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  1. Sorry, ArchyAlum11, but the tri-color black outlined in white outlined in green on 3" letters doesn't really work for me.
  2. Michael Mantenuto, former Maine hockey player, more famous for playing Jack O'Callahan in the movie "Miracle," dead at 35 in an apparent suicide.
  3. The NCAA has shown again that it will STEAMROLL anyone who opposes its agenda. If you have any doubt how serious they were about scrubbing "Fighting Sioux" from the history books, you only need to look at the boycott of North Carolina that essentially put Duke on the road against the University of SOUTH Carolina in the men's NCAA tournament. If the NCAA was willing to mess with one of the cash cows of March Madness just to "prove" their opinion, rest assured, they would have spent millions to get rid of "Fighting Sioux." I, too, smiled at the "Sioux Forever" chant immediately after the Frozen Four. Then when I heard it in-person at Target Center a month or so ago, I cringed. It's time to move on. It was quite an experience watching the men's basketball team in March Madness - think about that, OUR men's basketball team playing in March Madness. Unthinkable back in 1988-1992 when I was at UND. The jerseys looked great and so did the wordmark on them - as well as the logo on the TV scoreboard. The university is still wearing green, white, and black, and I am looking forward to seeing the new wordmark and logo on the hockey jerseys next season. Hawks on the jerseys, Sioux in my heart, but still MY University of North Dakota.
  4. on the 2009-2011 style. That was done at the suggestion of EPS. It was changed because the radio and TV folks found the player numbers hard to see from the booth. The green gave that jersey a real "pop" effect. Same with the green numbers on the black jerseys.
  5. Four jerseys (implying that that was all they needed on the racks at the Sioux Shop) and the ebay account IdalskiB meaning that the former head coach bought them all and listed them himself. Not nearly as funny as I thought it was, I guess...
  6. I was joking.
  7. Yea, I heard. Someone by the name of IdalskiB on ebay has all four of them for sale for $500 each.
  8. Talent "purge" is right...WOW!
  9. To be fair, the Germans were all over the USA for the first 24 seconds of that game...
  10. Ahem, jersey sizes, numbers, and name on back. Paging Wilbur and Pump it Up.
  11. Minnesota will put up with $20 million a year losses before 86'ing that program. They'll fund it at ALL costs now.
  12. I won't try to guess what Potulny was thinking, but I have to think that Michigan Tech would have been interested in talking to him about their vacancy. I'm guessing Grant would have reciprocated that interest.
  13. Turning around a North Dakota, Minnesota, BU, or Michigan isn't the same as building a program or turning around a program at UMass-Lowell, Merrimack, or Northern Michigan.
  14. Love the one woman getting up to the podium at the end and barking "DO YOUR JOB!" at the committee members. They did. Just because the vote didn't go your way doesn't mean they didn't consider your objections. But, welcome to the new America - where you can't have a different opinion than the mob.
  15. Yup. Leaked by Grant Potulny over in Marquette.