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  1. Montana and Montana State both have a lot more name recognition in Division I, which covers half of your examples. Montana, especially, has had some years with good success in basketball for a low level DI. There may be connections between staff that help. There could be multiple other reasons that games happen. I didn't say it was impossible. The truth is that a school like UND, located a long distance from almost all high Division I schools and playing in a low level league, is going to have a very hard time getting games against P5 schools. The P5 schools have very little incentive to play UND when they have 300+ other choices and most of them make more sense. But the budget has absolutely nothing to do with it. The school would welcome a chance to play at a P5 school for the exposure and the money. But it is highly unlikely you will see a P5 school play at UND unless it is another Kansas type situation.
  2. For those that are asking for games against big time opponents, what is in it them? They have a lot of mid and low level Division I schools that are much closer. Those schools are probably better known by the local fans. They all want to play the big name schools. And it probably doesn't cost much for them to travel because they are close. Plus playing UND hurts the RPI. Those are a couple of the reasons it is hard to find higher level opponents that will play UND.
  3. Who said they were out "to get" Jones? Let's say the interview was arranged and publicized. Then Jones had to cancel. It would be pretty normal for them to play with the situation rather than just say he wasn't available. Everything turns into a bit on KFAN.
  4. It's also not out of the realm of possibility that KFAN was notified that Jones couldn't make it and they decided to make a "no-show" bit out of the opportunity.
  5. Sometimes bankruptcy is just a tool to eliminate or restructure debt. It happens a lot.
  6. I'm pretty sure that's $50 for the entire series.
  7. The schools are named in the North Dakota Constitution. A change in the Constitution has to be approved by a vote of the people. The people are very unlikely to close one of the schools.
  8. Call or text me at 701-739-2362
  9. I still have the tickets available for tonight. Make me an offer if you're interested.
  10. Tickets are still available. Make me a decent offer.
  11. I have 2 tickets available for Saturday against UNO. Tickets are at the top of Section 306. Asking $100 for the pair or best offer.
  12. Those 3 schools have plenty of advantages, plus they have tradition on their sides. Duluth won 2 national titles before UND started playing. They have 5 total. Wisconsin has 4. Minnesota has 6 and have dominated most recent years. Those 3 schools have won every title ever given out by the NCAA except Clarkson in 2014. They have also taken 5 of the runner-up positions. Out of 32 teams playing in NCAA finals, those 3 schools represent 20 of the 32 spots. Those 3 schools have dominated the number of Olympians. Minnesota still has the same successful coach for the past 9 years. Wisconsin has had the same successful coach for 13 years. Knocking the king off the top of the mountain isn't exactly an easy task.
  13. Those 3 schools have a record of something like 63-3-8 against all other teams this year. UND had 3 of those 8 ties. Mankato, Bemidji, and Boston U got the wins, Ohio State got 2 ties, Bemidji got 2, and Boston College got 1. Wisconsin, Duluth, and Minnesota are currently 1,2, and 3 in Pairwise. So, no one is having much success against those 3 teams this season. UND is 13-4-3 against everyone else.
  14. There is an entire section for buying and selling tickets at the bottom of the UND Community forum. It has been very effective for me when moving tickets.
  15. I sat in 104 for Elton John. They had a plain flat stage setup. Most of the concert was aimed at the other end of the arena, so we saw the back of the band most of the time. But they would turn our direction part of the time. We did see a little more of the backstage type stuff that most people don't see and I find that interesting. Our tickets were also quite a bit cheaper. The sound was the same, and I went to hear the music, so I enjoyed the concert.