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  1. We're getting closer!!! Golden Knights expecting active trade market
  2. I think you can rule out B (Ben Bishop), and I think you can rule out C (reasons below) and I honestly think you can rule out D. I don't see how the Penguins will be able to keep both Fleury and Murray, and I think Murray is the clear choice for them for many reasons (mainly age and current contract). It's going to be really interesting to see how Rutherford handles this after the playoffs. Because of Fleury's modified NTC he'd have to protect him in the expansion draft. That'd mean that he would/could lose Murray to Vegas and get nothing in return. He could also negotiate with Vegas to not take Murray, and then give them some other kind of compensation instead, but again he's losing an asset (or assets) for nothing - or more realistically to keep both Fleury and Murray. I think what we'll see is that it's going to be in the Penguins best interests to work a trade for Fleury and get something in return, therefore allowing them to protect Murray. To do this, Fleury would have to list 18 teams that he can be traded to. That means that he could rule out someone like Calgary if he didn't want to play there. The only way Vegas would get Fleury is if he OK'd it, and Vegas was on his "18 team list" (cause they can't select him in the expansion draft). Heck, maybe that's what happens - Fleury OK's to waive the NTC (or puts Vegas on his list) and Vegas does end up with him. I'm guessing that Rutherford works a deal to trade Fleury to another team before the expansion draft to get assets in return and protects Murray. In that case, I'll go with Option A, E, F or G above, and probably cross off G as they won't want him in the same division, leaving us with A, E or F.
  3. LOL!!! The interesting thing is...as it stands they HAVE to protect Fleury because he has a NTC, which means they can't protect Murray. So, it's really going to piss off RooseDave whey they take extra measures to trade Fleury (or however they manage it) to make sure they can protect Murray, cause there's no way they want to lose him...and there's no question that if he's left unprotected that Vegas will take him.
  4. The real question is how strong is Dav...errr..Roosevelt's man-crush on Fleury compared to his love for his favorite team? When the Penguins have to trade Fleury so they can protect Murray in the expansion draft, will his Fleury love trump his Penguins love and he'll now be a fan of the new team that Fleury ends up on? Or will he still be a Penguins fan all the while hating Murray and Sullivan and I suppose by that time Jim Rutherford as well?
  5. But who is this DaveK that you speak of? I couldn't find any posts by anyone named DaveK!
  6. Turris and Karlsson with 1 point each. May 24th update (please verify): 83 - Shawn-O Turris, Karlsson 82 - Engineer Crosby, Kessel, Guentzel, Schultz 82 - KoolGuy2K Crosby, Karlsson 74 - Ray77 73 - George M. Bluth Crosby 71 - The Sicatoka Kessel, Schultz 68 - sioux rube Crosby 68 - stoneySIOUX Crosby, Schultz 47 - 90siouxfan 23 - siouxforcefans
  7. Ahem...*cough cough* ANA 4 5 6 7 7 6 5 4 NASH The Sicatoka had Anaheim in 7...he was off by 2 plus had the wrong team, so he picks up 4 strokes. Ray77 had Nashville in 7...he was off by 1 with the correct team, so he picks up 1 stroke. The Sicatoka now leads Ray77 42 to 44. We both had Pittsburgh in 6, so no matter what happens we'll gain the same amount of strokes...so going into the Finals it's going to be a 2 stroke difference.
  8. Eaves, Getzlaff, Kesler, Perry and Fowler knocked out last night. Below is today's update, with players remaining. If the Penguins knock out the Senators tonight, Engineer is our winner. All bets are off if the Senators can force a Game 7 and possibly win the series - then we'll have a race on our hands between KoolGuy2K and Shawn-O (advantage Shawn-O), with Engineer most likely taking 3rd. May 23rd update (please verify): 82 - Engineer Crosby, Kessel, Guentzel, Schultz 81- KoolGuy2K Crosby, Karlsson 81 - Shawn-O Turris, Karlsson 74 - Ray77 73 - George M. Bluth Crosby 71 - The Sicatoka Kessel, Schultz 68 - sioux rube Crosby 68 - stoneySIOUX Crosby, Schultz 47 - 90siouxfan 23 - siouxforcefans
  9. What is it with the Penguins fans on this site? Do you have to be "that kind of fan" to cheer for the Penguins? And no, I don't lump you in @snova4! But some of the stuff I've read on here the past couple of days just blows my mind...
  10. The Penguins won...FIRE SULLIVAN!? Simpel qweschun.
  11. WHOA! That escalated quickly!
  12. Looks like Sullivan has made his decision...and it's Murray. http://www.sbnation.com/nhl/2017/5/19/15663440/murray-fleury-penguins-goalie-starter-game-4-senators-playoffs
  13. Those with Fowler and Perry with 1 point each. May 19th update (please verify): 78 - Shawn-O 76 - KoolGuy2K 73 - Engineer 72 - Ray77 68 - George M. Bluth 68 - The Sicatoka 64 - sioux rube 64 - stoneySIOUX 47 - 90siouxfan 23 - siouxforcefans
  14. The Sicatoka and Engineer are the only 2 that gain a point with Kessel's goal last night. Another thing I've been wondering - there are those of us (like me) that didn't think the Penguins would get this far so didn't take any Penguins on our team. But for those that did, how could you not take Malkin?!?!?!! May 16th update (please verify): 74 - KoolGuy2K74 - Shawn-O71 - Engineer69 - Ray7767 - George M. Bluth67 - The Sicatoka61 - sioux rube61 - stoneySIOUX47 - 90siouxfan23 - siouxforcefans