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  1. I know we're supposed to be pizzed about UMD's style of play against us, but I'm pulling for them on this one.
  2. They might as well score as many as they can, it will be a different story for them tomorrow.
  3. Your bit became tiresome last year, gf. It's pathetic now.
  4. Good luck Brock. Thanks for a lot of great hockey for two years and for being key to bringing home #. Make us all proud in the big time.
  5. We need this one to stay inside the bubble.
  6. Hear! Hear!
  7. If you got my humor, snova, you'd have something to worry about.
  8. Do you dress extra guys for the NCAA? Not saying there's anything wrong with that--just asking.
  9. Per DaveK it was the last time the gophers' bus went through on the way to GF. It stopped at a Holiday station so the players could all pee. Nerves.
  10. He's coached at the D1 level and been successful. If he invested well, he may be financially secure. Under those circumstances, I can see why he might feel that way.
  11. In your best Jack Nicholson voice
  12. Is that you, Gornall?
  13. No chance. They knew who Anderson was, and Sandy is no dummy. They have the skill and experience to play the right way when they want/have to.
  14. Back when you cranked your telephone to use it
  15. yeah, but glass houses on the smell part, MM.