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  1. I have a game worn #11 with the UND125 patch on it. its a real collector item now
  2. Per a report I saw from the Kings; sounds like Greene is going to call it a career but try and stay on with the club. Very nice career my friend and way to never forget UND!
  3. Where is gfhockey when you need him!
  4. I like how he tries to bring up the Saints. The reason the Saints are successful is of their cheesy in game promotions and the fact that they want to draw non baseball fans. Although the players and coaches care about winning and losing, the fans could care two S$*%s about the product on the field. He also fails to mention that the Saints offer reasonably priced tickets and food, something the Ralph would never do and I'm not sure how much more reasonable you can get with $1 a ticket.
  5. Denver is going to steam roll Duluth.
  6. Idk, maybe a little thing called TITLE 9
  7. The problem I have with the two Lamoreaux sisters are that they were not the ones who started the program and they sure as heck didnt care about it when it came time to declare a school. What about Margaret- Ann Hinkley, Marissa Hangsleben, Meghan Mutrie, Anne Girtz, Aynsley Allen, Meaghan Nelson, Meghan Hopps, Amber Hasbargen, and the rest of the players from the 02-03 team? Everyone likes to think that the Lamoreaux sisters started something here at UND when in reality, they didnt. These girls chose to come to UND from the get go, not go somewhere else and then come to UND when things were looking better. The Lamoreaux sisters have always had their own agenda and it shows!
  8. i love following him on twitter
  9. Not only that but where were they from the get go? They went to the UofM first and transferred to UND later. To me that shows they were never "on-board" with the hockey program at UND from the beginning.
  10. They should be sending that letter to the State, Faison and Kennedy did the right thing. Frankly, those two are getting on my nerves.
  11. They are also D2 in every other sport. Which means smaller costs.
  12. Unfair? Are you kidding me? Life is not supposed to be fair or unfair. Sports costs a lot of money and someone needs to pay for it, students want lower tution, state residents want lower taxes, well this is what happens. So spare me the fair and unfair crybaby routine.
  13. technically, yes it is 17 but men's golf is self funded.
  14. i know, i was being sarcastic....darn internet
  15. Belfour played at UND in 97?