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  1. It is a 2 minute daily program that has been running for years. They usually have it available on too.
  2. Actually, not even close to the case. They've done many campaigns. I recall a few years ago, they did a campaign in June or July where you could order your tickets and the coach's would deliver them to you in 30 minutes or less... oryou got them free. (by the way, if they would have had just been caught up at the light for a few more minutes I would have a had a free pair) Winning, and a program and staff trying to do it the right way is what is driving this. There have been many campaigns and many dollars to support those campaigns but if it fits your narrative, that's fine I guess. I'm just glad we are getting more sold and hope to see more sold as the summer progresses.
  3. I think the conference schedule will be known long before that, but unfortunately I'm not sure any of the challenges of trying to get non-conference games has lessened.
  4. I don't think they had a finalized schedule until about late September or October for last season as they tried desperately to find non-conference games. I wouldn't be surprised if it played out that way again this season.
  5. I did. I thought all the fans including me got quiet when it was happening, in order to get a better idea of what was being said. And yes, I too was waiting for the moment of dirt to be kicked on shoes. LOL
  6. I was impressed with the turnout Saturday. I hadn't been to a game before, but can say I enjoyed it. This program looks to have taken an important step this year. Here is hoping it continues this week. Congrats and Good Luck ladies.
  7. Yeah, it seems a little over the top for me too. Seales has been developing nicely it would appear. Mcdermott flaked, and Brown, it's early, but has a long way to go if you ask me. I realize we have connections there but sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone a bit. I'm concerned a little bit in what seems to be a lack of interest in Minnesotans. We've had good success in the Twin Cities with Anderson, Q, and Geno. I hope we are not neglecting an area (MSP) that has been very good to this program.
  8. I'm of the belief, that other schools, having now seen that UND can eliminate Women's Hockey, they too will be looking to get out from underneath the heavy costs from WH as well. Of course, that's only if they can make the numbers work themselves. But I wouldn't be surprised that there aren't other schools out there examining how UND did it,
  9. I've got to believe that the teams will fly to Denver, and IUPUI/Fort Wayne. Perhaps, I'm wrong? Definitely going to bus a lot more than in the Big Sky which is nearly zero.
  10. At that time when we played Wright State, Alstork was either leading the nation in scoring or right there. It was definitely a game where we didn't get the benefit of the whistle. There were a couple this past year. at Wright State and at Northern Iowa, seemed to stand out to me as the most glaring.
  11. With "One Shining Moment" unfortantely they don't show every team. I think the song is only 3 minutes long or so, and every year there is quite of few omissions, for as many schools that got featured there are twice as many schools omitted. That's the way it's always been as far as I know. For example I didn't see Arizona or SDSU just to name a few. It would have been cool to get in the video, but I don't need that for validation as I was able to thankfully witness many shining moments with this past seasons team. In the end, it was a great season to follow.
  12. The email was sent out stating that a funding plan was not going to be reached by the mouthpiece of the President's office a couple of weeks later, as the baseball team was taking the field. Demostrating yet again, that it was the presidents office over that period of time that was clearly out of touch. Honestly,check the schedule or better yet, have some balls and do it in person like the Athletics Department officials did when they announced it the 1st time.
  13. Then during the press conference, the question was asked on whether or not there was any chance that the programs could or would epbe saved. The answer was no. Then a week later during a forum at th union President Schaefer, did a 180 and said programs could potentially fundraise to save their respective programs which turned the world upside down, because just a week earlier they had been firm that they would not visit that option.
  14. Actually no, the cuts were initially announced by Brian Faison and Ed Schaefer at press conference at the Betty. About an hour after they had notified players and staffs personally at a meeting. (I believe you are utilizing revisionist history)
  15. I can't believe I'm stepping into this... but I did post this on the women's forum yesterday after the tough loss. I don't really like comparing the Men and Women as it's apples and oranges but for curiosity sake Looking at the 5 year run in the Big Sky tournament for the Women is interesting Year 1: Didn't qualify for 8 team field Year 2: Took care of business at home Year 3: Lost as the 6 seed in only game of tournament to 3 seed N. Colorado Year 4: Upset by 9 seed Idaho State in Semis Year 5: Upset by 7 seed Portland State in Quarters. Reno has been tough on UND. Now for the Men, Year 1: Finished 3rd in the Big Sky Regular Season (which was the highest finish by a Big Sky Newcomer Men's team since the league's inception) Won a quarterfinal game, lost a classic Semifinal. Year 2: Finished tied for 2nd....Won 2 games in Big Sky Tournament before losing in the final at Weber Year 3: Lost year---didn't make the tournament. Year 4: Tied for 4th, Won 2 games in tournament, losing in a classic semifinal to....Weber State Year 5: Won Quarterfinal Here's a question, who has more Big Sky Tournament wins since joining the conference? Men or Women? As far as the D1 transition years are concerned...there was some good and some bad, but remember UND essentially went to Huff, Anderson, and Webb as freshman and the team got better each of their Freshman and sophomore seasons where they played their best basketball to win the post season tournaments. I just think, that saying the women's program has been more consistent is a rather cloudy comparison at best. Go UND