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  1. Somebody is drinking the DaveK kool-aid. It's alright though, it's been fun seeing fans like you continually make such arrogant proclamations only to have your teams crash and burn.
  2. Bucci doesn't know college hockey. In other news, Michigan will be having a press conference today(4/24) to announce Pearson as new coach. Sorta feel bad for Tech. A college hockey blue blood gets what it wants. It'll be interesting to see who applies for Tech job. Surprised Eades hasn't gotten a HC position yet.....
  3. @George M. Bluth Here you go. Looks like the original uploader channel got shut down but they're back up now under a different name. Looks like they're in the midst of re-adding everything.
  4. Bobby Ryan of Ottawa must've watched the VHS tapes of "How to flop like a a Duluth Bulldog 101." I don't care about the Sens or Bruins but wow chicken**** theatrics to draw a penalty. Even worse, he is the one that scores the GWG.
  5. Their fans already didn't seem to follow the hockey team when they were in Hockey East either.
  6. Same, he makes it so easy to loathe the team he coaches for.
  7. It'd be a lateral move. How much money is Michigan willing to throw? We all know what sport(s) are king at both of those schools. I bet Denver would be able to match to an extent. -------------- Looks like Michigan State hired Danton Cole.
  8. When the equivalent crazy question is if the Michigan State or Michigan job an upgrade for Coach Berry. That's when you realize how crazy of question it is. Denver is of the same status as UND and the rest of the college hockey blue bloods. Tagging @MafiaMan cause I know he loves that term.
  9. Yep, UND fans will always remember Nick for making that not happen. Sure, Denver still has a chance next year, but I think they'll be in a similar situation UND was in this year depends on who leaves early. If they lose Jaillett, Borgstrom, Gambrell, and Terry. Ouch.
  10. By the way, while I'm glad Denver won over UMD. It means UND has to win #9 and #10 soon. Don't like UND being tied in # of "Natty's" with anyone.
  11. If that occurs, could have a season like UND had this year.
  12. Will be interesting to see how many of them leave early. Winning a National Title always seems to expedite departures.
  13. NCHC clearly the best hockey conference for another year. Where's Davey at?
  14. 5-0 now. Flood gates opened. ND folded like a cheap suit.
  15. I have to share this post here. Too good to not share. I really struck a UMD fans nerve over on USCHO. Guess Duluth fans don't like hearing the truth. Link: Thanks for chiming in you idiot. I'm sorry you live somewhere so miserable that you have to dwell on hockey for the only happiness in your life. Why don't you just kill youself now and spare us your whining, or move somewhere worth living. Sick of your whining. Have all the national titles you want we're still happier with our quality of life than you. You lose horribly to Denver. They may not have as many titles but have a way better quality of life and don't have to complain about something that is over with, idk.... If UMD lost in the regionals I wouldn't be here complaining no matter what the reason but that's the difference between many and Sioux fans. Really sorry Sioux hockey is all you have in life. Maybe have some kids so your life can have some meaning?? Also we went what 5-0 or something against your near .500 team this year? and it's still the ref's fault? Hmm.. Wondering if I'll get banned over this post. I went to UND hockey camp as a kid many years, and I don't consider them a huge rival of mine but some of you are just completely dispicable