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    Clinic. Served Commander C Co. 125th Fwd Support Bn. , 1st Armored Division Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Family Physician Sanford Health.

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  1. iramurphy

    2018 Season

    We don't need to keep commenting on this young man. He had untapped potential but hasn't been part of the program for a couple of years. I don't believe we need the details. The reasons are really none of our business and personal issues are best kept within the program. Hope he realizes his potential, and becomes a good father, husband and productive member of our society.
  2. iramurphy

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Why does anyone give a rats behind about the old name/logo or the new one. I hope we are all smart enough to realize it is a done deal and was, for the most part, out of our control. If we win on the ice, the field or the court etc. no one cares. Too much wasted time and energy on an issue that isn't that important. We need something to identify our athletic teams with. I may not care that much for the new logo or mascot by so what? Someone else picked something that is as good or bad as anything else. (Gophers, Cornhuskers, Buckeyes, Dandelions, who the hell cares). I liked the Brien logo but none of the Sioux logos prior to it. Kennedy needs to simply figure out a way to get along with the Englestads. Abide by whatever the written contract is and request to renegotiate but if they say no, then try again at a later date. No reason to get pissy with each other whether it was Ms Englestad's or Kennedy's fault or no one's fault. Kennedy needs to take the high road, he is the President. Publically apologize for any misunderstanding or anything he may have said that was hurtful and thank them for their support. Come back to the table another day in the future if need be, but don't burn your bridges.
  3. iramurphy

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    The REA is an important part of the GF and regional economy and an important part of the University and community culture and cultural events. It has no where near the economic impact of the University of North Dakota on the city, region or state. This constant crap about comparing which is more important when it comes to one sport vs the other is what is stupid. The dumbass whining about the old logo that is long gone or why we don't like the logo is just as stupid. Who gives a rats behind about the old/new name or logo? It isn't that important. On the other hand, not being able to get along with our supporters and donors is a big red flag. There are those affiliated with the REA who at times don't always have the best interest of the University in mind, but Kennedy should have enough political savvy to deal with those folks and work with the REA administrators and donors without threats. Not having been there, I am not sure I would know enough to place anymore blame than that on Kennedy yet.
  4. iramurphy

    I still have a bit of fight in me

    Please don't equate something so unimportant as a school logo/name with something as important as serving your country. I get the part about standing up for our rights, but with those rights are the responsibilities that go with the freedoms you say you fought for. Many people worked hard, fought hard and spent money to keep the logo and name. The issue went through the process and the NCAA, which has the authority to govern NCAA members, made it too costly to keep the name. I didn't like it, but it isn't in the best interest of the University and our athletic programs and student athletes to keep kicking that proverbial dead horse. State your case, but skip the " I fought for my country" rhetoric. That is a sacred issue that is above the petty persistent fuss over our old name. Being a veteran doesn't give us anymore rights than other citizens. Don't cheapen your service to our country by including it in this issue please. Welcome home, thanks for your service.
  5. iramurphy

    Students Spearhead Effort for Fighting Hawks Mascot

    Private funding means that people have indicated the willingness for their money to go for a specific project in this case the mascot project. The donations may be flowing through the Alumni Assn. but I don't believe they are coming from the Associations non-designated funds. I believe it was similar when a number of people donated to the fund to fight the legal battle to keep the Fighting Sioux name. Why should we care what others wish to do with their money? I could care less about the mascot. I don't care that much about the logo and name either. It changed.... who the hell cares? I do care that we support our teams, athletes and coaches. We need a brand and someone else decided it should be the Fighting Hawks with the present logo. I have trouble understanding why people make it so much more than it is. Our resources are better spent on coaches salaries, facilities, scholarships, uniforms, and the programs. It is none of my business if someone wants to spend money on the mascot. They aren't doing it to hurt something, they are doing it cuz they think it is something to help the University.
  6. iramurphy

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    This may have been commented on, but Garret Raboin will be leaving St. Cloud to join the Gophers a an Asst. coach.
  7. iramurphy

    2018 UND Recruiting

    Muss didn't offer Thielen.
  8. iramurphy

    Spring Ball 2018

    One of the things I struggle to understand is the number of big athletic kids we bring in at TE. We don't utilize them very well in the passing game and we cant get them all on the field at the same time. Those kids should be looked at as potential O-linemen. In three years they can be big enough to get on the field, start for 2 years and we will have more athletic kids who usually have good feet and are quicker. Over the years we have had a number of players who changed positions spring ball their freshman year and excelled at their new positions in 2-3 years. RSF, FR and playing time as Soph, start as Jr. At FCS level all teams have to think outside the box. Recruiting takes a lot of hard work but also luck and then an analysis as to where to play the kid and how best to develop them. I think that is an area we can improve upon.
  9. iramurphy

    Attendance Issues

    What was the "Kelly crackdown"?
  10. iramurphy

    2018 Season

    Lydia Rutten from New York Mills is also one of the biggest names returning. Pryor thinks she can be a starter next year.
  11. iramurphy


