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  1. Olympic Hockey

    Germany beats the Swiss 2-1 in overtime
  2. Olympic Hockey

    You may want to be seated when I say this but it’s the US vs Canada for the gold in women’s hockey. Shocking I know
  3. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    Still scratching my head on this one. Minot in front of their home crowd playing to go to state and get totally embarrassed by a team they have dominated. Incredible
  4. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    Jamestown now plays the #2 seed out of the east.
  5. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    So it wasn’t 1-1?
  6. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    As a former Blue Jay I’m afraid it will be a cakewalk like when we played them in the opening round way back in 77’ losing 7-1.
  7. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    And they get Central or Davies in first round. Yikes
  8. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    Jamestown 2 Bottineau 0 after 1
  9. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    Jamestown 4 Dickinson 3
  10. Olympic Hockey

    I blame UND for dropping womens hockey
  11. GO WILD

    Wild have more points at home. 3 to be precise.
  12. GO WILD

  13. Olympic Hockey

    Look no further than the head coach.
  14. Olympic Hockey

    Went into it thinking it could go either way. Exactly why I’m not surprised from the result.
  15. Olympic Hockey

    It appeared the USA team never practiced 3 on 3. That was not how you do it.
  16. Olympic Hockey

    No surprise here. I expect nothing from this US squad.
  17. Olympic Hockey

    Slovenia wins it
  18. Olympic Hockey

    3 on 3 hockey for 5 minutes. Tied after that it goes to a shootout.
  19. Olympic Hockey

    Overtime we go
  20. Olympic Hockey

    Slovenia ties it up with 1:37 to go. You could see it coming
  21. Olympic Hockey

    2 to play. USA barely hanging on. Time-out Slovenia
  22. Olympic Hockey

    Terrible call on that penalty. 8 to go. Big kill here for USA.
  23. Olympic Hockey

    Slovenia cuts the lead in half 2-1. 14 minutes to go
  24. Olympic Hockey

    USA up 2-0 over Slovenia after 2. Minnesota Wilds Jordan Greenway with a goal and an assist.
  25. 2017-2018 NHL Season

    Did not realize Masterton scored the first ever North Star goal. http://kstp.com/news/50th-anniversary-bill-masterton-death-head-injury-minnesota-north-stars-hockey-game-son-sees-footage-first-time/4785622/