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  1. Ya...true for EVERY position and that's why this team is the best in years. Lots of depth.
  2. I understand. I think he could be special as an RB but there's only so many reps.
  3. In the spirit of Santiago moving from WR to RB how about Flash Gordon going from RB to CB? Just curious.
  4. Flash Gordon seems to be a top notch RB, but when you're #4 on the depth chart and have those skills, I wonder if they will find some other places for him to play.
  5. I agree.
  7. It feels like we have more offers out this year than we did at the same time in years past. Am I wrong? What's the percent of offers that typically gets accepted? 35%?
  8. But when UND was going after guys with NO other offers, it was because the coaches saw something no one else did.
  9. I may have misread it. I thought he had a pile of something. Coke?
  10. You really don't think the ability to get it legally in Colorado has no impact on how/why Poole had so much in ND? He could bring it here from home. Not saying it was right, just saying it's relevant.
  11. I was replying to your position that medical marijuana had NO relevance to the legalization of marijuana.
  12. Actually the precursor to most states legalizing it was the legalization of medical marijuana first.
  13. And ND has passed a law for medical marijuana, too.
  14. Me too. The best I could come up with was Strong Fafety.
  15. I've seen the organizers of our group do the same. Twenty somethings drinking a few beers go for the food like a coyote to wounded rabbit. (Not Bugs Bunny)