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  2. Are you able to protect free agents?
  3. Very Nice
  4. How is Rocco not cracking that lineup right now ?
  5. I would be interested in that book

  6. Im going to go with option E. (None of the above)
  7. Could certainly be something to it, can you elaborate a bit.
  8. Cant imagine he wont be in the lineup at this point.
  9. Thats all true but the Canucks probably dont care, he will be signing as soon as we are out ,all but a given.
  10. seats or SRO ?
  11. Anyone know how long the line was?
  12. My thoughts exactly and Ciskie fits the bill of the players mentality as well. Must be in the water up there.
  13. UND is currently 12-1 odds to win the whole shebang. Denver 3-1 fav followed by Duluth at 4-1
  14. Ill be right there with you guys.
  15. They only get told the section