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  1. Attaboy Osh Hatty in game 1 against the Pens
  2. Fire Hak?
  3. I hope they had fun making their way through the ecstatic UND fans as they left.
  4. good article
  5. if you have dolby digital you can turn the center channel off and there's no commentary. or I could at least, with DTV
  6. RoughRiders feels right. I could see having to change it again in 10-20 years, but we're all used to it.
  7. Hey one last chance to get your name in the paper. Good for them.
  8. Nice dump in Bickell. He's been awful
  9. The man. The myth
  10. I've been away for a while. Did I miss anything?
  11. Yeah and 47 Republicans should be hanged for treason for undermining the President's nuclear negotiations with Iran. Republicans think the United States is the enemy, obviously.
  12. No one is stopping you from making your own mock-up jerseys...
  13. It's putting the responsibility for executing a legal hit on the player initiating the hit, as it should be. I'm sorry but this whole "keep your head up" thing is a thing of the past and I think it's a good thing. By all means, keep your head up so you can make a play, but you can't just break a rule because a guy's head is in a certain spot or because he's looking down.
  14. What did they expect?