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  1. Most of the teams in the MVC are the same as they were 10 years ago. But which conference is better? 2007 MVC or 2017 MVC? Is the MVC still appealing to the Dakotas? I don't think so.
  2. And yet you didn't even read my comment. I was pointing out that there is a big difference in this "Big North" going FBS and your complete lie of a WAC conference that you keep predicting will happen. As usual, you're moving some goalposts. It was a nice month when you went into your shell after UND joined the Summit and you had to hide from people showing how wrong you were. However, you aren't dumb enough (although history has probably proven otherwise) to believe that UND and NDSU fans would have similar thoughts towards your old WAC conference and the Big North as the WAC. I don't think anybody wanted to be in a WAC that consisted of NMSU, UTRGV and other random schools. I don't think anyone would turn down the chance to be part of a WAC that was the 4 Dakotas, the Montanas and Idaho/EWU.
  3. Anybody think it was a joke between two people that have spent a lot of time together over the past two years? Jayson isn't an idiot (for the most part ) and he isn't going to ask that question as serious. Boeser responded jokingly as well.
  4. You're not naive enough to think there is even a similar comparison between this new conference going FBS vs a pretty random set of schools going FBS with the WAC.
  5. Actually, I think he gets it better than you do.
  6. Agreed. But why would any team in the Big Sky leave for a Summit League that would once again be shown as a stopping point and not a permanent home?
  7. Let's set BU aside because Quinn is doing something ridiculous over there with getting so many top picks. However, if we look at the "high enders" vs all other teams, UND's numbers look pretty decent. Look at the numbers compared to UND's 2 1st rounders last year and average draft position of (10) players at 3.8. I'm only including schools with one first rounder and 6 or more draft picks because I'm arbitrary like that today. School - 1st rd, total, average UND - 2, 10, 3.8 BC - 1, 8, 3.875 BU - 4, 11, 2.27 Denver - 1, 6, 3.8 Wisconsin - 2, 7, 4.4 The only other schools with a 1st rounder are SCSU, UMD and Connecticut.
  8. Page 3
  9. While I don't disagree with you on the latter point, I think your track record of coaching inside information is lacking lately
  10. His articles have certainly been objective. His personal twitter has not. But it doesn't have to be.
  11. You continue to confuse fan attitudes with those that matter. Keep pushing your UND to WAC idea. It's all you have left. Certainly your credibility has disappeared.
  12. i.e. "They started it!!!!"
  13. Zwei fur mich, bitte Und mein lieblingsgetrank ist Dunkel.
  14. Even if it's at the X? I've heard over and over that fans will come out in droves if it moves to St. Paul.
  15. There are a lot of teams interested in Monty, but he isn't in a hurry to go to the NHL. He can almost pick and choose where he ends up.