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  1. Recruiting Under Jones

    I still contend that the Big Sky semifinal between UND and Weber State in 2013 at Dahlberg Arena in Missoula was one of the best games of college basketball (at our level...mid to low major) I've watched. Win or lose. In that instance we lost, but it was just a very well played, wonderfully intense game. Of course the class of Anderson, Webb, Huff were the catalysts(Of course I was a huge fan of, but I know many weren't). But Brekke, Wilmer and Schuler, also played good roles. In fact Wilmer was playing so good by that point in his career. It took several years to get to that point, but eventually he was incredibly serviceable inside. A look at our "bigs" over the last decade, it's been players who were from the region in Wilmer and Brekke who may have been some of our better finds for that area of the roster. Sadly for Brekke, injuries cut his time short. I think that has got to be the formula for getting "Bigs" who contribute. It shows that red-shirting is a good option in the development of those players for UND's level. If there is a legitimate complaint that I would have is that Walter didn't red-shirt last year, and Franken didn't red-shirt this year. I think that is a legitimate criticism. Those 2 players would have been way better in their 5th year seasons as opposed to their 4th year. Even if the player is hesitant to take a red-shirt, which many are, because they want to be done with school in a certain period of time, an example like Wilmer should be used to at least demonstrate that it can be effective. But every player is going to make the choice that they feel is best for them after all the options are laid out. If you look at the low or mid major teams that get a win or win(s) plural in the tournament...it's almost always because they have found some diamond in the rough outstanding veteran guard play. For example....SDSU had Wolters, NDSU had Woodside, UND had Hooker & Crandall- got to the tournament but didn't make a run. A step up Northern Iowa, has had Farokhmenesh and Ahelegbe or even Wes Washpun and Jeremy Morgan. The hunt for talented guards must continue, because when you have them they are the engine of a potential run...so IMHO, I'm not disappointed that we look for sneaky talented guards, and I know that it is not easy to find good "Bigs" at our level...cause if they are good, most likely every other team is after them too. There is more guards in the pool to choose from. And quite honestly, at least over the last decade, we've had some very good guards to watch in UND's back court.
  2. President Kennedy Comments on HPC Phase II

    I would think Fargo would still be primarily concerned about a Diversion 1st. From there, who knows what they will do with their riches...but a med school/law school? Not sure the state would necessarily see the need for duplication of those. Could be wrong tho
  3. 2017-2018 Recruiting

    That is actually true of several on here. When UND Men's Basketball is losing they feel much better about themselves. It's a chance to go negative and feel that any self prophesying has been validated. Thankfully, I have a choice of when to visit here, and when not to. It's my own fault if I let their constant need to go negative with their takes on the program wreck my day. It would also be my own fault if I chose to hang out them in my real life, which I would choose not to. My take, is Billy Brown is going to earn what he gets. He is in the rotation right now because he defends, and believe it or not he's 4 for 8 from beyond the arc over the course of this 3 game winning streak. It appears that he is now ahead of Jafar in the rotation, so I would anticipate we are going to see more of him. I don't care what offers he did or didn't have. He plays for the team I choose to cheer for, so I'm going to cheer for him too. That perspective, of course, will be considered wrong, by many on here who only want to see blood, and even then I'm not sure they ever would be happy.
  4. New AD posting and hiring process

    Great vacuum. Still use it to this day
  5. New AD posting and hiring process

    He must of told you too that he never cared about North Dakota. I know that’s what he said to me
  6. New AD posting and hiring process

    Let me guess, you didn’t stand at clap at the fan luncheon today. Classy. Butthurt much?
  7. New AD posting and hiring process

    Shouldn’t Brekke & Mannausau be working on the donors? That’s their job description right? Isn’t the President and AD suppose to come in and shake the hands and kiss the babies once those 2 have them signed sealed and delivered. It’s weird. I’ve never once considered who was President or AD when making my contributions to the University it’s athletics.
  8. Fundraising

