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  1. I feel a punch bowl pic coming on ....
  2. ...and 12 of the 14 were on their school's Swim and DIVE team.
  3. Yeah, the thing about the Pen's goalie situation is, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....don't care. #davek83
  4. Well to be fair to Duluth, all their fans were at Scheels...its just that the ticket allotment (400?) greatly exceeds the actual number of Bulldog fans.
  5. And they were surprised to learn that the Gofers weren't playing.
  6. DaveK doesn't care either way...he's got everyone talking about the Pens, good, bad, or otherwise it doesn't matter as long as everybody's focused on his shi++y team.
  7. You tell'em DaveK!
  8. Thank you...I'm here all week.
  9. Mariucci Arena will be changed to Tampax Arena as the Gofers are typically only good for one period.
  10. Minnesota is moving to D1? Cool!
  11. Apparently he doesn't care about the quality of the banter.
  12. How did we end up getting him to UND?
  13. They probably couldn't afford him.
  14. Interesting...I use the Roku and am fine with the delay as it very rarely will buffer. However, if they can improve the delay, it would be much better as I get a lot of text messages throughout the game from friends and family with updates on things I have not seen yet.
  15. Loved the batting practice they threw in the 9th. Boston was only able to add 10 runs before Twins pitching shut them down.
  16. How many teams have some version of Hawks as a nickname? They couldn't have selected a more generic name. Oh wait...we'll put the word 'Fighting' in front of it and then we are good to go.
  17. I'm not so sure you are really looking for "open discourse"....With or without a pseudonym.
  18. As soon as you change your name to FrenchFryGuy81.
  19. you're saying they are Olympians?
  20. Correction, at NDSU they have 'wrasslin'.
  21. So which UND president were you referring to?
  22. are you referring to Kennedy?
  23. You know they are on the practice field now, right?
  24. Me too, and.....SQUIRREL!