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  1. And Sioux Falls has a diner with banana bread French toast
  2. Yeah, BSU is getting old...although it is fun when my friends are texting me and sending pics of the scoreboard, only to have Brock get a hat trick and shut them up
  3. Guess I'll start saving for tickets now
  4. Twitter said 3 on site orthopedic surgeons worked together to put his ankle back in place and get the air cast on
  5. OT written all over this
  6. I know
  7. He only took 6 full strides before hitting him!
  8. "What a period for Lucas Savages. Great player along the boards." -Barry Melrose
  9. That's Koytk, who took out Tucker
  10. That escalated quickly
  11. Irrelevant
  12. Like the image burned into my head, of a puck bouncing over Trupp's stick as he stood at a wide up net vs Michigan at the Frozen Four
  13. I tweeted Strickland asking for a pogo update. He said leaning towards returning. Will finish the semester before making the final call.
  14. I hope I'm wrong and he's a star sooner than later, but it feels like his advisor did some poor advising.
  15. Oh yeah, forgot he sat a yr. I text my buddy the same thing. Why go to that?