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  1. im guessing the lawyers have dictated UND's quiet response, eh?
  2. love this conversation, but just to play devil's advocate..... Are you sure you want more rules decisions to be made on referee's discretion? To me that seems like a bad idea, most guys have a hard enough time deciding between a 2 and a 5, can you imagine the conversation in the review box?
  3. i had the cc used to buy them, that worked. Were in other guys name.
  4. that lamoureux logo is gross....
  5. Think it was Jones vote?
  6. I saw that you have 3 tickets for Saturday available. Where, and what price?

  7. Scotty, I have 3 Lower bowl, 111 row B.
  8. Whoa...loook out. I was way over the line. Get a grip. Must've hit a little to close to home.
  9. So its like Trump winning then...... How did this board feel about the protests?
  10. Why? To avoid hearing it? I think its stupid too.
  11. i renewed my 8 seats from the season.... Didnt see anything specific, assume those are mailed out?
  12. Boeser was wearing a wrist brace at the men's basketball game Wednesday.
  13. I feel like that Jim Carey could be improved as a stiffler
  14. That would be 8 am ct.