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  1. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Expect Jackson Kunz to skate for Shattuck St Mary’s if he doesn’t make the Greenbay Gamblers roster.
  2. Prospective Sioux Recruits

    UND vs Michigan in Nashville. Details are being finalized now.
  3. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Confirmed that he did not make the team (as of today, could change if more back outs). The thought is he will either return to RR or play in the USHL next year. USHL draft is in early May.
  4. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    There’s gotta be no way Berry doesn’t bring in both JBD & JT now right?
  5. Sandy?

    I’ve heard he is still very interested and would take the alma matter discount to come back.
  6. Early Departures 2018

    Achan isn’t leaving to go play in the ECHL. Schuldt is their only risk.
  7. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Blais had 1 scholarship left and picked Brian Canady over Grant. Bad decision looking back. And not smart with Ryan coming up. Grant committed while Ryan was a Freshman at RR. Irmen would have still been at Fargo North that year. Ryan personally told me that he and Danny would have both came to UND if Grant would have came here.
  8. Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Article said he was interested in UW, UMD, and UND. 14 yrs old
  9. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Has anyone heard the story on Kunz from NTDP camp? I realize he could still end up there if players decline, but would he go USHL route this year if no invite?
  10. Early Departures 2018

    think he got fired from there. Working at the Herald now.
  11. Early Departures 2018

    Agreed - he's also a 'true' freshman this year even though he is a sophomore. He accelerated his SR year of HS.
  12. Early Departures 2018

    I would guess Schuldt, Borgen, Gambrell, Terry, Borgstrom. Never know with Poehling being drafted by the Canadiens.
  13. Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Cole Shepard making his playoff debut for Penticton. 16 yr old who was taken in the 2nd round of WHL Draft but has has left NCAA options open, including UND.
  14. University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    I believe we need to cut loose a couple current players prior to next year. In the past we prided ourself on our 3rd - 4th line role players (Kaip, Prpich, Hextall, Gaarder, Pattyn, Rowney, etc, etc). Our ability to find those role players set us apart from our rivals. But now we have an over abundance of average 3rd - 4th line guys. I’d love to see Berry change that this summer. Yes it’s not a good luck to pull scholarships but after this past season and the recruiting class at forward coming in, that 3rd and 4th line is getting awefuly crowded with 4th & 5th line guys IMO.
  15. University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    LOL good try there bud.