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  1. Students Spearhead Effort for Fighting Hawks Mascot

    Who cares, good for him.
  2. Jerseys

    Sorry but I dont want the new ones at Scheels or the Sioux Shop. Never have, never will. Moving on...................
  3. Jerseys

    If anyone is interested in trading for this for something let me know. I am interested in game worns as well.
  4. Jerseys

    I traded a number of things to my buddy for it. So actual $ none but still made a fair deal. What do you think its worth currently.
  5. Jerseys

    Upon getting it from my buddy and in my hands its definitely legit lol. Authentic and still has the tags on it. #winning
  6. Jerseys

    Got it from a buddy, if anyone wants to buy it let me know.
  7. Jerseys

  8. Jerseys

    Can someone confirm if this is a legit jersey, just wanted a few more sets of eyes to give me some input.Thanks!
  9. Early Departures 2018

    Ill say this he def did not look like the player of 2 seasons ago. He just didnt seem as into it this year and it was noticeable.
  10. Early Departures 2018

    El' Capitan
  11. Early Departures 2018

    No, cant blame the guy one bit.
  12. Early Departures 2018

    Jost was interviewed last week and claimed he made the right move. (Who knows if he actually was saying how he really felt)
  13. 2018 West Regional - Attendance

    Ugh, yep we got burned on this one. Gonna be out a couple hundo here....
  14. 4 Lower Bowl West Regional Tickets

  15. 4 Tickets in Lower bowl, 2 in 2nd row and 2 in 3rd row right behind each other. Text 701-360-0660