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  1. Yea, that's gonna be a "no" from me. The wordmark I don't mind, but the green hawk and I guess that's supposed to be a map of North Dakota underneath with the star for Grand Forks, no thanks.
  2. http://www.fannation...attle?eref=sihp I would love to see it happen. The fact that some divisions have only 7 teams and others 8 is certainly a problem. Unfortunately, I would think RELOCATION rather than expansion would be a better idea, but that's my opinion. If the Florida Panthers ceased to exist tomorrow, nobody would notice (for previous example, see also: Thrashers, Atlanta). If you were the NHL king, what would your first order of business be? Well, besides re-naming the new 'Metropolitan Division' something else...
  3. As opposed to Casper the Friendly Hawk?
  4. You see a "head dress" and "Native American imagery" while all I see are feathers.
  5. I remember being at REA and leaning over to check out the side of my aisle seat and thinking to myself, "you know, I wasn't really fond of the Sioux logo until I looked at it really closely on this seat. It's actually pretty cool..."
  6. I never said there weren't, but, off the top of my head, I'll list 25 D1 schools and you tell me what they're known for: Michigan Ohio State Notre Dame Penn State USC UCLA Oregon Villanova Georgetown Florida Miami Florida State Alabama LSU Georgia Texas Auburn Oklahoma Kansas Duke Kentucky North Carolina Arizona UConn University of St Thomas
  7. Thanks for the news flash. I had incorrectly assumed they played on natural grass and figured it would be an easy fix.
  9. We're out on his houseboat now enjoying the cool breeze. He says that with another 10-15 years of financial support from the men's basketball team, the school is cautiously optimistic that they'll be a .500 football team by 2035.
  10. So, tell me, after all these years of playing in P5 conferences and raking in all of that massive TV revenue for their athletic departments, how are the Kansas and Indiana football programs looking so far in spring practice?
  11. See also: University of Kansas, basketball, University of Indiana, basketball, University of Nebraska, football, University of Alabama, football, and a whole host of other schools known primarily for ONE sport.
  12. You must be confusing SiouxSports.com with some other message board...
  13. 2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    Bazin's a UML alum...he loves that school and wants to win an NCAA title there.
  14. What do you think of the logo now??

    Needs a white outline around the N and D...a simple fix.
  15. Then why put it on the damn floor or in the carpet? This only became an issue when Florida State and Miami took turns stomping on each other's logos at midfield circa 1995-2000 and now all of a sudden, we can't put logos on courts or fields...or carpets.
  16. I was once told that having the Sioux logo on the court was disrespectful to Native Americans because athletes would walk (or more likely run) over the face constantly. If memory serves me correctly, the hockey locker room also had the carpet area roped off so no one could step on the Indian head and "disrespect" it. Now we're supposed to slap the new logo on the middle of the court? What happens when the NDSU Bison roll into town and celebrate a road W by dancing and stomping all over the Hawk logo in the middle of the court?
  17. 2018 Softball

  18. New Mascot

    I think these "unbiased sources" ranked the new FH logo just ahead of the Sabres and the Buffa-slug and one spot behind San Francisco's brilliant idea of taking SF off of the football helmets and going with 49ers instead.
  19. University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    @Blackheart Hold my beer.
  20. NHL expanding to Seattle in 2014?

    While not a fan of the team being called "Vegas" instead of "Las Vegas," I do give my blessing to their jerseys. Great looking color scheme and logo.
  21. New Mascot

    Why wasn't the other logos available for public view? ZOMG!
  22. New Mascot

    It's funny that somehow you think the Fighting Sioux nickname/logo DIDN'T make us different and unique from all the other colleges out there...how many other "Fighting Sioux" college nicknames were there?
  23. Stanley Cup Game 2018 Edition

    What a shame to see the Bruins go home.