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  1. Trying this tonight- you weren't kidding. Good stuff.
  2. Best idea anyone has presented. Solves the complaints about the size of the big sky while also addressing summit football without moving entire mvfc to summit. Let the remaining mvfc teams fend for themselves.
  3. Right?!!!!
  4. I think he means the staff wouldn't have brought him in if they didn't think he would be starting next year. Of course, 2018 is a long way off.
  5. She was in a class with me early on @ UND. Was obvious back then that common sense wasn't very common with her.
  6. I've heard around town that it is an eligibility issue, but I am not familiar enough to know if it's academic or something relating to his time in juniors. Whatever the issue is, going to EGF apparently solved it.
  7. That's the story with my seats. Haven't missed a game all year but the nyc trip was already booked.
  8. I believe every round has a minimum bid (which increases as the rounds progress) which must be met by the host team. However, the highest seeded team only needs to meet the minimum bid in order to host. This differs than round 1, where you not only need to meet the minimum bid but also outbid your opponent.
  9. Stopped at REA to get hockey tickets for this weekend and 10 football tickets were sold in front of me. Definitely think there is a buzz around this game.
  10. UND takes set 1!! 2 more to go.
  11. Seems like the folks of Grand Forks got the message about showing up tonight. #ThumbsUp
  12. Seems unlikely either SDSU or UND jumps over the Citadel to #6. More intrigued by the top 2. If they stay EWU and NDSU, then we both will have tough games. If SHSU or Jacksonville are in top 2, then that shakes things up.
  13. His cheerleading for WH during the sports cutting discussion was embarrassing. If people really cared about seeing Olympians in action, they wouldn't need $1 tickets to draw them in.
  14. Following Schloss on twitter you would think WH is the only event happening this weekend.
  15. Your right. Red River was playing in Fargo. Could have cost us some fans there.