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  1. Thanks. That was the one thing I forgot to find out when I was at the Ralph today.
  2. Yeah I don't believe that either. Hopefully we get to find out. I will gladly pay again.
  3. This is highest rated show in region in the heart of recruiting. Probably had good excuse..missed opportunity.
  4. They have promoted Bison since Tim Miles and the FB run started. Would be nice to get on their good side also. Barely acknowledge they have affiliate in GF unless it is the nickname mess. Also talk SDSU some.
  5. I know yesterday they didn't believe they would even sell/use whole allotment which I believe is 350. Each player gets 2 tickets reserved for family or friends to purchase.
  6. Coach Jones will be on KFAN with Barriero at 3:15. On I Heart for people not in the listening area.
  7. I was at the Ralph to buy tix at 10:30 and phones rang 3 times in those few minutes inquiring about SLC.
  8. Tickets go on sale tomorrow thru UND at 10:00am. Tickets are for the 2 game session only. $100 per ticket.
  11. After Saturday's games are finally complete Lunardi has UND (15) playing Baylor (2) in Tulsa.
  12. If you have access to ESPN3
  13. Montana St wins Big Sky tourney. UND WBB will be in the NIT.
  14. Lunardi's current brackets have UND (15) vs AZ (2). UND RPI of 150. Weber RPI of 180.
  15. Corey Williams and Roxy Bernstein calling the game for ESPNU.