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  1. Agree. I think its a part of hockey culture. Just like the discussion about how nervous Paul LaDue was before the 2016 Title game and people kept needling him. It's what you do. What I found most interesting was that before his original commitment to Wi, he described considering just MN, WI and MI. Fascinating, and I bet there are a fair number of smart kids who don't look farther than that.
  2. So what you're saying is they drew double the Big Ten (men's) final four average.
  3. Frequent visits to Siouxsports.com will stave off the end of civilization.
  4. The Wild have a much better chance of winning game 2. That's because most of St Louis' roster is in jail for stealing game 1.
  5. #gofundmepionkgopro
  6. DU up 3-1 8 minutes left
  7. Repainting his helmet green and yellow.
  8. Wouldn't want to risk crowd noise drowning out the Personalities.
  9. NHL is certainly already campaigning ... Recent statements by their higher ups included quite pointedly the fan polls (not sure how scientific those were) of USA and Canada fans, which showed majority against. If players leave anyway, certainly the NHL will play the card "giving the fans what they want".
  10. Link to the NHLPA response blasting the NHL: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C8hhxXkXoAESfYY.jpg
  11. Sure we could save women's hockey. It would just take 31,000 people donating $1,000 each to generate that $31,000,000 endowment noted above. But the harder part is finding funding for the corresponding men's sport so UND doesn't have Title IX issues. Double edged sword, that one is.
  12. Having been on the management side of layoffs, I agree with others who earlier point out how hard it is to send zero signals in advance. (Because if you send those signals, the grapevine goes bonkers and everyone stops working until you Tell.) I agree with multiple posters who have said UND's formal announcement needed a broader and deeper recap of (1) the problem - find a couple million while meeting the competitive needs of (1b) a new conference for most sports. (2) The options of cutting that size amount from budget were very limited, and all the other options had worse consequences: more reductions in participation, risk of failing conference minimums etc etc. The absence of those critically important facts is what allows the journalism covering to tell "what they heard", and UND allowed that by telling less than the full story in their formal announcement.
  13. If practice was cancelled for the day of the announcement, that would have been an enormous clue.
  14. So what I hear you saying is that NDSU should start women's hockey.
  15. I can't support all the items on the USA Women's National Team list. But its clear USA Hockey did some incredibly dumb things that got it to this point. Take that list of "incidental" things: fly business class, a companion can accompany you on trips, etc. They gave those to the men but not the women. So on the way back from Sochi, the men flew first class, but the women were in coach. Also glad to hear of late breaking news of an agreement. This too is best for long term progress of hockey in the USA.