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  1. Jerseys

    The black jersey looks a million times better with the hem striping...last year's version for a memory-refresher.
  2. Jerseys

  3. Jerseys

    So we'll complain about the number missing from the front...but be perfectly fine with no number on the sleeves & back and no nameplate?
  4. Jerseys

    Most universities are trying to come up with standard fonts for all sports. I bet you'll see the football jerseys change next year as well - and these look like the basketball jerseys. I'm upping my grade to B+.
  5. Jerseys

    Bonus points for not spelling it "yolk". No, it did not. It was straight-up white bordering green.
  6. Jerseys

    Not too shabby. I like the addition of hem stripes on the black jerseys so that's a plus. Put the number in the middle and you have a nice vintage-style look with a modern font. The should patches are the correct logo too and the logo has the white border. I'll give it a B grade pending the armpit stains being removed from what we've seen in the past few years.
  7. former players

    That's not the actual jersey and logo that they wound up going with though...
  8. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    "Doctor, my baby seems to be practicing diving in my belly - he's flopping around all the time!" "Well...I'd better give Don a call ASAP! Sounds like we have a future Golden Gopher in there!"
  9. Jeff Dubay

    Why is this even news on TwinCities.com or any other web site? The guy runs a podcast out of his mom's basement like Beavis or Butt-head and every time he gets popped for something, it's a headline story?
  10. Jerseys

    Patches look OK (dare I say that the ND/Hawk patch looks great?) - kind of overkill though with the three of them on the front. The tire-tread kind of kills it for me too. EDIT: Just noticed that the little "shadow" under the hawk's neck that (in this case) should be green is totally missing!
  11. Jerseys

    Pics or it didn't happen!
  12. Jerseys

  13. Jerseys

    The Ottawa Senators barber shop pole jerseys look fantastic...so yea!
  14. Jerseys

    I would like to aee this with black striping behind the logo as opposed to green. Change some of the other stripes around to accommodate that change and this would look pretty cool!
  15. USA World Juniors Jersey Thread

    Blue USA artwork is done. PM me if you would like to see a mock-up.
  16. I'm splitting this off from the World Junior thread - post here if you are interested in the 1960's style jersey, I will try to put together an order. 12 minimum needed to do a "team" set. 1) MafiaMan 2) MafiaMan 3) Oxbow6 4) Oxbow6 5) Wilbur 6) Pump It Up
  17. Jerseys

    Yuck. The shimmer-style era was brutal. The pilling of the material wears them out in a hurry too.
  18. Jerseys

    Home whites should have FIGHTING HAWKS on the front while the road greens and alternate blacks should have NORTH DAKOTA on them.
  19. PyeongChang 2018

    I wonder if team USA will bust out the 1960-style jerseys...
  20. Where to buy Fighting Hawks gear?

    I know...I was just teasin' ya.
  21. Where to buy Fighting Hawks gear?

    Um...isn't that a yard banner? Why would you mount that to the side of your vehicle?
  22. Server change tonight

  23. What do you think of the logo now??

    My grandpa was 12 when North Dakota changed its nickname from Flickertails to Fighting Sioux. He died in 2008 and his final words were: "I can't believe they changed the Flickertails..."
  24. USA World Juniors Jersey Thread

    I've had a few PMs...cmon lurkers, I know you're out there!
  25. What do you think of the logo now??

    And then what happens when "Sparkly Unicorns" or "Sundogs" gets picked as the final choice? We wait a few MORE years and then have yet ANOTHER nickname vote until the folks who wanted "just North Dakota" or "Roughriders" get their way?