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  1. Looking for my season ticket renewal info but haven't seen it yet. Has anyone gotten theirs or know when they will be sent out?
  2. Pat Reusse mentioned it on Saturday on AM1500 with Russo. He stated that they want UND for hockey but UND would want big $$ based on B1G tv deal
  3. Mike Max on WCCO in twin cities just talked about Lukazivich scoring three goals to match his coach Tim Montgomery. Got two names wrong in one sentence. Ugh.
  4. Tanner Jaillet on TV - "we stuck to our game plan and we f___ing won" or something like that
  5. Might have been able to add a butt end too.
  6. Notre Dame will fit in well in the second tier B1G hockey conference.
  7. Got a note from Bubba a few days ago that we have sold 475 new season tickets since last year. That's a nice number for this time of year. Any extra butts in the seats means extra $$.
  8. Cheering for DU big time after Montgomery supported us last year after we beat them.
  9. Vonesh has to be in my top 4 or 5. He was a monster.
  10. I can never remember. Does one ticket get you into both games on Friday?
  11. How would this year's GF Central team stack up against EP, Edina and the rest of the metro powers?
  12. That's a big loss
  13. It used to have a teflon roof and looked like a mini-metrodome. They replaced that roof with steel 15 years ago or so.
  14. The short answer is - yes.
  15. My wife and I are planning on the SUU game in Cedar City as well. Didn't realize we were in Vermillion but will try to get that one in also. I haven't been to the Dakota dome since we played there in the early 80's. It was a a strange field to play on and I would like to see it again as a spectator.