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  1. Keller made some amazing dishes that made goals. He wasn't fully invisible.
  2. Damn. All I can say is, I'm still proud of this team. They didn't quit when they were down 3-1. !@#$ happens in OT. Feel bad for the boys but they gave it their all.
  3. No kidding!
  4. UND has to come out into OT like gangbusters. At the start of each period, BU has come out flying. UND has to push back right away.
  5. That has been the story of the season. Lot of winnable games/missed opportunities.
  6. BU's talent showing now....
  7. Let's go Siouxhawks!
  8. @Biddco You are the first Bulldog fan I've seen to make an acknowledgement. As much as I want to wear my green shades, I know UND players aren't innocent in committing dirty plays. It isn't always "hard nosed hockey." UND and UMD both have notoriety for different reasons.
  9. For sure, just showing that this isn't some new trend by Duluth players. I find it amusing how Bulldog fans whine about UND players being "thugs" yet are in complete denial that their team are floppers. When even Minnesota fans see the same thing, you know there's something to it.
  10. Ladies and gents, your Duluth flopping Bulldogs!
  11. Bring on Boston University! Tough match up out the gate but UND has shown they can play against anyone.
  12. Duluth players be like:
  13. Alright, had some time to get over the bs that was tonight's game. 'Member when it was only couple weeks ago where we pondered whether or not this team could string along enough wins to even make the tournament? It has been awesome to see this UND team finally starting to click and bringing a consistent effort each game. Has it taken longer than many of us would've liked? For sure. But none the less, I'm loving what I've been seeing from this team. Bring on whoever it is that UND has to play in the tournament!
  14. What an absolutely disgusting game. I hope the NCHC reviews the officiating in this game. It was ugly overall. I hope karma will catch up with UMD in the tournament. Their flopping to make sure penalties were called is embarrassing to the sport. I actually don't have much to say for how UND played. Tucker going down really hurts. I hope he'll be ok for the tournament.
  15. Wonder how serious the injuries are to Sheldon Dries and Wade Allison. Two important players for WMU. Be a shame if they are unable to play in the NCAA tournament.