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  1. Spring Ball 2018

    It's not good news, no doubt, but I'm in my 50's and have "gone" outside in a GF alley in the last few years. Not proud, but it happens.
  2. Spring Ball 2018

    It was the Night AFTER the game. Friday night, early Saturday morning.
  3. Spring Ball 2018

    Did you walk around in an attempt to get a good view-I did, and it was not really possible. The DLine was in the backfield for every QB to contend with on every play. The are fast. For a bit, I chatted with President Kennedy. He was looking to chat with people it seems.
  4. Spring Ball 2018

    Maybe, but I thought I checked the roster twice because I was so struck by how short, squat he was Agree with the rest of your thoughts, too.
  5. Spring Ball 2018

    I thought Johannseson got dinged too. It happened on that long pass play. He kept going to his helmet. Then he took a run up the middle, came to the sideline and went to the trainer. Hopefully nothing too serious. This was my first time at HPS, and I was looking for some upper level vantage point as field view didn't do it for me. Saw lots of kids using the track for races. Nice crowd though.
  6. Spring Ball 2018

    My thoughts, fwiw, Saw Ott pre game with all the DL's and he looked so much smaller. Roster says 230 but I don't know. Then in the scrimmage-WOW! Great twitch speed off the edge. In the 1 on 1, he went inside shoulder on OL raised his right arm for leverage and beat him to QB. He was in the backfield more than Santiago tonight. Among the DL's, I was impressed with Seguin's thickness. Austin Gordon on the edge is going to make plays. And he's not weak as he pushed an OL in the 1 on 1's right to the QB. OL is the trouble spot. Rooney looks so short, and some were just slow off the pass rush, but the guy I tried to watch (and really didn't as the ground level view didn't allow it) is Jenkins. If you built an OL in a lab this is what he would look like. Apparently bad snaps are still a part of the punt game. Sherva looks a LITTLE like a smaller version of Santiago. He had a run in which he exploded past guys. This is why Gordon is on D. The D was MUCH better than the O but like UNDBIZ said, the entire first series was ALL pass plays. BUT... if the size in the middle stops the run, the DB's can handle the pass game at least against THIS offense. We joke about screens, but there were at least 4 that I counted and the one I liked most was the FAKE jet sweep one way, screen pass the other. Mikey Griebel may be the smallest football player I've seen, but damn is he quick! He and McKinney are small but scary fast. IF the QB can find them. Johannesson had a nice play down the sideline on a good pass from (I can't remember) BUT on that play the QB would have been leveled. Did anyone else know we have guys named Bryce Crouch and ... l love this name- Pedro Schmidt on the roster? Still lots of work to do, but eager for August.
  7. Spring Ball 2018

    Good analysis. Today, I'm most interested in seeing Boltmann. Lots of good buzz from the 360 guys.
  8. Spring Ball 2018

    I'm thinking about going. Never went to one before.
  9. 2018 UND Recruiting

    So they get a freshman to come in 2019.
  10. Spring Ball 2018

    When I look at the team to the south of us, I notice it often has ND boys blocking for the southern state boys. Nothing like hard working, ND linemen to lead your O to a TD and a title.
  11. Spring Ball 2018

    I am so hopeful (sorry UND-FB Fan) that the LB core will be so much improved, the Safetys will not need to be that active in the tackle game except v WR's and TE's etc.
  12. Spring Ball 2018

    But you chastise the rest of us because we refuse to denigrate literally everything this team and staff are doing. That's not fandom, that's just being bitchy.
  13. Spring Ball 2018

    I can tell you're relatively new as you acknowledge you've "got no support for my opinion." This board is made up of people who typically post opinions for which they have no support. Including me! But it is a good question. IF the depth looks good (as I think it does now...just my opinion) then he could go there and CB is still covered well.
  14. Spring Ball 2018

    How about Cieslek down to 285? Faster? Leaner?
  15. 2017-18 Season

    I don't entirely disagree, but I do think it's a really athletic looking group,( the little bits of video I've seen) and that was not FF's strength. I've heard good things about little sis, but lots can happen in 5 years.