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  1. Gameday vs Da Griz

    Because a good chunk of their recruits had just one D1 offer? Sometimes you get lucky with someone like Santiago, but most of the time there is a reason they have just one.
  2. Non-UND FCS Thread

    A good chunk of NDSU commits have FBS offers. Unless a Power 5 school offers, I would guess he stays with NDSU.
  3. 2017 Season

    I think that is a great idea. Give the kid you think could be a star 2 or 3 chances, then when he doesn't want to put in the work, make exceptions so he doesn't have to. If this was the 3rd string linebacker, everyone would be saying cut him loose. Beleive it or not, he isn't the first D-1 athlete to have a kid while he was playing. If he has really not been working out with the rest of the players this summer and there are no consequeces for it after giving him another chance, Bubba isn't running the tight ship everybody talks about him running.
  4. Moo U diaries

    The NDSU grad making the cuts will write out a check to take care of NDSU's budget problems...
  5. Moo U diaries

    You like to say the gap has closed. Bubba has been there 3 years, You should still be very concerned about the comment made by the Head FB Coach at Hankinson. He was quoted in the paper as saying what kid that plays football in ND doesn't dream of playing for the Bison. He didn't say playing D1 football, he said playing for the Bison. The fact that Bubba has still not beaten NDSU for a ND kid is indicative that the gap is still there and still large.
  6. Moo U diaries

    NDSU is loaded at DE and has some excellent DE's coming in with the 2017 class, including the top DE in MN in most peoples eyes in Tanner Sundt, along with the best player in Wyoming who is also a DE. They obviously think the DE's they have coming in are better than Ott. We will eventually be able to see on the field. That is if NDSU is still in the MVFC by 2020. My theory is NDSU pushed for UND to get into the MVFC because the Summit really needed a 10th team and UND wouldn't/couldn't go without the MVFC invite. NDSU has no intention of being in the MVFC in 2020. They will announce either a new stadium or they will expand seating at the Fargodome by enclosing the corners to make it a bowl, increasing capacity to 26,000 to 30,000 to make an FBS move to the MWC in football only.
  7. 2017 Season

    DeLuca is very good in the pass game covering backs an te's, but yes they do need help at corner. You act like JMU blew out NDSU. It was pretty close. If they had contained the JMU back it would have been a toss up game. The JMU QB biggest pass plays came on scrambles when he escaped pressure and heaved up a couple of bombs that were caught. On a side note, did anybody catch the ESPN announcers say the JMU secondary was the best in the FCS? They obviously hadn't watched the UND secondary had they?
  8. 2017 Season

    Actually he was needed. They would likely be playing this weekend if DeLuca hadn't gotten hurt. He played as a true freshman, therefore next year is his 5th year and he gets his hardship year. You could tell in the Iowa game he could barely lift his arm because of the pain. He is actually better than most FCS linebackers with one arm though, so if they didn't think there was a very good chance of him getting another year, he probably would have played through the pain.
  9. Coach Jones?

    Walthall makes about the same as Jones makes now and he is in D2. UND would have to open up the check book for Walthall. What makes you think the Big Sky is getting stronger? Right now the Big Sky has 5 of the worst 20 teams in D1 basketball. With the talent UND has on their roster, not even Jones can keep UND from at least having a 500 conference record and making the Big Sky tournament, which will be enough for Jones to keep his job, maybe get another extension at $100,000/year. Faison is a little strapped for cash right now, and he knows he will have to double the coaches salaries if he gets rid of Jones and his staff. He is looking for ways to cut to pay for Bubba and his assistants raises.
  10. Best Chance To Play In NFL

    I would be surprised if Reyes gets drafted. He is a very good FCS Safety, but I am not sure if he is an NFL caliber safety. Heagle for NDSU was an exceptional tackler and extremely hard hitter a couple of years ago, and he had a tryout or two but didn't stick on. I am not sure Reyes is better than Heagle. It may just take the right opportunity though, he may get that chance. I am not sure either (Reyes or Heagle) defends the pass well enough to make it in the NFL. Run stopping safeties are not a huge commodity in the NFL. Coe has a chance to get drafted. Did I hear he has an invite to an all star game? If so, if he shows well there he should get a shot. I personally think he has a better shot than Zach Johnson of NDSU.
  11. UND su game 2

    Funny, I was listening to your radio announcer, Paul Ralston, who basically said UND had it coming when the malee broke out because of how UND acted in Fargo. He said they shouldn't dish it out if they aren't perpared to take it when it comes back around. On a side note, I wonder when his suspension without pay starts?
  12. UND su game 2

    What about the dunk with 5 seconds to go by UND in Fargo? That was classy? 2 years ago in Fargo when UND was getting blown out, an NDSU bench warmer threw up a shot with 4 Seconds left in the game because the shot clock was going to go off and Jones threw a temper tantrem in the hand shake line with Richman. You keep supporting the "classy" Mr. Jones and you will be seeing teams year after year of above aveage talant and very dissapointing results. I will take Richman with average talent over Jones with superior talant every year.
  13. 2017 UND Recruiting

    Again nobody is saying NDSU wasn't interested in JJ. What I have heard and I beleive even Siouxfootball Insider has mentioned is Klieman told him they didn't have any RB scholly money this year, but could have some in the future. (they have 4 or 5 in the program that will be back next year and already have a commitment from a very promising back from Wisconsin. JJ mentioned he talked to both programs and felt Bubba wanted him more, as evidenced by his scholly offer and being in his living room Sunday. I am not saying he would have picked NDSU if offers were the same, he very likely still would have gone to UND. But obviously in his situation, UND wanted him more, and I think he made the best decision for himself. Would you prefer NDSU coaches pull offers to commits or yank scholarships from kids in the program to take a transfer just because he is a local kid?
  14. 2017 UND Recruiting

    I am not saying NDSU didn't want him or wouldn't tale him, but lets not get crazy. The kid is talented but the only reason that he is transferring is that he is apparently not good enough to see the field at the U or Minn. He is at least 4 or 5 on the RB depth chart there. He will not be a program changer at RB at either NDSU or UND, He will be a part of the rotation.
  15. 2017 UND Recruiting

    I am not saying NDSU didn't want him. I think he is needed more on both teams at a position other than RB though. He is obviously a talented athlete. There is obviously a reason he chose UND orver other schools. Maybe he liked the coaches better, maybe for a specific major, maybe he saw a better chance of seeing the field sooner one place over the other, we may never know and it really doesn't matter.