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  1. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    And momentum is important. We start ahead and like the other poster noted, the really bogus call on Tank doesn't occur, and maybe they get a bit desperate, play calling changes etc.
  2. UC Davis upcoming

    Missouri State QB says hi.
  3. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    I was. How about Izzy there or ANYONE other than our bulldog running back
  4. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    As do I ... and I plan on being at all of the games.
  5. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    We can't make excuses, but we can't ignore injuries. Should Bubba have had greater depth after 3 years is the question, but to lose so many good LB's is really hard to put on him.
  6. Injuries

    Noah Larson and ALL others must RS this year. No reason to pull them.
  7. 2017 Season

    No one is asking for Schmidt to be canned as EVERYONE understands he does not have the personnel, but the D just flat out sucks now and Will Ratelle aint walking through that door.
  8. 2017 Season

    I agree that Rudolph is NOT good, but ... Poor O'line play means NO running game. The WR's are not speedy enough to get separation and the QB needs to learn to adjust quickly as the main WR is not open and that's NOT his thing. I think they could be more creative with Santiago in the slot (and NOT Olivera) but any OC coming in would be shocked at the lack of speed or our WR's/TE's
  9. 2017 Season

    This D would have trouble stopping great HS running backs. I'm just worried about the recruits we had in from Wisconsin today. Will they come here? Or maybe it's a good thing-anyone on D will think they can come in and play next year as will anyone that is a WR or QB or O lineman.
  10. Gameday: F'N Hawks vs Bobcats

    My only hope is they do NOT burn a RS on Noah Larson or any other freshman. This is gonna be a dead year and we just regroup for next season.
  11. Cole Reyes - praying for a quick recovery

    I think it was a wrist or maybe elbow. He came out about the 2nd or 3rd possession. Medical redshirt???
  12. Montana State Predictions

    I think most posters believe in the team, but who can ignore the play of last week? How could a talented team play so stupidly, lethargically and timidly? Add the injuries which also can't be ignored and you have a fanbase that's very concerned. I'll be there tomorrow; I'll support the team, but I hope to God I never see the team I saw last week.
  13. Moving On To The Bobcats

    So he could be a LB?? I think so.
  14. 2017 Attendance

    Forecast is rainy and windy for Saturday. Will reduce tailgating and possibly attendance.
  15. Gameday vs USD

    But they scored!