    I agree we want to have the best players. We have arguably the best fan following in the nation but its easy to be good fans when we are always winning. The band wagon population changes shift to shift sometimes. Lets see how our fans react to a tough year like this. Our hockey facilities are as good as any college program in the country. How do our athletic dorms compare? I think you follow sports closely enough to know other teams have upgraded their facilities so the gap isn't what it was. Our pipeline to Shattuck was huge for us for a number of years. How is Shattuck doing and where are those kids going? With the emergence of UMD, St. Cloud , Bemidji and Mankato it is tougher for the Gophers but also tougher for us. You can be a good coach and have down years. Coaches don't all of a sudden get stupid in a year. Developing the top program in college hockey was difficult, takes time and Luck ($100,000,000 donor). It is often very difficult to stay on top and almost impossible to make the FF every year. This was a down year but we barely missed the playoffs and still had a winning season. The great thing about our program is that the coaches, players and fans are not happy with a year like this.
  12. iramurphy


    "I'm thinking" I would puke on this "food for thought". I am sure, like everyone else (except Bill Gates, Warren Buffet etc), I can't match your W-2 so my opinion wouldn't mean as much as the GOBC. If I recall, you didn't think Hakstol could coach and his teams got us to the Playoffs virtually every year and frequently to the Frozen Four. Berry's team wins a "Natty" and misses the playoffs and he has to go??? Hakstol was an excellent coach and Berry is an excellent coach. So is Sandelin. Most of us would be happy with any of the 3. If you start firing coaches every 2-3 years you will run this, or any other program, into the ground. Contrary to what some people think, UND doesn't have the facility advantage we had when the Ralph was built. Since that time many programs have outstanding facilities. We have a strong tradition and no one has better facilities, but kids aren't always going to make a decision on what we did in the past. Look at how well Mn and Wisconsin have been doing lately. They have excellent facilities, a strong tradition and outstanding academics and have been struggling recently. Coaches who are good can coach. When the team doesn't always perform up to expectations, or kids leave early, or we have injuries, or team chemistry needs to be improved the answer isn't always replace the coach. Berry is a good coach and he has a good staff. They have some very good kids committed to the program. If the team can't get back to the playoffs and contend for the National title in 2-3 years then I will have your "food for thought" for dinner. In the meantime, if kids and their parents don't know who the coaching staff will be year in and year out you will be facing an uphill recruiting battle regardless of facilities. Too many people have never had to lead an organization, company, business, team and had to manage time, personalities, illnesses, injuries, personality conflicts, budget issues.and all of the other factors which are difficult to control. In addition these coaches need to have a strategy and system that puts these players in a position to be successful. Hakstol did it. Berry has done it and Sandelin has done it. You start rumors that a coach who wins a National title a couple of years ago is on the hot seat, you will give opposing recruiters ammunition to use in the recruiting wars. What are you thinking???
  13. iramurphy

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    I think you are correct in that Juniors make a difference for a lot of kids. I am not convinced it makes a difference whether they start juniors while still in HS or graduate then do a couple years of juniors. I am not a believer in kids leaving high school early. States where there is no high school hockey is different.
  14. iramurphy

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    You make some good points concerning the Elite league at least allowing kids to play their fall sport. I'm not sure it's a good idea to play HS FB or soccer Friday night then play 2 or 3 hockey games the next 2 days. We had trouble keeping track of one of our HS FB player's concussions when he was playing the Elite league. My question is: are there kids who don't get to play college hockey because they didn't leave HS early? I realize the decision is up to the kid and the parents but I contend the kids would end up playing juniors after HS and eventually play college hockey anyway. The kids may play for a coach who doesn't get the best out of them at whatever level they play. At RR or Central, the Fargo schools, Bismarck schools, and many of the Minnesota schools they have the facilities and opportunity to continue to better themselves without having to leave HS. I know the game experience and quality of competition is a factor, but I am not convinced it is that important to the kid. Can't they continue to develop at home and play in the Spring hockey select teams for a couple of months and another couple of months on a select team in the summer? They will need to adjust to the speed of the game in Juniors but if they continue to work on their fundamental skills and spend the necessary time in the weight room/ speed strength training, is it even necessary or beneficial to leave HS? By the time the kid gets to college he should have been able to adjust to the bigger, faster, stronger competition at juniors. Ok, I don't want to screw the dead horse. Just some ramblings instead of going to St. Paul for the Frozen Four. Good discussion.
  15. iramurphy

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    You are correct about the Elite league schedule. I think it was part of the response when Glen Sonmor and Lou Nanne were pissed cuz the Gophers had gone too long without winning a National Championship They lobbied the MSHSL to add more games. They were convinced that the Boston schools and other eastern schools were having their successful run cuz many kids out east were playing 60 games per year and our HS kids were playing 18. The tough thing for me is: what is best for the young athlete? Guys like Dr. Mike Stuart, Chairman of Sports Med at Mayo (who had 3 sons play in the NHL), Dr. James Andrews one of the most respected Sports Medicine orthopedic surgeons in the world and many others are trying to get kids and their parents to stop playing only one sport and also to stop playing one sport year round without taking breaks because every study shows these kids have more injuries than kids who are multi sport athletes. I do not believe these kids are any more likely to play college hockey because they play Juniors before they finish high school nor do I see any real benefit for the kids to play in the Elite league in the fall. These physicians and others are also trying to eliminate checking from Bantam level hockey, which I think should have been done years ago when they eliminated checking in Pee Wee hockey. We might need some beer and Pizza to continue this but I applaud all kids who stay in high school to play with their teammates. They can play summer select team hockey to play against "better competition" but I don't believe they need to play in the Elite league or Juniors before high school graduation to get a scholarship to play college hockey. Playing on the NTDP team has advantages to kids with that the Elite League and Juniors don't have so I would understand kids who take advantage of that opportunity. Anyway food for thought.