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  1. This is a tough one to swallow - no way to sugar-coat it.
  2. Had several folks come to Bloomington last year saying that Pourhouse sucked.
  3. So football and womens hockey fans were and/or are staying away as a form of protest over the nickname and logo? C'mon!
  4. It's gonna take me more than 10 minutes but I'm on it!
  5. Change the font on the jersey to the new one. Arched FIGHTING above the small number and HAWKS below it for the home whites - substitute in NORTH and DAKOTA for the road greens. Hawk logo on the shoulders inside green yokes at home and white on the road. Old-school lace-up fronts. Anyone wanna see a mock-up?
  6. So Recruit X would be concerned about the potential nickname identity crisis between Sioux and Hawks but would not be worried about Bye-son vs Byzz-zon?
  7. The banners would look super cool in the jersey format we have been discussing.
  8. I was born a Sioux, but now I identify as a transgendered heterosexual squirrel.
  9. @Teeder11 - check out the REA Banners thread in the hockey forums that I shamelessly bumped up. I had posted that quite a while back. There are pictures in there of each of the respective title teams, not including last year's.
  10. Brought back by popular demand due to discussion in another thread. Was curious to see the fronts of the jerseys the respective teams won their NCAA titles in.
  11. Than an NCAA title? You're not alone!
  12. Arizona STATE? Am I missing an inside joke here?
  13. Saw the same thing at TC on Friday night. Walked out between periods and saw about 20-30 young fans hanging out in the concourse pounding down their beers. Went back to my seat but had to walk out at the 10:00 mark of the period to use the restroom...same bunch of "fans" still there. Came out again after another period ending and they were STILL there. Now, keep in mind, there are no TVs and you have no view from the concrete area ouside the arena. I couldn't believe it. Pay $25-$75 per ticket just to hang out in a cold concrete room and booze it up. Hope you guys had fun!
  14. Or sUNDogs!
  15. Scholarship Athlete X: You know, now that we've resolved this nickname issue, I'm going to stop half-a**ing it out there and give 100% in 2016-2017! Yea, that's not how it happened...