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  1. 2017 Season

    Unless the coaches decide not to start him again - While it started out as just having an injury plagued year, coaching weaknesses are now being exposed. How many coaches around the league could do a better job with the starters we have on offense than we do? Getting fed up with Bubba's stubbornness and poor judgement.
  2. Gameday vs Da Griz

    I think this is a huge insight into the coaches weaknesses - a stubborn refusal to change or deal with anything that is even a bit outside of their philosophy. This is turning into a dumpster fire. I hope someone in the media has the guts to ask Bubba directly wtf is going on.
  3. Gameday vs Da Griz

    It's on the coaches that we have no one ready to go -
  4. Gameday vs Da Griz

    This situation could have been mitigated by better quarterback recruiting and grooming. Studs is a senior and we have no experience behind him.
  5. I'm not giving up at all and know we will be a much better team come March I still think that one or two proven goal scorers are needed for this team. So far we have looked just slightly better than two of the below average teams in the country. And that power play ...absolutely no excuse especially when it is year after year. It's almost like they practice playing with the puck and teeing it up on the outside.
  6. I said "some studs". I am not pushing for a BU approach, but think about what Boesser added to our championship team. How would they have done without him? We need some guys who can put the puck in the net. Lots of other teams brought in some, not just BU.
  7. And enough trying to skate through people with the puck.
  8. We did not look good - Scoring by committee only works if you have people on the committee that can actually score. We need to recruit some high-end studs and turn them loose. Other teams get them - absolutely no reason we should have a whole team of grinders. I'm not seeing much improvement from our returning skaters.
  9. COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    We need some finishers in this group.
  10. 2017 Season

    Fickle fan base my butt - this season has turned into a dumpster fire. Bubba had several selling points when he got the job - let's see how he's doing 1. Change the culture - no sideline dancing but other than that this is the second serious incident this year and the team is playing soft 2. Recruit players to play "Bubba Ball" - In the world of smash face football our faces are the ones getting smashed - injuries are a part, but see item one about playing soft 3. No more humiliations - some of the worst beatings and pathetic halves of football I have ever seen have taken place starting with last year's playoff game. 4. Be competitive with the school to the south - years away 5. Improve the game day experience and attendance - this year started well - let's see how long it lasts Bubba has some work to do - he is still basking in the glow of what the good old boys portrayed him as and being and also being not Mussman, but as they said in the movie The Hustler - "Time to shoot pool, Fast Eddy".
  11. What the hell is going on?

    What in the hell is it - nothing frustrates me more than hinting at something (I know something really big, but can't share with you) and not saying what it is. Either say what is happening or don't start the thread.
  12. Injuries

    Bubba's weakness is inflexibility - if you want to play smash-face football you need to insure that it is not your face getting smashed. I understand the injury situation, but am not real pleased with the coaches response to it.
  13. I absolutely don't agree with this - and recent events at the U confirm this - They have fired or forced out almost anyone with any institutional memory. I can't be convinced that there isn't some ulterior motive in this. It's their nature.
  14. 2017 Season

    My expectations have been adjusted too. Right now I am just hoping for respectability. Although the number of injuries are ridiculous, in my head at least, each successive recruiting class was getting bigger, stronger, and faster. I'm not sure that is the case. In any case, we need to stop the total lack of discipline and crap the bed play we have seen the last two weeks and start to look like a football team again, regardless of who is playing. I'm worried that one chink in the Bubba Ball mentality is that the coaches are inflexible - a square peg, round hole mentality. We need some serious adjustments according to who is healthy. We can't continue to try pound a 185 pound running back up the middle behind a line that gets no push. Even though the playoffs may be out, this stretch will have serious implications as to the respect our program gets and for keeping the continued goodwill and support of the fans. Time for the coaches to earn their keep.