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  1. Are we supposed to guess which ones they are?
  2. Tired of the gimmicky outdoor games. Play at the X if you're playing in Minny. Don't have to worry about ice conditions or site lines. Want higher attendance? Play a couple games.
  3. You know it!
  4. Another Brad story on Women's Hockey? That's more than when we had a team...
  5. Anything as generic and bland as the "little white dove" is easy to ignore.
  6. Well he's certainly no Adam West.
  7. Actually most are ignoring it altogether.
  8. There's a pic of him in the "Fight on Fighting Sioux" book on the 81-82 team and he is number 15.
  9. I think he was 21 his first year then switched to 15...just guessing.
  10. Still think they should have went after Tampax for their sponsor.
  11. Thank you sir!!
  12. Having a tough time with the google tonight...I need the help of some of the Old School guys...What was Jim Archibald's number while at UND? I believe he had 2, and I'm thinking 15 and 21 but cannot find any pics confirming either.
  13. Actually it's an improvement on that horrible jersey....maybe they could make the patches out of Post It Notes.:)
  14. Could be BM.....
  15. ...and Bartolo would eat that sandwich!
  16. Not sure, but he's definitely ROUND.
  17. My Gofer source says if they don't at least make the Frozen 4 this year, Lucia will definitely be on the hot seat. They have a good core coming back plus it's rumored Mittlestadt finally did a pull-up with only minimal help. That and the F4 is in St Paul this year will make things interesting.
  18. So, about the same age as former Gofer goalie, Sieve Debus? (sorry, I meant STeve)
  19. Or just quit feeding this troll...
  20. Wow...those things look awful. The white gloves are bad too.
  21. Not Matt "Guitar" Murray....:)
  22. That's the only way the Cup comes to the Twin Cities!
  23. Were you wearing your glasses at the time?
  24. I like this one as well....
  25. Pretty sure they spotted him the first two.