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  1. . The big question is Loyall J. gonna lead them out with his flag?
  2. Another Schmaltz in the future for UND? Story on cousin Jake Schmaltz from a Madison TV station.
  3. UNC ladies shot 1 of 12 in first quarter.
  4. Ladies up 14- 4 at the end of one quarter at Northern Colorado. Early start. Have to leave the computer now and go watch the men
  5. Reggie been gone for a couple years, still in town. I know he runs camera for Midco, not sure what else. His wife, Stacie, is the anchor on WDAZ.
  6. Per a recently retired employee, they are carrying WDAY newscasts Dec 24th thru Jan 8th. Then back to the 10 per week locally. Also, its the first time in decades that DAZ has neither a local Station Manager or a local News Director. Not looking good.
  7. hoping for a slugfest. Good guys in green 17-14
  8. I was there too. Drove in 25 miles on ice to get there. I remember they introduced the Livingston team at the Friday night hockey game, the night before. We all kind of chuckled thinking they weren't going to be able to handle the cold the next day. But they did. I'm glad we'll be inside on Saturday
  9. Commit Zeke Ott playing right now in MN prep bowl for Caledonia. on Midco on Channel 595.
  10. Accuweather shows high in mid 20's on 12/3 Season tailgate passes will work as normal.
  11. Talked to a parent at the game. Shanks not dressing was for missing class, he thought that might be the reason for at least some of the others also, but wasnt sure. 72-33 UND with 12 minutes to go
  12. Including a full blown Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner in the Alerus parking lot...... doesn't get much better than that
  13. Saw this in the Grand Cities Mall - South Forks Plaza on Halloween evening. Building permit in the window said Stengl Graphics. Not sure if it's open yet or not, didn't appear to be ready on Oct. 31. Their version of the Hawks logo. story from July, 2016
  14. I absolutely hear what you're saying. But, my point is that an equal amount of folks with young kids would say similar things about a 4 pm or 7 pm start. There are probably just as many folks who don't want to get their kids home too late at night and may skip the late game. I also wonder what a 4 or 7 pm start on a beautiful fall day would do for the UND student attendance. But, I'm probably in a different situation having attended my first UND football games in the early 60's. 4 pm is almost time for the early bird supper specials and 7 pm is almost bedtime.
  15. I don't think the start time will affect tailgating in any way. You could have midnight games and the same folks will be out there hours before. If you want to tailgate, you find a way to make it. I bet most folks that currently come 30 to 90 minutes before a 1 pm start will still do that for a 2:30, 4:00 or 7 pm game. Any people that can't make 1:00 pm games due to work or other conflicts will be offset by people working later in the day or having evening conflicts and being unable to make a 4 pm or 7 pm game. For 15 years, I have about a 5 hour round trip for games and I preferred the early start. I did miss an evening games over that time, not wanting to stay over or get home past midnight. I think the worst thing UND can do is have 3 different start times for the 5 or 6 home games in a season. Like Bubba, I prefer Saturday afternoon football