2 or 3 every year, again correct me if I'm wrong) I guess Men's Basketball could pull something like a Delaware State and play nothing but road money games in the months of November and December if you feel they aren't picking up enough of the slack already.
  5. You mention expectations, and that's great. But the college athletics world that I'm familiar with is the ones that fund their programs are the ones that have regular success. Bubba and football is fully aware of this as well. I'm not even alluding to salaries when I say that. Let's take I-29 peers for example, do they put more money towards basketball than UND does? I think it's pretty safe to say that most of them do. Look at last year, for example, UND still had room on it's schedule for a game, and I think was trying desperately to get a home game. The people I talked to said that SDSU was that team but said we'll play you but will pay you to come here. I'm fairly certain UND Athletics had no money last year, let alone now moving forward, to counter and say.."no, you come here and we'll pay you". Having a budget to bring in quality home opponents is just one example, of which I'm sure there are many. But my observation is that any success, whether it be runs to the Big Sky semis or finals has largely been done by smoke and mirrors because of lack of financial support, and that this program continues to stick it's nose into the fray competitively more often than not in conference play is more often despite a lack of financial support rather than a product of financial support, speaks volumes for me, and that I applaud this staff and team.
  6. The Louisville players look absolutely thrilled to be wearing those.
  7. Unfortunately, I can't unsee this.
  8. Not quite sure what there is left to cut This gives me pause. If eliminating sports was to help a alleviate a stressed budget,(which I agreed with and understood as necessary, it still seems like Athletics still wasn't able to get there. And if that's the case, I would have to imagine that programs that had success a year ago, like Men's Basketball will most likely not see any increase in it's budget despite being told that successful programs will be supported(which I always presumed was alluding to financial support) This is, of course conjecture. But it is somewhat alarming that UND and Athletics still can't get to the finish line on these cuts.
  9. No, it is not fitted. It looks like those pics were from Scheels. I picked up my Titliest hat at the Golf Center. I guess either place will do as both sponsor UND. I'm weird that way. Try to spend some of my money at places that support my teams.
  10. It is a 2 minute daily program that has been running for years. They usually have it available on too.
  11. Actually, not even close to the case. They've done many campaigns. I recall a few years ago, they did a campaign in June or July where you could order your tickets and the coach's would deliver them to you in 30 minutes or less... oryou got them free. (by the way, if they would have had just been caught up at the light for a few more minutes I would have a had a free pair) Winning, and a program and staff trying to do it the right way is what is driving this. There have been many campaigns and many dollars to support those campaigns but if it fits your narrative, that's fine I guess. I'm just glad we are getting more sold and hope to see more sold as the summer progresses.
  12. I think the conference schedule will be known long before that, but unfortunately I'm not sure any of the challenges of trying to get non-conference games has lessened.
  13. I don't think they had a finalized schedule until about late September or October for last season as they tried desperately to find non-conference games. I wouldn't be surprised if it played out that way again this season.
  14. I did. I thought all the fans including me got quiet when it was happening, in order to get a better idea of what was being said. And yes, I too was waiting for the moment of dirt to be kicked on shoes. LOL
  15. I was impressed with the turnout Saturday. I hadn't been to a game before, but can say I enjoyed it. This program looks to have taken an important step this year. Here is hoping it continues this week. Congrats and Good Luck ladies.