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  1. Per the media guide, they played Spartak Moscow in Switzerland in the '82-'83 season. They played Moscow Dynamo at home at the old Ralph in the '90-'91 season.
  2. Washington Redskins win trademark fight over the team’s name
  3. LOL...this will never get old!
  4. The Blackhawks just moved Hjalmarsson to Arizona. Blackhawks acquire Murphy and Dauphin from Arizona for Hjalmarsson
  5. I agree with you. There will be a bunch of these guys traded. I had heard that Colin Miller from Boston will be the guy traded to Toronto, though. If that happens....UGH! I also agree that I thought they'd take another goalie - most notably Antti Raanta. However, I think they made a solid choice in taking Lindberg from the Rangers, too.
  6. Nothing like going off the deep end because a sports hero of yours gets moved to a new team. Heck, even Wayne Gretzky played for 4 different NHL teams and crazily enough, the world kept turning.
  7. They already did....Hossa.......right onto LTIR...
  8. Now, I have no reason to doubt the truthfulness of this issue or the seriousness of this condition, however the conspiracy theorist in me asks if this is really a retirement in disguise? The Blackhawks gave Hossa a 12 year, $63M contract in 2009, which means that he's under contract through the 2020-21 season with an annual cap hit of $5.275M He's currently 38 years old and would be 41 when this contract expires. The Blackhawks are currently $2.5M over the salary cap which was increased $2M from $73M to $75M (if it had stayed the same they'd be $4.5M over!). Now with this medical condition they can put Hossa on LTIR, which also means that his cap hit will not count against the team. If he had retired, it would have. Hmmmmm.....
  9. Sounds like MAF is going to be on hand tonight in Vegas. If that's the case, they're keeping him. Unexpected move from Vegas and Fleury for tonight's NHL expansion draft
  10. I have. What I realized is it is VERY different if you're picking a team with a good mix of veterans and some young prospects to actually build a team like George McPhee is going to need to do versus picking a team of the best guys available and staying under the cap for fantasy purposes just for the upcoming season.
  11. I believe of the 30 players that the Golden Knights choose, only 20 of them have to be under contract.
  12. I believe the league year starts on July 1st, so technically there are no free agents until that time. As the expansion draft occurs on June 21st, players will still be under contract.
  13. The NHL's Vegas expansion draft, explained
  14. Agreed. I think of the "Brett Favre scenario" here. When he initially left (got traded?) from the Packers to the Jets they had some sort of clause that the Jets could not trade him within the division, because they knew the Vikings wanted him, and the interest was mutual. I would guess there is going to be a lot of legal wording in some of these deals to prevent some of that stuff from going on.