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  1. I'm not saying BB is a bad coach or anything but these players just seem unmotivated. These players are not good enough to rely on a few players talents and it's showing night in and night out. The sad reality is, the ones with the talent (and eligibility) will leave us high and dry.
  2. 1. I was being sarcastic. 2. It was in reference to when every Hak hater wanted him fired. Everyone of them said that they would be ok if this was the result. Now it's happening and us fans don't like the results. funny how people forget....
  3. It's okay guys. We won a national title last year, so it's ok that we are mediocre now.
  4. That jersey you posted a link to looks like a legit replica jersey that Nike made. There are a ton of Nike jerseys that say they are authentic but clearly are not. JZarra or jz enterprise on eBay sells a lot of the Nike counterfeit jerseys. The authentic ones you are looking for were made of a silky material or also known as "dazzle" material.
  5. I guess the way I see it is, a lot of people become fans when the event is big. Where are all these people when the NCHC tournament comes around (plenty of seats available)? Don't get upset with the champion club or its members, they donate a lot of money and of course they should get first rights. These are the people that UND can count on to pay for things when events like this come along because they have invested so much already.
  6. I want that package!
  7. Charley Johnson didn't leave because of how they covered the news.
  8. Has FedEx not heard of direct deposit? Sounds like they still send it on a Wells Fargo wagon!
  9. WDAZ make money? WDAY (mothership) can easily make it look like WDAZ makes money but in the long run, it barely makes money. Sales reps for WDAZ are forced to sell to local advertisers and when I mean local I mean all the small mom and pop businesses. All the "national" businesses or bigger businesses are handled out of WDAY in Fargo and the revenue is split 65/35. There just is not enough local businesses in the grand forks market that are willing to advertise on TV anymore, thus the reason for shifting almost everything down to fargo. It will be a sad day when WDAZ leaves grand forks but when other businesses don't support/buy advertising, it leaves them no choice. Also, Reggie hasn't been at WDAZ for 3/4 years and now he works at NDEC.
  10. On the picture that is from amazon the first thing that tells me it is counterfeit is the manufactures tag. reeboks is big and this one is a tiny little tag that says the size. Next would be the ND shoulder patches, they are not centered on the shoulder. another giveaway is the sioux logo, it just looks terrible.
  11. I'd go with EPS for a reebok. Just remember it may take awhile to get it back.
  12. Where you located? I collect game worn Sioux jerseys, so I will keep an eye out if I see one come up. What year was the hoogsteen?
  13. Last I heard was REA gets their lettering kits directly from EPS, they just put them on and charge more. I've also sent jerseys to vintage MN hockey and had good results (although you need to be specific with them).
  14. New Jersey's are currently being designed/created by the staff. We will see the "new" design on the ice next season. Basketball/football jerseys are easier to because there isn't a whole lot to them but hockey is different. Brad and his staff knows they have one shot at this, so they will make sure that they will come up with a jersey design that everyone can get behind. Think of it as Jan coming into the locker room and telling everyone they need to unite under one banner and they walk out with a sweet design that describes the team.
  15. not sure where that came from but i can guarantee that will not be the jersey they use. the hockey team is taking its time designing their new jerseys, as it will be a long time before a new design comes out. the north dakota style jersey was put together quickly due to ncaa regulations but this one won't be. the new logo will probably be only seen on the breezers, shoulders and helmet.