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  1. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Well I guess there are enough "pompous a-holes" to fill a section of seats the students gave up with more wanting tickets on a waiting list. And that one section will generate just about as much revenue as the UND football program will generate in ticket revenue for the entire season.Like it or not, NDSU football is like UND hockey. There are NDSU football fans that are UND hockey fans, always have been, and there are a growing number of UND hockey fans that are becoming NDSU football fans, I work with several UND fans that back in the 1990's and early 2000's followed and went to UND FB games. They don't care about UND FB anymore, They actually follow NDSU now and have gone to some games and are regular tailgaiters when they can't get tickets.
  2. 2019 UND Recruiting

    Maybe Bubba needs a better recruiting coordinator than Gundy1124...
  3. 2019 UND Recruiting

    Actually you said these two kids are too slow and have no chance to play LB at the FCS level. I would say 15 FCS coaches in one case and in the other just as many FCS, FBS and even a couple of P5 schools disagree with you. Even your head coach would disagree with you. I would take their talent evaluation skills over yours.
  4. 2019 UND Recruiting

    Well I stand corrected. I guess Klieman and his staff don't have a clue what they are doing. But I guess these kids have a lot of schools and staffs fooled, even the Almighty Bubba, so I guess they shouldn't feel too bad.
  5. 2019 UND Recruiting

    Nick DeLuca runs a 4.8. He wasn't too bad of a college linebacker. Do you think he played effectively at the FCS level? Probably could have played at a lot of P5 schools and very well may make an NFL roster this season. But I guess he wouldn't have been good enough to play UND. You need to react quickly to your reads and be quick to the ball to play LB. You don't really need great straight line speed.
  6. UND Budget Cuts

    I saw the Tom Miller article about the feud. Does the REA really get 52% of the ticket revenue for football games at the Alerus?
  7. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Yep, you will. Because Bubba knows more about evaluating talent than any sports writers, scouting services or any other college coaches in the country. Just look at his D1 track record. While you are right, these lists and services are not always right and kids are missed, but when you are relying on almost all other D1 coaches to miss on 90% of your recruits, you may not be recruiting and getting the best talent.
  8. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Yes, anything is possible. Anybody can beat anybody on any given Saturday, but if you go 8-0 in the MVFC you are championship caliber team. People have been predicting an NDSU downfall for 5 years now. i wouldn't count on it.
  9. Non-UND FCS Thread

    So you think if UND were going into the MVFC next season they would be competing for a conference championship? Perhaps even running the table and going 8-0 like they did in 2016 in the BSC? BSC = MVFC in your mind top to bottom? You really think that?
  10. UND (4-9, 0-2) @ Montana (9-5, 2-0) 1/4 8 PM

    He said he needs to do a better job of installing and making sure his players know the game plan. He said it was on him to make sure that happens.
  11. UND (4-9, 0-2) @ Montana (9-5, 2-0) 1/4 8 PM

    Who will Jones blame tonight? The kids for going rogue on defense again like after the Bison game? The assitant coaches? The basketball ops guys for bad travel arrangements? Only one guy is safe, and that is himself. He is never the reason. I hate it when coaches blame the players publically for losing. Any coach, I don't care if they coach for my team or anybody elses team. It tells you a lot about the coach.
  12. UND (4-9, 0-2) @ Montana (9-5, 2-0) 1/4 8 PM

    For UND fans I truly hope the new AD makes a move on Jones. If I were a fan of the rest of the Summit I would hope they keep him. I was happy for Hooker that he got to experience the NCAA tournament last year, he is a really good kid that I wish would have picked NDSU, but I am afraid it bought Jones a few more years. As much as I would like to have him keep coaching there as a Bison fan, I hope he doesn't get renewed. He doesn't deserve it.
  13. UND (4-9, 0-2) @ Montana (9-5, 2-0) 1/4 8 PM

    Who got kicked off the team then invited back. I must have missed something.
  14. UND (4-9, 0-2) @ Montana (9-5, 2-0) 1/4 8 PM

    If you think Jones is a better coach than Richman you are the idiot. You had Coach Hooker last year. He made up for lack of coaching by Jones by leading the team on the floor. You don't have a Hooker this year. The other players received the leadership and direction from Hooker last year that offset the imcompetance of the head coach. Daum is a good player thatmay just get a little bit of favorable treatment from the refs. He would have scored 50 on Jones team if he had to. But the lack of defense on EVERYBODY that night made it unneccessary for him to score more than the 25 or so he had. I believe Tom Miller tweeted in the first half of that game Daum may get 50.
  15. UND (4-9, 0-2) @ Montana (9-5, 2-0) 1/4 8 PM

    I would guess there is a contract extension for Coach Jones in the near future. They have no money for coaches outside the hockey program. They know they can't hire a competent D1 coach for $100,000/year, so they will keep him until he gets an offer to move on. Good luck.