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  1. Hockey is also in town that night playing against Miami. Also noticed on Oct 21, football plays Sac St. at 12:30 and hockey hosts the Gophers at 7:00. Will the student section at the Alerus be packed because FB attendees get ticket priority for hockey, or will it be empty because they will all be camping out to get into the REA?
  2. Pluto TV also appears to be available on my Amazon Fire TV Stick, so that's another option.
  3. As a "casual" hockey fan that has been making the trek to the Target Center the last 4 years, I'd like to experience this before the NCHC moves it to the X................. New views at center of Target Center's $140 million renovation
  4. Damn we are good!!!!!!!! On paper at least,...............
  5. The Big Sky is far from unstable. It has lost one member in the last 18 years. For some inexplicable reason, UND has chosen to be the 2nd to exit in two decades. 8 schools have run from the Summit in the same time frame. The Summit has had 30 members in 35 years. It is unstable, always has been, and it will continue to be for years to come. I agree, it is perplexing...................
  6. 2-1 after 3 games....... 14-1 at the end of the season......
  7. Sadly, threads like this one will be a regular occurrence on this site for as long as UND is in the Summit League. Everyone wants out of this league, so the next new member will always be a lively topic of conversation........
  8. It still sucks, just like it always has, and probably always will.....
  9. It is ridiculous to me that UND won't partner with KNOX as the flagship. It is the only station in town that is local all day long. I understand it is likely a monetary/bid/rights issue, but really, KNOX is the local station. They talk GF issues ad nauseum. They would talk up UND big if they were the flagship. Bit as of now that have no reason too. UND is missing the boat here. Less money perhaps, but way more exposure.......
  10. He wheeled this link out the first time we played Valpo in 2013 too.
  11. I don't live in GF. But I too was surprised at how close the vote was. I can't believe there are so many against a private company investing in the city.
  12. Here is my dream conference: North Dakota Montana State Montana Eastern Washington Weber State Idaho Idaho St Northern Colorado Cal Poly UC Davis Sacramento State Portland State Northern Arizona Southern Utah
  13. I'm not sure that it should be "all about the hockey atmosphere". Maybe it should be about a pleasant experience for all those attending. Like I said, in my group I'm really the only UND die hard that doesn't care where I watch them play, just so long as I get to watch them play. I don't go to the Twin Cities every year for it because of the venue, I go because my favorite team is playing. I also don't drive 100 miles to GF every weekend just to spend 3 hours in the REA because its a nice place. I do it to watch my favorite hockey team. Regarding the light rail, that's one of the reasons we really like the Target Center location. We stay at a hotel that has a light rail stop right out front, and its a nice 30 minute ride. Would be twice that time to ride it to the X as far as I can tell. And the one time I was at the Xcel (Frozen Four) parking wasn't a grand experience either. We'll go regardless of where it is at, but I'm not going to whine about the Target Center. I've been to plenty of crappy sports venues in my lifetime, but I've never bought a ticket to any event because of the venue. I always make my plans based on the teams playing at it.
  14. I like the logistics of the Target Center. I'm part of a group of 4 that has gone every year, but I'm the only hard-core UND guy in the bunch, the others mostly go for the weekend in the Twin Cities. Despite the disparity in quality of the arena between Target and Xcel, I think the Target Center location has a lot of positives. Can't wait for the seats to be replaced though. I also hope they keep the 3rd place game. It's much easier paying for the tickets knowing I'll get to see the F'n Hawks play twice........................
  15. Meh...... I've said this before but I'll say it again. I would really like to see UND partner with KNOX/Leighton. KNOX actually has local talk radio programing with local hosts for 12 hours a day. They rarely talk UND sports now because that would basically be advertising for their competition. If they were the flagship, we'd most likely actually hear some UND talk on the radio during the day. Hennessy's morning show is all we get now, and you can't hear that once you get past Northwood. KNOX reaches past Devils Lake, Jamestown, Wahpeton, Thief River, etc. during the day. Missing out on a lot of exposure here IMO. A 5 year deal is surprising to me too. Not sure how it will affect the GF stations, but iHeart will likely be filing for bankruptcy within a year.