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  1. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    But DO NOT say it was the injuries!
  2. Bob Stitt out at Montana

    But when your entire narrative is that we ONLY consider the score and never consider injuries or anything else, then we have proper grounds to argue that a. most of us fans have low expectations if b. we don't seek a new HC after the season. Get it?

    So the team averaged almost 6 yards/running play?? Wow. I would never have guessed it was that good and I understand that a couple of long runs boosts the average, and some of it was Studs running for his life, but ... Is it possible, Bubba (and Rudy) saw the average and decided they could just keep running? I get it, it didn't work a lot of the time, but the numbers are better than I thought.
  4. Reasons for Optimism

    I'm hopeful that Larson, Morrison and Honerlaw also bring it to the D next year. A different QB will make a big difference too.

    I bet the RB's would say it did.
  6. 2018 Season

    Big enough? I started looking at BS team rosters to see who brings lots of players back (SUU is one and EWU too) I noticed, having looked at 3 teams so far (SUU, PSU and EWU) that many if not most true freshmen linemen are the same size as our guys in that 230-260 range. I know this isn't a scientific study, but it caught my attention.
  7. 2018 Season

    We know what our team has coming back for next season, but just wondering what other BS teams have? I watched Montana v MSU earlier and now watching NAU and SUU. SUU looks good, but NAU had some horrible special teams play so far.

    I agree that none of them were ready and your point is good that if only one of them had to play, their lack of readiness could have been covered by a Reyes or other more experienced guy. I think that Rastas played his guts out and is smart enough to know the D, and IF he puts on 20 pounds, he will be able to handle the job. But with Larson and Rodgers hopefully there next year, he will be a nice backup.
  9. 2018 Season

    2 things I heard in the last two weeks: Carson Wentz sat for 3 years before getting a starting job at that school south of us. Aaron Rodgers was NOT recruited much out of HS and went JUCO for 2 years. I think sometimes we get too excited about flashy recruits when it's these types of guys who can make your team. Of course, both are QB's and that makes their progress more noticeable. Anyone on the current roster that may be under the radar that we never talk about?
  10. 2018 Season

    How about McKinney and Greibel? Are they going to contribute?

    It was probably an excuse made up by Bubba's backers as most of us want a mediocre team and will excuse anything.

    He means if you have a bad season caused by incredible injuries you MUST ignore the injuries and you MUST fire the coach and if you disagree you have LOW EXPECTATIONS for the team.

    This is your version of the truth, plain and simple. Everyone's entitled to and to express it here; I did it a lot on the hockey section as I felt Hak, after 10 years, needed to go. I get it, but it's way too soon to suggest that Bubba should go.
  14. 2017 Season

    But in the winter we'd pile up snow so we had something to dive into . Imagined we were playing at the old Met in MPLS

    UNDFootball360 liked Eric J. Burton TSD‏ @goon4812h12 hours ago More Eric J. Burton TSD Retweeted UNDFootball360 Over on Sioux Sports, they want coach Paul Rudolph fired, yesterday. He was an assistant coach when I was a freshman at Upper Iowa, I think he's a good coach. Personally, he pushed us as players to get better every day.