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  1. Here maybe, but not GPL, where it would have to be a small offense.
  2. If true, some success would only be fair, after the B1G teams have played D3 level hockey since its inception. Any fanbase that has had to suffer through that embarrassment deserves some success.
  3. Thanks, that was an interesting read. Some stats stood out. Ken Dryden's career record: 76-4-1. Jimmy Howard's '04 save %: 956. Wow.
  4. It would be interesting to correlate the expanding goalie pads with save percentage and GPG stats. Also, I wonder how Johnson's 250 plus career points compares with scoring leaders from other programs during that era?
  5. If you go back to 1990, some of those Greg Johnson era teams had some superior firepower: Dixon Ward, Gary Valk, Jeff McLean, Russ Romaniuk, Lee Davidson, Neil Eisenhut, Brad Bombadir, Russ Parent, Justin Duberman, HAK. They just didn't have the whole game.
  6. He played with two greats, but nobody could flip a card into the hat from his office chair like Duncan.
  7. I really don't think we have a chance next year. Our D is the gift that keeps on giving; we can't play 60 minutes to save our souls; what 1st rounders we have don't show up when it counts; the PP scores fewer goals than the PK; MICHIGAN STATE??; and Katie never gets that friggin hair dangle out of her face. I'll probably still watch the games, but don't expect me to get too excited about it. Staying away from Netflix this summer so I have a big supply built up.
  8. And all those factors mean different things to different candidates. Definitely not just about money.
  9. Michigan has to be an easy place to recruit to if you have the hockey program in shape. And a lot of supply, with the development program right there and all of Michigan and much of Ontario within a day's drive.
  10. At a wedding reception in Des Moines. Score?
  11. You always want to keep someone like Boeser or Jost, but there is something I like about having a team full of talented, committed (experienced) players who feel they have to do it without a number one draft pick there to score the big goals and make the big stops.
  12. Thought Greg Page could put a new ATO house on every block.
  13. Got it. You're right.
  14. I like Poganski, but as big and skilled as he is, he doesn't have close to the possession skills Boeser, Jost an Toews had. Kristo had pretty good possession skills too.
  15. What they appear to be lacking next year and have had for several years now is a possession player. Both Boeser and Jost fit that bill, but Gersich does not. Jost was on his way to being Toews-like in his ability to keep others off the puck.