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  1. Dennis Cholowski and the Poehlings - not sure if we offered, but they have had first rounders this year and last. - I'm just not seeing the studs, especially after 3 straight Frozen Four appearances capped off by a National Title.
  2. I hope they do - with Jost gone from last years class, if you look at last year, this year, and next year there is not a lot of high-end talent coming in - not like we are used to. BU will always get some (although they are getting such an outsized lot for the last several years), but it is hard to see Penn State, Minnesota Duluth, and St. Clown take it to us with some recruits. I wish I knew more about what is going on? Have we missed on several high enders or is this our new strategy?
  3. Done - took less than a few minutes - good luck
  4. Here's one of my problems - early starts work perfect for me - 2:00 would be great - however I can't make later or evening games. When I went to get season tickets I could not get any game times and was told that would be out much later. The result - no season tickets for me - I am not buying tickets if I can't use them. They didn't seem to care much.
  5. True - it seems to me that it is really hard to get an understanding of our recruiting - (I know it's not meant for me to understand, but I am bored with the off-season) - I often have no idea who we are looking at or who we are offering. Is Denver out doing us? Maybe because things happen at such a young age I will never know, but I was hoping for someone in the know to chip in some knowledge, insight, even gossip.
  6. What's going on in UND recruiting? - not necessarily criticizing, but wondering if there has been a change of focus or philosophy. It seems that many other lesser programs are hauling in some great talent. Are we satisfied that our Vees connection provides us most of what we need? Maybe everything is the same, but I have a hard time seeing "behind the curtain". I admit, I am a huge homer and want us to re-assert our dominance of the 80's and 90's. I really don't want to be second fiddle like to BC or now, perhaps Denver. Any comments with recruiting insight would be appreciated. Also, its the doldrums and I could really use some hockey talk.
  7. I'm blaming spell check
  8. I, too, hate being second fiddle - I want us to be the dominate program of this era. That shouldn't be too much to ask.
  9. Nice job coaches - I really want to load up now. Keep it going with Rizzo.
  10. Given the talent level of some of our competitors, time to hit the trail hard and come back with some studs.
  11. I'd love to hear some great news from the recruiting trail.
  12. You understand that we are getting the Grand Forks Forum now, don't you.
  13. I would really appreciate more discussion on the Power Play (or lack thereof) - It's been killing us for years. What gives with all of the P****** around out front and no sharp passing?
  14. An interesting analysis - I certainly buy into your premise that our PP has under performed for years, especially given our talent, and has cost us when playing better teams or in tournaments. I'm not sure I buy your conclusion, however. In watching our power play you see very little bing bing passing for goals and very few back doors. What you see is endless passing around the perimeter - and not crisp passing either. Players spend a lot of time stick handling or teeing up the puck which allows the defense to cover easily and often results in a shot into someones pads or losing the zone when pressed. Goals we do score are often shots that somehow make it through from the perimeter. Last year, for example, we had guys with mad passing skills. Why we continue to P*** around with the puck out front is a mystery.
  15. Many fans went to the Women's game and stayed for just part of the men. They played exciting basketball and drew fun crowds/