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  1. Give it a rest Brad.
  2. i was going to say 1.50 pitchers at the DownUnder
  3. I don't think so. The landscape of the conference realignment has changed so much that a venue change wouldn't do much for attendance. If they bring it to the Xcel, are we automatically going to get an extra 4-5000 fans? Very doubtful. A lot of these teams need time to develop a good rivalry between them before the NCHC takes off. I also believe that the NCHC wants to be known for their OWN tournament, not be known as a spin-off of the WCHA.
  4. As long as UND is playing, I'll go watch. For people wanting it at the Xcel because of the atmosphere, I hate to tell you but that atmosphere that we once knew is not coming back. You could play any tournament at the best hockey arena in the country but you will never get that same feeling you get when you used to watch the old WCHA.
  5. Are you kidding me with that garbage post? Hakstol brought a new level of hockey to the program and with that, he brought a lot of NHL talent. Hakstol was/is not arrogant, I have no idea where you would think that. Also, why would the ice be "thin" in Philly? They had a huge roster problem before he got there and they are in the midst of changing it up.
  6. Ya, the Wild are missing more than one piece but Oshie would be a great piece to add. Not sure whos numbers you are looking at but Parise's numbers have pretty much stayed the same except for the two years in NJ (08-09, 09-10). He's also never played a full season here in Minnesota.
  7. The NCHC is important as we saw this year. Yes, the regional is important due to making it to the frozen four but if you lose on Friday, you're done. At least at the NCHC you get to watch two games for sure.
  8. If I have to choose between the NCHC at the Target Center vs a regional in Sioux Falls, I'm taking the Target Center all day. I have abosolutly no desire to go to Sioux Falls for a 1 game guarantee. The Target Center is not horrible people. The ones who are complaining the most are the ones who currently do not go to the NCHC tournament. The TC is a decent arena for hockey and all the establishments around it make it a fun time.
  9. shouldn't there be a mob of people with pitchforks and torches? instead of having the civil rights people on UND's campus, why dont they just do the whole NDSUS system? ya know, to save some time... Signed: Non-Management
  10. What direction did the hockey team take? String of conference regular season and post season titles? Consistently in the running for a National Championship? Attracting high end talent for many years? Could you please give me detail? Thanks *non-management
  11. No, they have not been great ambassadors for UND. UND was forced to change their nickname from the Fighting Sioux but yet every where they go they say they are #FightingSiouxProud or they rip off their USA jerseys to show them wearing a sioux jersey. If they were such great amassadors for the University, they would've helped UND with the nickname transition instead of fighting them on it. For me, its always been about them and their agenda and frankly I am sick of it. Now my school is getting drug through a worthless claim about female civil rights because some ladies can't get over that their damn program was cut. It has shown that these kids (not just the twins) have been handed everything in life and if they don't get what they want, they stomp their feet/cry and then they sue.
  12. Well you weren't missed.
  13. Idk, I guess I don't pay attention to anything you write!
  14. We were put in this situation by the past TWO presidents of our University who never wanted to deal with financial issues. Reaching out to donors for athletics should've been done before Kennedy came on board, not after. His job at UND is to educate students and to make sure they are on the right path for success. I also don't care if athletes feel betrayed, UND is a educational instatute first. How do you think UND and its fans felt when the Lamoureaux twins committed to the UofM? There pity party is over and its time to move along.
  15. I can't believe that someone would say something so foolish! Also, if they would've cut Football they would've had to cut another woman's sport.