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  1. Given the talent level of some of our competitors, time to hit the trail hard and come back with some studs.
  2. I'd love to hear some great news from the recruiting trail.
  3. You understand that we are getting the Grand Forks Forum now, don't you.
  4. I would really appreciate more discussion on the Power Play (or lack thereof) - It's been killing us for years. What gives with all of the P****** around out front and no sharp passing?
  5. An interesting analysis - I certainly buy into your premise that our PP has under performed for years, especially given our talent, and has cost us when playing better teams or in tournaments. I'm not sure I buy your conclusion, however. In watching our power play you see very little bing bing passing for goals and very few back doors. What you see is endless passing around the perimeter - and not crisp passing either. Players spend a lot of time stick handling or teeing up the puck which allows the defense to cover easily and often results in a shot into someones pads or losing the zone when pressed. Goals we do score are often shots that somehow make it through from the perimeter. Last year, for example, we had guys with mad passing skills. Why we continue to P*** around with the puck out front is a mystery.
  6. Many fans went to the Women's game and stayed for just part of the men. They played exciting basketball and drew fun crowds/
  7. How about investing in an offense that doesn't run that double reverse?
  8. If women played a version of football (flag for example) you can bet that the support across the country would be about the same as for women's hockey.
  9. And many more - I just ran out of brain power after two.
  10. I really hate to see him go early, but positive endorsements by NHL Stars such as Parise, Toews, and soon Boeser and Jost do a lot for UND Hockey.
  11. I have to admit I am really not used to rebuilding seasons - I have said before (to much criticism) that I thought we had a couple of misfire recruiting years (stars aside). For example, what if instead of Wilke we got another forward with comparable scoring stats and potential who improved in college and became a stud? Whole new ballgame.
  12. I'll have what you're smokiing
  13. But track, swimming etc don't cost north of 1.5 million
  14. Sadly, Women's Hockey is not a flagship anything/