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  1. Vonesh has to be in my top 4 or 5. He was a monster.
  2. I can never remember. Does one ticket get you into both games on Friday?
  3. How would this year's GF Central team stack up against EP, Edina and the rest of the metro powers?
  4. That's a big loss
  5. It used to have a teflon roof and looked like a mini-metrodome. They replaced that roof with steel 15 years ago or so.
  6. The short answer is - yes.
  7. My wife and I are planning on the SUU game in Cedar City as well. Didn't realize we were in Vermillion but will try to get that one in also. I haven't been to the Dakota dome since we played there in the early 80's. It was a a strange field to play on and I would like to see it again as a spectator.
  8. There is zero chance that the Nickel Trophy will be part of the renewed rivalry. We aren't going to risk further scrutiny and possible sanctions from the NCAA by using a trophy that has an Indian head on it that represents UND. Hell - we were worried because we overlooked a Sioux logo on a lineup card we posted in the players box during an NCAA hockey game a few years ago.
  9. I was told similar a couple of days ago by the UND ticket office. The only difference was they told me April rather than May.
  10. He is a second generation UND fb player. who is is dad?
  11. No argument here. I just think the backlash would be more than the administration would be willing to take on for the reasons I stated above.
  12. I just don't see WIH getting cut. GF is a hockey town, UND is a hockey school and because of that it would be hard to sell with Title IX. Regardless if whether or not we need it for Title IX compliance, the perception of not valuing Women's hockey in GF would be hard to overcome.
  13. Tom Miller ‏@tommillergf 2m2 minutes ago More UND FB receives a late verbal commitment from OL Jeremy Jenkins out of Illinois. 0 replies0 retweets1 like Reply Retweet Like 1
  14. as far as I know if your cable subscription has ESPN you can stream ESPN3
  15. I agree on the OOC games but I live in the Twin Cities and if my kid was being recruited I would rather know that I could easily drive to about half of the away games every year. To me that would be an important factor and I am sure it is for many players and their parents. I am guessing the new conference will be as much a positive for some as a negative for others considering our main recruiting areas.