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  1. NORTH DAKOTA @ St. Cloud State

    Yes, yea so would I. Not according to oddsmakers. We are almost 3/1 longshot to win. I did notice this was bet down to +155 now.
  2. NORTH DAKOTA @ St. Cloud State

    According to "Vegas" we are pretty heavy dogs tonight...+290 to be exact
  3. NORTH DAKOTA @ St. Cloud State

    Ok You are correct, sweet http://www.uscho.com/tv/#tv
  4. NORTH DAKOTA @ St. Cloud State

    Really? Where are you seeing this
  5. 2 available for Friday night at SCSU

    Anyone have 2 extra for Sat?

    Online Odds have Western as a +135 underdog, UND lays -175.
  7. UND Alumni Fantasy Team

    Jason Blake had some fine years at UND as well.
  8. NORTH DAKOTA @ Denver

    Actually this is the same lame stuff over and over each year, we drink alot and are hillbillies that travel to support our team. we got it the first time he wrote this, zzzzzz
  9. NORTH DAKOTA @ Denver

    I was just to the right of Nick, on the glass for this game. Amazing
  10. NORTH DAKOTA @ Denver

  11. NORTH DAKOTA @ Denver

    Directv has both nights on Altitude
  12. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Redhawks - SATURDAY Gameday

    Anyone else trying to watch the game on Directv Fox College Sports and not getting it?
  13. Hockey Pucks

    If anyone has interest in these let me know
  14. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Miami

    That might be pushin it
  15. NORTH DAKOTA @ Badgers - FRIDAY Gameday

    Badgers Open as small +105 dogs. UND fav at -145. Place your bets