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  1. I'm curious how much of that is due to the history of Nike vs the quality of the actual shoe. I'll never run in a Nike shoe but adidas puts out some excellent running shoes. How do they compare for basketball and football?
  2. Nelson and Strome wouldn't be available if they didn't have a deal.
  3. I'm sure they already have a plan in place to keep Strome and Nelson. I'm sure it involves at least one first but at this point Vegas has said they're all about the future and not about right now. They'll gladly take a first to select some fourth line forward because it sets them up to be the new Oilers in four years, All the first rounders, plus MAF to teach Mrazek or Subban how to play goalie.
  4. Obviously not an option this year, but perhaps the last two home games of the year go to the tailgators that are there two hours before the game and offer them reserved tickets for the next season. If you're not there those last two games or you aren't there two hours before the game then you don't get a reserved spot the next year. I think it would cut down on people just showing up with their car 20 minutes before the game.
  5. So you're saying there's a strong chance of Fleuries in Vegas?
  6. Sullivan hates MAF and of course the head coach makes the calls on this. I wouldn't be surprised to see MAF flipped to some other team for a pick or some prospects. Although, as the backup for the past year+, I'm sure he's only worth a 5th rounder
  7. Or more factually, there is a glitch with Neulion that does that randomly.
  8. You have the best grudges
  9. I think it would be a good idea if someone took the lead on Siouxsports recommendations for tailgating. Gather some input from people who go, get email addresses from them and send a big email to UND with those recommendations. It turns a handful of people discussing things here into a conversation with UND that has some force behind it because of the number of email addresses cc'ed.
  10. I'll take a Weihenstephan Dunkel every day of the week. And throw in a Vitus to change it up on those really warm days.
  11. Any chance you were in Snowmass? I was also enjoying 30+ beers from just Colorado breweries on Saturday.
  12. Last night Crosby won 4 faceoffs and lost 15 of them. Doc said it weirdly but at the time on the broadcast, Crosby had won 2 and lost 8.
  13. Imagine the improvement of the Golden Knights. From 0 wins this season to who knows how many next year!
  14. Rookie? I guess technically but if you lead your team to a cup the year before, you probably shouldn't count as a rookie.
  15. Which hoops44 rightfully was blasted for.