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  1. I have 4 lower bowl behind the net UND shoots on in 1st and 3rd. 4 seats together on the isle for Saturday. $50 per ticket. Text 701-739-5623 if interested.
  2. Friday tickets are sold...Saturday tickets still available.
  3. I have 4 lower bowl right behind the net UND shoots on in 1st and 3rd. 4 seats together on the isle for both nights. $50 per ticket. Text 701-739-5623 if interested.
  4. 2 lower bowl Fri and Sat

    $150 a ticket or best offer...
  5. I am selling tickets for a friend...2 tickets next to each other; same seats both nights. These are great seats next to the isle behind net UND shoots on 1st/3rd period in the row right below suites. Section 104 with quick access to bathroom and beer line. $200 per ticket is what he wants...text me at 701-739-5623 if interested
  6. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    I know we have a lot of injuries on D but to me the backups just look too small. I did a little fact checking to see how our underclassman stack up in size to NDSU's underclassman. NDSU is the measuring stick, like it or not. I only calculated DL and LB that are RSFR, FR, and SO. Here is the result: NDSU LB's average 6'1" and 213.5 lbs....UND 6-1 3/4" and 204.6 lbs. NDSU DL averages 6'3" and 257 lbs...UND 6-3 1/3" and 243.3 lbs. There is an modest size advantage in favor of NDSU. This is not to say that size is everything...defensive schemes may dictate a different type of player (speed vs size). I will leave this to others to debate...are we getting the size we desire on defense the last few recruiting years? Are we recruiting the depth up front on D to be where we need to be?
  7. UND to cut women's hockey

    This is fake news...Men's hockey does not lose money. This story does not include the 10 million plus in revenue that men's hockey generates yearly in champions club $, beer/concession $, merchandise $, parking $ etc. In addition, add in the exposure that men's hockey generates for UND which is really not quantifiable but certainly substantial. Next, add the $ to the community in taxes for hotels, meals, and shopping on game nights when nearly 12,000 fill the Ralph 22 times a year; half of these folks come from outside our community. Let's not forget about all the people that are employed because of UND men's hockey on game nights. Also, there are lots of $ coming back to UND from the men's hockey alumni that made it big in their sport. Hockey is a huge economic engine for UND and this community...as is football on a smaller scale; think homecoming weekend...there is no homecoming without football. Basketball is also an economic engine for the same reasons listed above but down the list from Men's Hockey and Football. Then you have Women's hockey and Swimming and Diving...sorry but it just falls way short of the sports mentioned above. Don't fall trap to Kolpack's fake news article, written only to stir the pot at UND and in Grand Forks. Nice attempt to downplay the financial impact of UND men's hockey and to make NDSU look superior in basketball and football to UND. Nice try Jeff, but this UND guy sees right through you and your attempt to once again shine a dim light over UND and Grand Forks.
  8. UND to cut women's hockey

    ...in a game that checking was not allowed...
  9. Well my apologies then...I was told they were not. Still makes me bitter we had to borrow a high school band!
  10. Great effort last night; very proud of these guys, they represented UND and the state of North Dakota extremely well! Hats off to coach Jones and his staff for a fantastic job on and off the court this year. With that performance last night, UND would have beat a lot of teams in the tournament. If Arizona isn't lights out (only 7 turnovers) and shoots at a still very good 50% clip (36-62 58%) and both teams shoot 75% from the line (UND 8-16, AZ 24-28), that game goes to the wire. Add in a few tough calls against us by the refs too that didn't help the cause either. The boys gave them everything they wanted and the AZ coaches and players had nothing but respect and admiration for them. Now for what left a bad taste in my mouth...So UND goes to the big dance...the biggest stage UND has ever been on; the largest TV audience the school has performed in front of...and it does so without its band or cheerleaders? Really? It made us look like Sisters of the Poor! Come on! We had to borrow some pimply faced high school kids from SLC (God bless them for doing it) to be a make shift band for us. That is embarrassing. What made it worse was roving reporter gal actually made a story about it during the game for the whole world to see...ugh! I was also told that the band was not there because it is spring break...well it is spring break for the players too...and it is spring break for many of the other 63 teams in the tournament who brought their band to the dance! We won the Big Sky and knew we had a very good chance to go to the dance; the pieces should have been in place to bring the band to the tournament.
  11. Just stating facts...yes not the competition at the High School level but don't downgrade them because of that. Like I stated they play these teams plenty at the Bantam and PeeWee level and all the good HS kids play in the MN elite league in the fall so there are plenty of comparisons there besides the high school season. Sure it's tough to get out of section; is for all teams. This Central team is in par with any team in the AA tourney this year
  12. Central scrimmaged Moorhead in preseason jamboree in Moorhead before season started, score in the 1hour game was 1-0 Moorhead but Central outshot them by a good margin...Central would have competed with any team in AA MN this year. 50/50 game with anyone in the tourney. The combined Bantam team, the GF Aviators, were #1 team in MN. If GF PeeWee had a combined team they would be #1 also, no question...each team on their own are top 5 AA in MN, combined team would dominate MN AA
  13. They would do more then compete; they would be the team to beat