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  1. throw that thing away!
  2. 1. again, he's not a university employee so his opinions are his. you want him to tow the company line by UND 2. You handle the situations exactly the opposite from what happened. Get way out in front of it, inform those affected well in advance of any possible leak. This is a PR nightmare that is on a national level. UND looks like a joke from this, baseball, and the nickname. The reputation of the university is damaged and handling things like they did today shows what a joke they are. also, how do the small schools like UMD, Bemidji, etc.. have women's hockey and UND doesn't? If you want to be big time, you find a way to keep things like womens hockey.
  3. 1. who cares what account he uses, he's not a UND employee so you're saying the Herald cannot criticize UND? 2. his criticism is mainly how the situations were being handled by USA Hockey and UND. Both handled them in a bush league manner which is indefensible.
  4. because his opinion differs from yours maybe?
  5. who cares if the ice is out, cutting women's hockey is just another example of UND showing it's a small-time operation. Move back down to DII or III then.
  6. Chicago or Nashville would be cool. Hopefully the boys will scratch Chicago off the list this year.
  7. UND made a safe, calculated business decision with the info they had at the time it was set up. I can't fault them for that.
  8. Would be weird to see him play on NHL Network before really seeing him in action for UND at this point.
  9. brutal. You have to start Tomek, no?
  10. poor Huska. don't put in Tomek now!
  11. those suck but are actually better than what i'm seeing in the stands this season.
  12. Is it me or are there more ugly counterfeit UND jerseys out there being worn at games than ever before? I've been to NYC, Duluth, St.Cloud, Minnesota, and 2 home series this season and can't remember this much infiltration of ugly ass sweaters being worn by UND fans. These jerseys are god awful and have wrong fonts, size of fonts, color of jersey, etc.... homely!!!! who's selling these and were are these fans getting these absolutely ugly, trashy jerseys?