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  1. This makes me feel better about not having to wait in line all morning. Hopefully they don't check. I need to smuggle in protein bars...haha
  2. I have nothing to go on, but the wife and I were going to leave Bemidji about 8am and go straight there and check it out. If it's a line, I guess we'll jump in. If not, maybe we'll just chill in the car for a bit
  3. Sounds like it's not too bad. I've been debating on trying to get some seats because I envision no room, limited view, etc
  4. For Pogo to deposit in the back of the net
  5. So you're saying it's safe to go to the bathroom at intermission cuz SRO loses their spots for the Zamboni anyway?
  6. She sure isn't, but I had her call since my cell is linked to a Fargo company
  7. My wife just called and was told they are sold out
  8. Depends if you can stream ESPN2
  9. I'm basically sitting in my office, listening for the post alert on the other screen. No point in talking about playing Duluth when they won't get by OSU and their 4900 fans
  10. With SRO tickets, is it confined to just the end? Or can you be around the glass on the sides? I thought I saw a pic from last regional with people crammed along the sides
  11. I think Cepis works with the incoming freshmen
  12. I asked my wife if she wanted me to call Duluth and tell them how I grew up watching UMD(because they were on the only channel we got when I was a kid) and get seats. She said she'd rather stand than be surrounded by bulldog fans
  13. I thought it was bad at first, and worse on the replay. It looks like he really tried to finish off the hit and didn't just barrel into him.
  14. #OnlyFerdaSioux
  15. They looked about the same minus the puck