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  1. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    I truly can't wait. Guaranteed games against Augustana were the reason I wanted UND to move to DI back in 2002. I sure hope Mankato gets on board next...............
  2. Spring Ball 2018

    Ya, you got me there I guess. I guess I was thinking that as a former RB he should be more athletic than the stereotypical LB. He'll still be the shortest LB on the roster as far as I can tell. Strong kid though that is put together. Me thinks he'll be a depth/special teams guy and nothing more at this point. The timing of his violation was pretty bad for him given the fact that Johannesen came here the same year. Always liked the way Gordon carried the ball......... Gotta give him credit for sticking with the program. He could have easily bailed like Josh Murray did, or quit all together like Chappell .........
  3. Summit League MBB

    NO!.........to the double headers..............
  4. Next Season

    Please let this happen....................
  5. Spring Ball 2018

    Heidelbaugh isn't the kind of WR this program needs, but he's willing to go there to stay in the program so kudos to him. I agree that Gordon would probably make a better safety than LB. Maybe the LB corps is still looking weak going into next year? Yikes.............
  6. 2018 attendance

    Attendance will be up again this year. Didn't you hear? We are joining the MVFC in the next decade. Better get your season tickets now, because they will be all gone once SDSU is an annual opponent again...................
  7. Spring Ball 2018

    As far as blindly optimistic fandom goes, I'm optimistic that we'll be improved this year and challenge for a playoff spot. However I can guarantee we won't win a conference title this year.
  8. Ever since...

    So, I'm a VERY casual hockey fan. In fact the only hockey I watch is UND hockey. I've been a season ticket holder since 2006. I've never played the sport, just been following UND since the mid-90's when I was student. Since the title of this thread is "Ever Since...", I'm just going to offer up that to my untrained eye it seems like that "Ever Since" Cary Eades left, this team has gotten softer every year. It seems to me as if they've gotten less and less physical as the years go by. For all my time following the program all I hear is how physicality is a hall mark of the team. But I haven't seen it in the last 3-4 years as I have in the past. That, along with the fact that there seem to be no offensively skilled players on the roster right now is my perception of the program right now. Again, this is coming from a football/basketball guy who goes to hockey games because its the cool thing to do. So please, correct me if I am wrong.
  9. Next Season

    I hope there will be tickets left...........
  10. 2018 schedule /team

    Looking at the schedule, I see 4 likely wins, 3 likely losses, and 4 games that can go either way.................
  11. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    Again I say about the salary.......... If you are plugging along in your cubicle, doing your job and making $15/hr, and some other company from a distance notices your potential and offers you $30/hour in a bigger and warmer cubicle, are you gonna say no, "I refuse to even consider your proposition "?
  12. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    A university president makes nowhere near the same money as gfhockey..........
  13. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    I think it is probably as simple as this........ If the opportunity presented itself to double your annual income, how many here would turn it down?
  14. 5 Lower Bowl F/S, Saturday v. CC

  15. I just listed 5 lower bowl seats for sale on Ticketmaster for the Saturday game against Colorado College. Three seats in Section 102, Row F. Two seats in Section 103, Row P. All at the end that UND shoots at twice. $60 each.