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  1. October 2017 Announcement

    I think the point is that had Faison retired earlier, the position could have been eliminated entirely and the money then used to save women's hockey.
  2. October 2017 Announcement

    Well, Kennedy's a no-good Republican, so, yea...
  3. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

    There are those moments in your young life that you never forget: Your first day of kindergarten Your first crush Senior Prom Your first day of college And your first visit to Whiteys
  4. October 2017 Announcement

    It's Johns Hopkins.
  5. 2017 Season

    So, on one side of the coin, Michigan State will ALWAYS be second-fiddle to Michigan... ...but on the other side, North Dakota can flip the script on NDSU?
  6. 2017 Season

    That could also be labeled "2017 season expectations" and "2017 actual season results."
  7. 2017 Season

    Hey, Midwestern Hawk, it's 2017. Find a football recruit for next year's freshman class who would even know that Nick Saban used to coach at Michigan State. "As soon as things get going?" The Harbaugh mystique is already wearing off thanks to losses to Michigan State and THE Ohio State University. The "flagship" argument is irrelevant.
  8. 2017 Season

    I'm sure that Michigan State feels real bad about going 8-3 in their last 11 games over "flagship" Michigan in football and is the better of the two schools in terms of men's basketball. #ButWe'reTheFlagshipSchool
  9. 2017 Season

    Rhode Island? LOL! Yea, and I'm really in the mafia, too. You do know that we're on the same team, right?
  10. 2017 Season

    If there was a magic fix-it, don't you think places like Duke, Kentucky, Arizona, and Indiana would have figured out how to make themselves football schools by now? NDSU didn't wind up in the position they are in now by accident. UND has been playing catch-up ever since the big "D1" announcement by Fargo U. I also recently asked a local high school recruit whom NDSU has been scoping out if he's considered the University of North Dakota at all. His response? "WHO?"
  11. 2017 Season

    Well, how much money did you win picking OSU to win the FBS title that year after their first two QB's went down? Did you also predict him heading to the NFL before those two games or after?
  12. 2017 Season

    Some third-string QB scrub won a national title for Ohio State just a couple of seasons ago...
  13. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

    No FSN for the big-city folks?