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  1. Improving the game day experience

    Man phones are fancy these days. An iPhone will literally pick a person up and carry them to a spot on a map. Fantastic!
  2. 2017 Season

    But that *Networks vs streaming subject to change could be the tie-breaking matchup!
  3. Improving the game day experience

    Close parking in the tailgate lot within 45 minutes of kickoff? Would that keep people from buying tailgate passes just to use as parking passes?
  4. Jerseys

    My apologies, you are correct. It seems UND football is using the same jerseys as before since they were ordered prior to the change.
  5. Soccer 2017-2018 Season

    I'm just waiting for Sicatoka to give an unnecessary scolding disguised as a pep-talk post about soccer needing to perform like he did for softball. For some reason I didn't see one about football, basketball or men's hockey though.
  6. 2017 Season

    I agree. As one person in the hockey forum tried to create fake outrage over the font being "different," you'll see that it is the same font once players have the jersey on and it is properly stretched.
  7. Jerseys

    It is the same font but because football jerseys stretch when they're put on it looks cartoonish when its on a hanger.
  8. UND Sports TV Options

    Yes because that was built into their contract since Midco does not have a department-wide contract with NDSU. At the time, it was more for Midco's benefit so NDSU couldn't go do a show with KVLY.
  9. UND Sports TV Options

    People ridiculously overestimate the number of people who watch non-live events. The UND hockey show does not have a high following or good ratings, otherwise it would still be a show.
  10. UND Sports TV Options

    UND signed a contract with Midco to air live broadcasts. Midco will continue to do that. No, they don't get good ratings.
  11. Hockey Streaming

    If you're going to buy the school pass when it's available September 16th, you might as well buy the early bird all-access pass now. It's the same price as the school pass will be.
  12. Hockey Streaming

    You'll have to pay for the games in Alaska via WCHA.tv, the ones in Madison should be on BTN2Go but you need a cable subscription that includes B10 Network and live streaming, Bemidji will be through WCHA.tv as well. So unless Stadium (the company that bought out ASN) picks up some games and also airs them online then you're out of luck. Pay for NCHC.tv. It's a good product that is making some big improvements this year.
  13. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    Somebody has to carry the ball when we're up 72-0 on Utah in the first...
  14. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    I just assumed that after week 3 there won't be any more comments in this thread for the year, so might as well keep it nice and tidy and include the 2018 season too.