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  1. With the remaining crowd it looks like the Big 10 tourney, OSU should feel right at home.
  2. DU has by far the easiest bracket.
  3. Unless you are like most people and have to work and can't watch it
  4. If UND can't beat BU on Friday in Fargo we should never be able to bring up the west teams getting screwed out east argument.
  5. OSU will be in Cincinnati not Fargo.
  6. No but there is a banner on the north wall that lists the years UND has won the post season conference tourney and another one that lists frozen four appearances.
  7. Yes in 2014.
  8. Would there be all this outcry to eliminate the third place game if UND would have lost last night and needed a win today to advance?
  9. No chance Western ends up in Fargo as a 1 seed. They will be in Cincinnati. Maybe this is DU strategy to get a shot at UND again.
  10. My heart says UND tonight, my head says Dogs tonight and we get 'em sometime in the next three weeks.
  11. If this team goes and loses twice this weekend I don't think teams will be afraid to play them anywhere.
  12. If DU ends up being the number one overall seed would the committee keep them out of Fargo?
  13. Keep it within 20 and call it good
  14. Have to greens on Friday it is Saint Patty's day.
  15. Could someone please tell Cam to stop acting like an 8 year after every goal he allows and stop throwing the puck or his stick. One of these times he will get nailed with a delay of game penalty.