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  1. Have to schedule around hockey. That's how us out of towners hit up both games on the same Saturday.
  2. Nice to see the E. Washington game at 1 central. Thats 11am Pacific. Might be a bit of an advantage... probably not.
  3. Just call it the.... NCC.
  4. Other then Golf's status, this should be it.
  5. New link:
  6. That is a good thing.
  7. Hopefully it works. No worries.
  8. That should switch from weather to the live stream when the time comes I would think.
  9. Very likely the WCHA knew.
  10. WDAY'Z Xtra
  11. Its interesting how these things go down... There are a group of people who make the decision. Once the decision is made, do you schedule a press conference and announce it to everyone at the same time and risk it being leaked by someone involved in the process (whether internally or externally)? Or do you tell select people ahead of time and not be forthcoming to the rest until the press conference? In the latter scenario, you can prevent Brad from tweeting that UND has a recruit on a visit right now because the coach wouldn't schedule something like that if he knew the program would be cut. But all of those signs will just cause the rumor mill to go nuts and there is a way high likelihood of leaks. If you schedule everything to come out at a press conference and let everyone go about business as usual until that time, people complain about the optics. Its a lose lose situation.
  12. At some point here wouldn't it make sense for all the MVFC teams to align the rest of their sports together and form an all sports conference?
  13. I would think with the Aces folding up shop, UAA would benefit.
  14. Pretty cool the announcer knew that Moody is coming in next year. Must have done some research.
  15. Voicemail is full haha