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  1. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Pluto TV now working.
  2. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Thanks, didn't know this site was still available.
  3. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    UND channel not working for me on any of my devices. Northern Colorado game and all other channels come in fine on Pluto TV.
  4. 2017 Season

    Thinking about going to Montana State on Friday night as well (we had a great time at the football game last year). The only issue would be that my wife went back to work for the first time in 16 years last week and she isn't sure if she should request to take off early on that Friday.
  5. 2017 Season

    Hopefully this great play keeps up! My wife and I are adjusting our Montana trip (hotels booked since March) in order to see a game this year. Instead of leaving after the football game and starting back for Utah on Saturday evening, we will be getting a room Saturday night in Missoula in order to attend the volleyball game (I didn’t expect to see a live game this year, if ever). I have attended every UND volleyball game played at UVU and Weber State since 2009 and I am going to sorely miss attending volleyball games (and all other sports) after this year.
  6. 2017 Season

    Ratings (currently 48th): https://www.masseyratings.com/college.php Link to schedule: https://www.masseyratings.com/team.php?t=5538&s=296548
  7. Gameday vs Utah

    This, and the horrible start last season due in large part to the offensive line not meshing yet and throwing to very young, inexperienced receivers once Georges went down.
  8. 2017 Season

    Currently ranked 58th by Massey. Without Friday's results, UND is the favorite in both of Saturday's matches: New Mexico (67%) and UTEP (92%).

    Hey Diehard, What are Animal Style fries? I don't think these are on the board. I'm guessing that RavenousUte is thinking of Chadder's, the In N Out knockoff that was open for a year or two and closed about eight years ago.
  10. Greetings from Salt Lake

    You can contact the REA ticket office, but it is my understanding that all visitor tickets needed to be returned to Utah by the 13th. Single game tickets went on sale yesterday on Utah's site. I believe Utah only has $33 tickets left in sections W-6 and W-7 (visitors' section).
  11. Greetings from Salt Lake

  12. 2017 Season

    You will need to contact the REA ticket office in order to get tickets in the UND section. Champions Club Members have priority. If Montana is similar to Montana State, they probably won't have many visitors' seats available (appeared to be about 25-30 last year). It's likely that the REA won't know which section UND is in, so you may need to contact the Grizzlies ticket office to find out. If you don't get tickets in the UND section and want to get close, you're going to need to purchase tickets in the secondary market as there are only 25 sideline tickets left (all upper deck, near the top) on Griztix. I just purchased my tickets this morning, presuming there was zero possibility of me (non-Champions Club Member) getting tickets in the UND section. Good Luck!
  13. 2017 Season

    2. The Montana game will not be on the Big Sky webcast because it is being telecast on ROOT.
  14. Indian nicknames in the news

    Took my family to a small restaurant in Old Town before the San Diego State game in 2012. An older woman (late 60's, early 70's) was sitting next to our table when we sat down She took one look at my eight year old son's shirt with a very large Sioux logo and started to "huff and puff" and then gave me the evil eye and walked out. It was very hilarious.
  15. How many tickets will UND release to SLC

    One of those was me, I'm still waiting to hear back from the ticket office on whether the Athletic Department is going to be taking all the allotted tickets for themselves. Otherwise, I guess I'll use Vividseats. Anyone have an opinion on them vs. StubHub?