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  1. Probably not. And it seems likely that Andy Murray will be retiring as well.
  2. If it takes three officials to look at a review, chances are it should stand as called.
  3. But his wrist could be bad enough that it affects his performance down the line. Will Tucker's shoulder fully heal properly or will he be out of the league in three years? Is it worth a major or even career ending injury for that one more unpaid year in college? For some of the guys, it's a legitimate question.
  4. I believe it is SiouxVolley's. He just needs to come in here and tell us who is moving up!
  5. You mean like Western Michigan that has always prioritized football over hockey? You don't know what you're talking about.
  6. It coincided with ASU applying and it seeming like BGSU would be a natural 10th team.
  7. What false reality do I have? Please enlighten me.
  8. AF should stay with Atlantic Hockey. It's smart for them to be a top dog in AH. In the WCHA they will be going up against slightly tougher teams and may not make the tournament again.
  9. The contract wouldn't need to be renegotiated. It's a tier II broadcast rights contract. Who UND plays doesn't matter, Midco would do any home games not picked up by B10 Network or any other national network. Midco isn't getting many more viewers for B10 teams except for Minnesota. Their viewership is UND fans.
  10. Pretty awkward when a UND football fan brings up a choke job about another team...
  11. I'm betting Tomek is gone. Not the best fit at UND.
  12. The Frozen Four is essentially sold out except for team-specific tickets. The FF doesn't rely on fanbases to fill the arena, especially the first time in Chicago.
  13. Would love the NCAA to explain how that goal stand and UND's is overturned. Seems like both sets of officials got it wrong. And I work for AF hockey.
  14. That familiarity does help, but if you take a look at the four games on either side of that matchup, AF was giving up 3.2 goals per game. If you look at the last 10 Air Force games, they're giving up 1.2 goals per game and 4 of those 10 games have been shutouts. Quite a different team and why they have just two losses in their last 17 games.
  15. Root picks them. No way any conference would allow this if they had a vote.