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  1. another example of how far back journalistic integrity has fallen. It is darn near impossible to get a full story on a topic anymore without going to various resources, it shouldn't have to be that way. Publishing the numbers would have ruined his argument so why even bring it up, he was simply talking from emotion and while that is his right, as a journalist more should be expected.
  2. I am staying out of most of these conversations today as there is a lot of emotion involved for some people, but I don't get how the reputation is damaged on a national level. This sounds bad, but these are 2 sports that people in Grand Forks barely care about, let alone on a national level. If these sports were really that important than attendance and revenue would support it and they just dont. I will admit that it could have been handled better, he should have just been presented the figures and left it out of the media. He was going to get crapped on regardless of what he decided but he did make the proper decision. This will all blow over and UND will be in a better place financially because of it. We have just dropped over $2 million a year in losses and fixed our long term financial outlook, that is a big deal. People are just over reacting today, plain and simple.
  3. He did say he only wanted to do this once, yes it was a mess, but this would take care of it. Time to competitively pay our coaches for remaining sports.
  4. I believe Women's Hockey also gets some funds for athlete's for extra expenses that our glorious AD said we would do without even checking in to see if we could afford it.
  5. A bit of a bump but after 1 season in Miami Chris has been promoted to Assistant Offensive Line Coach with the Dolphins, congrats to him! http://www.espn.com/blog/miami-dolphins/post/_/id/24445/dolphins-hire-frank-bush-as-new-lb-coach
  6. hockey is the only dumb sport that allows 2 different sizes surfaces. I absolutely hate it.
  7. 2 things. 1) There goalie is awful, fire away boys. 2) Our neutral zone defense is so bad right now. we need to tighten up
  8. this is a bush league gopher team. They can't compete even strength so they pull this crap. What a joke of a team.
  9. I don't believe this is the end all be all. My opinion is that he wants to get a feel from individuals within the University and this committee had a variety of people in it. I am fully expecting him make this decision on his own after reviewing the numbers. I would be shocked if he made a decision based off of a committees recommendation, just strikes me as a guy who let's the numbers speak for themselves.
  10. Quite frankly, we shouldn't have done FCOA right away. You don't commit that type of money just because your neighbors did.
  11. When you compare the salaries of our core sports to that of the college 75 miles south, it is almost laughable. If we want to be competitive with sports like Basketball and football, then we need to offer competitive wage. Cut the non-core sports and let us properly fund some of these programs. I would rather have fewer sports with more success as opposed to more sport while struggling to get to a .500 record year after year.
  12. If we are only going to do this once during his tenure, I have no problem with throwing all the options out on the table. To me one of the following 3 things will happen that I classify as major: 1) Women's Hockey is dropped 2) Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving, Softball, and Women's Soccer all get the axe 3) We switch conference affiliation Personally, I don't think we switch conferences as there is a lot of value in being in a strong and stable conference that offers football along with the rest of our core sports. The Big Sky also fits our school from an academic standpoint. Right now my gut says option 2 is probably what will happen but only time will tell.
  13. at his height, I am guessing he will be in the CFL to make a name for himself. Was in a tough spot behind a pro bowl Fullback.
  14. Like it or not, $$$ does matter and empty arenas don't provide any revenue. It sounds good on paper but it does not apply to Division 1 athletics. Especially for an institution that is looking into it's athletic finances, if you don't provide revenue you go away. That is the reality we are in right now. If you want that sentence to apply then you need to go to a privately funded D3 school.
  15. his favorite movie must be Coach Carter, but if I was a talented recruit who had my choice of schools why would I pick a school with a list like this. I get the point but let's get real.