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  1. Let's Go To Vermillion

    Anyone know if Joanna got the bus, or buses, filled to Vermillion?
  2. 2017 Season

    I got my football tix a week ago. Still waiting on tailgating passes and Champions Club cards.
  3. Pluto TV on Roku and Big Sky

    the 8-2 Fighting Hawks vs NAU on Pluto TV right now. We're down 7-3, but I'm guessing we pull it out.....again.
  4. 2017 Season

    FWIW, I received this email this morning and did the survey. Lot of questions on how to improve tailgating and the game experience.
  5. . The big question is Loyall J. gonna lead them out with his flag?
  6. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Another Schmaltz in the future for UND? Story on cousin Jake Schmaltz from a Madison TV station. http://www.wkow.com/story/34404590/its-in-the-bloodline-with-edgewood-boys-hockey
  7. 2016-17 Season

    UNC ladies shot 1 of 12 in first quarter.
  8. 2016-17 Season

    Ladies up 14- 4 at the end of one quarter at Northern Colorado. Early start. Have to leave the computer now and go watch the men
  9. Local WDAZ news broadcasts

    Reggie been gone for a couple years, still in town. I know he runs camera for Midco, not sure what else. His wife, Stacie, is the anchor on WDAZ.
  10. Local WDAZ news broadcasts

    Per a recently retired employee, they are carrying WDAY newscasts Dec 24th thru Jan 8th. Then back to the 10 per week locally. Also, its the first time in decades that DAZ has neither a local Station Manager or a local News Director. Not looking good.
  11. Hawks eat Spiders prediction

    hoping for a slugfest. Good guys in green 17-14
  12. 2016 Attendance

    I was there too. Drove in 25 miles on ice to get there. I remember they introduced the Livingston team at the Friday night hockey game, the night before. We all kind of chuckled thinking they weren't going to be able to handle the cold the next day. But they did. I'm glad we'll be inside on Saturday
  13. 2017 UND Recruiting

    Commit Zeke Ott playing right now in MN prep bowl for Caledonia. on Midco on Channel 595.
  14. Bracketology

    Accuweather shows high in mid 20's on 12/3 Season tailgate passes will work as normal.
  15. UND vs Crown (11/11 1 PM)

    Talked to a parent at the game. Shanks not dressing was for missing class, he thought that might be the reason for at least some of the others also, but wasnt sure. 72-33 UND with 12 minutes to go