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  1. My buddy is a long-time season ticket holder and HATES this look. I almost love it. the collar sucks and the white stripe in the middle should go all the way around the back. If those things were fixed (bring back the old school lace-ups), this thing would be .
  2. 'Cuz he's the problem. Move that damn team to Quebec City or Seattle, blow it up, and start from scratch. Just get it done.
  3. Please tell that to "The Resistance."
  4. I love the new font - not-so-much the N, but otherwise, it's unique. The logo...I don't hate it anymore, so I guess we're making progress.
  5. Every time you plow into and post a comment like this one, I feel like the guy holding the tub of popcorn in this clip... ...with the line-up they have, Pittsburgh could start Ken Wregget in net next season and make the playoffs.
  6. I'll say this again about Marc-Andre Fleury. He has handled this whole situation with nothing but class. Kudos to him. No comments from the peanut galleries on the new jerseys? Speaking of New Jersey's jerseys: AWFUL.
  7. Sounds like you're a fan today...what's tomorrow's forecast?
  8. Like I said, genius move!
  9. Oh, boy...the folks in the Wild front office must be scrambling to find a former Gopher to sign to replace the one they just lost.
  10. Possibly a genius move in protecting someone else he really wanted "untouchable" while exposing Mrazek...figuring the Golden Knights will be taking Marc-Andre Fleury anyways. He's Ken Holland...and we're not.
  11. Ken Holland really sending message to Mrazek. Apparently Petr thinks quite highly of himself and some of his Detroit teammates did not approve of his antics this past season.
  12. Whoa whoa whoa! The Penguins protected MATT MURRAY?
  13. While Denver is the sexy choice as October national champion, I think the Pioneers are going to have their hands full trying to unseat 31-time champ Minnesota.
  14. Did anybody attend any of the games this past weekend? I heard Eastview's A team made quite the statement. Is this the norm nowadays at some of these "kid" tournaments? I've heard plenty of stories of fights, coaches being ejected, parents getting into it in the stands, and even host town hotel rooms being trashed by visiting teams. We even heard about the dance competition at Target Center a few weeks ago. Winners allegedly cheating, losers refusing medals, Little League teams stacking rosters...Is this what youth sports is coming to?
  15. Forget all this talk about the expansion draft - does anyone else have concerns about Adidas becoming the new jersey-maker of the NHL? Please, God, can we get rid of the scoop-tail jerseys? PLEASE?
  16. I have to hand it to Marc-Andre Fleury...he really handled the Pittsburgh goalie situation gracefully and gets rewarded with a third Stanley Cup ring. Nice to see some athletes be "professional" in every sense of the word. Some team will be lucky to pick him up.
  17. I'm splitting this off from the World Junior thread - post here if you are interested in the 1960's style jersey, I will try to put together an order. 12 minimum needed to do a "team" set. 1) MafiaMan 2) MafiaMan 3) Oxbow6 4) Oxbow6 5) Wilbur 6) Pump It Up
  18. I'm more of a texter myself.
  19. The words "comedy gold" are used a lot these days... ...BUT THIS IS COMEDY GOLD!