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  1. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    Honest question........ Is the strength and conditioning program up to par? Seems like there are many players in this program that oft injured, undersized, and/or overmatched. Reyes is injured for the 4th consecutive season. He's a nice player but is either unlucky or very brittle.
  2. Gameday vs USD

    I've been a season ticket holder for 14 years and been to one or two away games each year. This was the first time we left a game early in all that time. And that included some awful games in the Mussman and early Bubba years. Very disappointing.......
  3. USD Roll Call

    First Question is who is heading to the game? Second question is what section are you sitting in? I've got a group of 5 planning on heading down.
  4. Improving the game day experience

    Thanks for the confirmation. After the initial replies I thought I was just getting old. I'm also in 206 and had relatives in 208, and we all felt it was a major downgrade from the previous system. If it was improved in other areas, hopefully it is just a matter of making some adjustments.
  5. Improving the game day experience

    Epic fail on the sound system. It is truly horrible as far as I can tell. Severely worse that the previous one.
  6. Missouri State Predictions

    21 UND 7 Missouri St
  7. Improving the game day experience

    They should have the National Championship Trophy, the Nickel, and Sitting Bull on display in the Alerus.
  8. Fall Camp Updates 2017

    As an analogy, and for the old timers on here, this team can be the 1985 Chicago Bears. Studsrud can be our version of Jim Mcmahon. It should work out well..............
  9. 2017 Season

    Hockey is also in town that night playing against Miami. Also noticed on Oct 21, football plays Sac St. at 12:30 and hockey hosts the Gophers at 7:00. Will the student section at the Alerus be packed because FB attendees get ticket priority for hockey, or will it be empty because they will all be camping out to get into the REA?
  10. Pluto TV on Roku and Big Sky

    Pluto TV also appears to be available on my Amazon Fire TV Stick, so that's another option.
  11. NCHC Frozen Faceoff - Xcel Energy Center

    As a "casual" hockey fan that has been making the trek to the Target Center the last 4 years, I'd like to experience this before the NCHC moves it to the X................. New views at center of Target Center's $140 million renovation
  12. 2017 Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Nominations and Awards

    Damn we are good!!!!!!!! On paper at least,...............
  13. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    The Big Sky is far from unstable. It has lost one member in the last 18 years. For some inexplicable reason, UND has chosen to be the 2nd to exit in two decades. 8 schools have run from the Summit in the same time frame. The Summit has had 30 members in 35 years. It is unstable, always has been, and it will continue to be for years to come. I agree, it is perplexing...................
  14. First Three Games 2017

    2-1 after 3 games....... 14-1 at the end of the season......
  15. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Sadly, threads like this one will be a regular occurrence on this site for as long as UND is in the Summit League. Everyone wants out of this league, so the next new member will always be a lively topic of conversation........