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  1. Who is going to do a jersey mockup? Graphic designers out there. Ready. Set. Go!
  2. Some of my favorite players in that era. Greg Johnson and Landon Wilson to name a few.
  3. Sad. Can't/won't be buying a jersey anytime soon. Maybe I'll buy a game used "sioux" jersey going forward.
  4. Grab the popcorn.
  5. The Wild's window is closing shortly. They have a lot of dead weight. In addition, they are not in rebuilding mode. Be real interesting to see what they can do. A lot of money tied up in a few players.... Also, I'm a big Zpar fan but he'll be in decline mode soon regarding production. Funny how much his point production has dropped since he's been in MN. it. Crazy! LA Kings will make changes next year. Jets - if they can find some goaltending they "could" compete for a playoff spot next year. Poolman will be a nice addition, you'd think Kyle Connor gets more NHL games next year too. They're trending up. Sharks - They'll be a questions mark just based on Thornton and Marleau I think one player will be playing elsewhere next year. Hawks - changes are coming. Avs - Can only trend upward. Oilers - Will continue to rise. McDavid is elite and Leon Draistatl is a stud people. 21 years old and was 8th overall in the NHL in points! Where's the Wild's young stud???
  6. Hawks will make moves, Wild will not. Quote me.
  7. Can we close this thread? It's a done deal. I'm over it.
  8. Parise's biggest regret will be chasing paper instead of trying to win a cup and play with hall of famers. He's never winning a cup in MN. Not trying to bash the Wild just stating the reality for those MN sports fans. He and Suter just like everyone else, aren't getting any younger.
  9. The sun came up and the deed had to be done. I'm over it! Let's move forward!
  10. Gersich will have to find 2 new linemstes. I'm sure he's just thrilled.
  11. Jost leaving early like this is going to have the same effect on the team next year as when Brock Nelson left early. Dammit!
  12. Be interesting to see what guys stay and go. Jost should stay for one more year. He idle, Toews, played 2 years at UND. Comeback and a wear a "C" next year as a sophomore! Tomek and Wilkie? Do they transfer? I would encourage Wilkie to stay and hit the off-season super hard. I feel like if he can score a few goals his confidence will change tremendously. I think you're gonna see the coaching staff bring in as many offensive freshman guys as they can. Next year's team could be pretty lethal. Pogo? He'll probably leave, but should come back for 1 more year. He hasn't hit his ceiling yet in the college level. He had an okay junior year but I selfishly expected more. Cam - not sure why he would leave, other than getting a contract. He'd be playing in the ECHL/"maybe" a few AHL games if best next year. The road for goalies is a difficult one. No one else should leave, but there's always surprises. We shall see.
  13. The longer that game went in OT without UND scoring was favoring BU. BU got their chance on that play and then buried. Brock lost "2" faceoffs in our own end. Stinks to lose the game especially when I thought the boys had it won with the goal that was taken back. Tough one to swallow!
  14. That's what I was thinking. Will there be beers in that section? :-)
  15. Pardon my ignorance, champion's club members with their tickets, anyone know where "SC-Lounge" section is at the rink? Went to Scheels arena after work and young box office girl was not sure.