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  1. Oxbow6

    2018 World Cup

  2. Oxbow6

    What do you think of the logo now??

    The only white Zin ever seen in Belfield back in your day was in a box in the priest's fridge that was brought out after mass!
  3. Easy there Chelsea Handler
  4. You constantly twist comments and numbers to fit your narrative which is anti-hockey. The Ralph DOES benefit UND hockey but the 52% of UND tickets revenue DOES NOT go directly to the Ralph to which those falsely allocated dollars DO NOT directly or indirectly benefit hockey. "52% of UND ticket revenue goes towards the Ralph"......that is patently false and any other comment you make linked to that BS drivel is also false. Make sense???
  5. Oxbow6

    2018 World Cup

    Iceland's loss today opens up a small door for Messi and ARG to sneak out of pool play.
  6. Oxbow6

    2018 World Cup

    Not participating as they have been having bake sales to help support UND's FB program!
  7. These comments are 100% inaccurate.
  8. I'll dumb it down for you...there is still one of four seats (on average) that goes unsold for UND FB games at the Alerus. Put some product on the field that people/fans want to see and seIll those seats and there is more revenue coming in for the FB program. I know you can even see that isn't fuzzy math.
  9. So UND FB is the ugly step child to UND hockey? Is that your point?
  10. Last 2 seasons UND hockey has had an average attendance capacity of 99%, NDSU FB was at 98% and UND FB was at 75%.
  11. I think everyone here can agree that the FB program needs to get 100% of their ticket revenue.....................................plus the remaining 52% of the hockey ticket revenue ( $3+ million) that isn't being pumped back into the "little hockey program". Can we all agree that that's only fair?
  12. If one wants to look at that way. Just pointing out from a potential revenue standpoint there's some low hanging fruit to picked.
  13. Average attendance for UND FB: 2016: 9944 2017: 10428 Average those last 2 years and taking into account the capacity of the Alerus there is still one of 4 seats empty on average every game.
  14. Oxbow6

    2018 World Cup

    Denmark and Australia skate to a 1-1 draw this morning. #hotgoalies