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  1. 2. The Montana game will not be on the Big Sky webcast because it is being telecast on ROOT.
  2. Took my family to a small restaurant in Old Town before the San Diego State game in 2012. An older woman (late 60's, early 70's) was sitting next to our table when we sat down She took one look at my eight year old son's shirt with a very large Sioux logo and started to "huff and puff" and then gave me the evil eye and walked out. It was very hilarious.
  3. One of those was me, I'm still waiting to hear back from the ticket office on whether the Athletic Department is going to be taking all the allotted tickets for themselves. Otherwise, I guess I'll use Vividseats. Anyone have an opinion on them vs. StubHub?
  4. Does anyone know if tickets can be purchased over the phone, or will it be a waste of time attempting to reach the ticket office at 10:00 a.m.?
  5. Not necessarily, there is an early afternoon session and an evening session on Thursday. I'm hoping to find out soon so I can buy my tickets for this historical event. GO HAWKS!
  6. Here's my take living 65 miles away and speaking with others on the 20+ ocassions that I have been on campus for sporting events: It's a combination of factors. Weber State is largely a commuter school for students living in the area north of Salt Lake. According to some, they do very little in the way of promoting games. Although it may be the only game in town, many affiliated with it (administration, staff, community) have no allegiance to the school and still cheer for BYU and Utah over it (even some students). Of the several people that I know that went there, none of them will readily admit to it (it's just a degree to them). These factors are highly evident in the attendance at women's games. Although Utah is a basketball centric state, no one goes to them. The stated attendance for the five UND games that I have attended has ranged from 527 to 656; actual attendance has been between 150-200. Likewise, it's the same for the men. I guessed the stated number for last night would be 7,500; actual attendance was around 5,000. Attendance has been overstated by about 2,500 in the three previous regular season games that I attended.The only time that the Dee Event Center reported actual attendance was during the Big Sky playoffs. The attendance for the 2014 final was 6,294; I can guarantee that were substantially more people there that night than last night.
  7. "This is without question the biggest game in UND's brief history in the Big Sky (yes, even bigger than the BSC title game in 2014). UND is going to need a similar effort put out against Idaho last weekend to pull this one off. It is imperative that UND gets off to good starts in halves and finishes strong. The first and last 5 of halves will be critical. Weber should still be favored in this despite their less than impressive win against UNC and Senglin's struggles. This game will once again come down to one person: Geno Crandall. If he plays like he did against Weber in Grand Forks UND is coming out with a win. If he throws up a clunker, Weber is going to hold serve at home. Sometimes you just have a feeling about a team when it is their time.... I think its finally UNDs time. Q and Geno bring home UNDs biggest Big Sky win ever and heads back home in 1st place." Well if that's the case, I'm glad that I will be in attendance tomorrow night, and that I was at the 2014 BSC title game. Hopefully though, the most important Big Sky game will be the final this year that finally propels the team to the dance (I hope to be in attendance for that one as well).
  8. No, I have a good feed.
  9. The UND Volleyball schedule states viewing as BTN2Go (free) with a link to where the feed will be. Can anyone confirm this game is free? Otherwise, I'm debating whether to spend the $9.99 to view the game.
  10. Wasn't Crown College a regular season game (the schedule doesn't show it as an exhibition)? Therefore, wouldn't the redshirt have been pulled on both of the freshman?
  11. Yes, it isn't so bad if you turn the volume way down.
  12. I can't believe that the defense wasn't watching for that pass to Moimoi; that's the same exact play that Weber used to start its rally against SUU last week.
  13. My wife and I are coming up from Utah. says that there will be a high of 53 and an 80% chance of rain on Saturday.
  14. It should be on You can also get there by clinking on the WatchBigSky link on
  15. I have a set of the 32 cards issued at the game (all 92-93 players + Jon Casey + Ed Belfour) available if anyone is interested.