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  1. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Minnesota

    One way to define a rivalry game is "which one you want the most". Here in 2017, the ones I want the most are actually vs Denver. ---------------------------------------- From a Pairwise standpoint, more like how a coach might view it, the 4 games vs Wisconsin and Minnesota will go a very long way to determine NCAA/Pairwise rankings. Arguably the most important 4 games of the regular season.
  2. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    free webcast of Minnesota State at BU. https://watchstadium.com/live/minnesota-state-at-boston-university/ Caution: BU announcers.
  3. 2017-2018 NHL Season

    Las Vegas season opener tonight. They are introducing Real Heroes (firefighters, paramedics, police who served on 1 October) alongside the players. Well done, Vegas. Well done.
  4. NORTH DAKOTA vs. St Lawrence

    Anything less is ... um ... something. Underexceptable. No. Nonexceptional. Dang, no. Intersectional. Argh. UNACCEPTABLE!

    For the first time in ... oh, FOREVER, I find myself admiring the UAA coach and thinking "he's got it together".

    Both Gersich and me.
  7. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Looiks like about 4000 in Madison for the conference opener. If you can't get people to show up for long time and bitter rivals Ohio State, you're in trouble for the rest of the year. Especially since Ohio State just beat Wisconsin 3-2.
  8. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    Everything is for sale ... for the right price. Methinks FSN translated falling viewers into a smaller bid. That in turn, was denied by the home teams. Boo hoo.
  9. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    So, really that means ESPN will show 3 NCHC games > 2 B1G games ...
  10. Gameday vs USD

    I like our strategy here .... give them the insurmountable lead QUICKLY, so we have more time for the inconceivable comeback.
  11. 2017 Season

    xfinity subscriber ... no additional charge
  12. 2017 Season

    ESPN3 has the UND - Ole Miss match ... now 14-14 in the 5th.
  13. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    If it were me ... I would go for the better hockey series. Sightseeing is hard to recommend because so much is personal preference. What do you love to do? From Denver, I might just drive up into the mountains on Saturday morning and have breakfast in Breckenridge or Frisco. In Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods is a great place to spend a couple hours walking in an other worldly setting; the Olympic Training Center is something different and interesting, the Pikes Peak Railway is also something you just don't get to see in the flatlands. If your schedule allows it, add a day or two.
  14. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    In a related story, the University of Minnesota announced a sell-out crowd of 10,200 for the press conference.
  15. NCHC Frozen Faceoff - Xcel Energy Center

    Seems like there should be some way to have the NCHC at the X and the Summit League tournament at Target Center.