    Thought this was interesting. There have been quite of few people at tailgating, that I sit next to at The Betty and The Ralph that have been telling me the opposite. This has to be fake news... http://www.undsports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=13500&ATCLID=211687338&_ga=2.194445486.2028835532.1511804575-240777801.1412125285 Not to say that we can't do more...but it appears the numbers show we have been trending upward for quite some time now.
  9. UND (2-2) vs Northland College (1-2) 11/21 7 pm

    Radio broadcast said that both suffered injuries in Hawaii. Also, said that Franken was mostly held out of shoot around, but did dress and is probably the closer of the 2 to get back sooner.
  10. Well, I’m assuming they wrote the covering of prostitutes fees into the contract. At least i hope they did. That seems like an obvious inclusion...although not sure what the options are for quality in our area. Even better Adidas even covers ones that are in from out of town. Also, this is a very big plus and may come in handy as well. If for some reason you have a problem with a lady official refereeing your game you tell Adidas...Tell them to remind her to “stay in her lane” and from what I’ve read...Adidas will have her promptly removed from the game.
  11. Those Notre Dame uni’s are a perfect example of the utter non sense that being an Adidas School a Times has been. I haven’t been sold on out WBB uni’s this year. However, the shoes that Sica posted is a classic look that forever works. I’m hoping for classic looks, that are time tested. Since they aren’t writing a check to UND, i remain somewhat unconvinced that this was all entirely necessary but knowing our budget... Every little bit of savings helps so I’m willing to see how it goes. Please coaching staffs look at some of the hideous Louisville, Wisconsin, Notre Dame etc...uniforms offerings from years past and at the very least try not let happen to your program.
  12. 2018 Season for attendance

    It is a great article. I try go. and my family goes, and we all love it when we do. But we all go for free. Because of Champions Club. I think there at least should have been attendance v. paid attendance discussion. Because that's really the next step needed. Paid Attendance. Yeah, that's great if you are getting great attendance but if no one is buying hardly any tickets, are you really helping the bottom line of the sports cost. Trust me I like Volleyball, and I think it's great that we are continuing to do well, but I think it's important to put attendance into perspective with that sport right now. Paid attendance is > than attendance, in the end. With our athletic budget having been at the forefront of discussion for approximately the last 18 plus months, it's easy to gloss over the details and focus on the niceness of the story, but as those last several months have shown us, we had best be concerned about bottom line numbers. Now with that little qualifier out of the way. I will be following and cheering for our success today.
  13. 2017-2018 Recruiting

    He would have to 1st be on schedule to earn a degree by May. I certianly don’t know if he is or not. But if he isn’t as many student athletes in today’s college world do it in 5, then there isn’t anything to really worry about, cause he can’t get a graduate trasfer, without a under grad degree. I’m not sure if any of us know the answer to that question definitively. And he did redshirt, so he can’t transfer and burn a redshirt year...its already been used.
  14. 2017-18 Season

    I would agree. IMHO, our uniforms are dreadful.
  15. 2017 Season

    Here’s a hypothetical question. What will Bubba have to do next year not to be on a hot seat and/or for it to be considered a step forward? Win 10 games? Win 7? Win 1 more than this year? Reach the playoffs? Win multiple playoff games? Less player issues outside football? Curious to hear what people would put in their checklist of what a satisfying progression would entail. This year has been tough to swallow. I’m hoping that this was a one off, but there are a couple of things that have to happen and have been mentioned frequently here. 1. O-Line play has to be better. UND has talented runners yes, but the holes haven’t been there enough and that truth actually goes back to last year. I’m not going to get into if it’s coaching or personnel. Bottom line, if they envision being a certain type of team...that area, must improve. 2. I feel that the way the current shotgun quick release spread offenses are with most of today’s college football world is a direct response of the years of the way we and other teams with similar philosophies approached the game, with pressure, pressure, pressure. Right now we aren’t getting there (to the QB) enough. Maybe, some of the time it’s talent, but I think some of the time it’s todays current scheme of offenses to defeat our philosophy- which is start the QB further back from the line of scrimmage and get it out quick. The Biggest help I see in order to continue to be who North Dakota wants to be is have the type of corners that can press the line of scrimmage and stay with their player longer. That way those DLine types and Backers can get there more frequently. These are just a couple of things that stand out to me,