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  1. Varsity Jamboree, 29-30 April Lacrosse returns to Cushman Field in Grand Forks on Saturday, 29 April and Sunday, 30 April. Grand Cities is hosting Sioux Falls, Brookings, and Aberdeen in a Varsity only Dakota Premier League Jamboree. Grand Cities will play Sioux Falls at 10AM Saturday followed by Brookings at Noon. Afternoon games on Saturday are Sioux Falls vs Aberdeen at 2:00PM and Brookings vs Aberdeen at 5:00PM. Sunday Grand Cities faces off against Aberdeen at 10:00 AM and meets up with Brookings again at 1:00 PM at Cushman Field. On Sunday at South Middle School, Sioux Falls faces Brookings at 10:00 AM and has a rematch with Aberdeen at 1:00P PM. Admission is free, and all other teams are open this weekend. get up and at 'em Saturday and Sunday morning and make plans to attend, invite friends, drag people off the street and let's have a nice crowd to see Grand Cities play. There will be lots of opportunity for volunteers to help out too like for field set up and clock operators along with just some general game management help. Like and Share this post to reach more fans!
  2. Minnesota is positioning to make the jump to NCAA D1 Lacrosse at Men's and Women's Lacrosse, hopefully it is soon.
  3. Red River Valley (Fargo) at Grand Cities (Grand Forks), Wednesday, 19 April, at Cushman Field. JV at 6:30, Varsity at 8PM.
  4. Did somebody say lacrosse?!
  5. In my experience, those that said they wouldn't donate to the university if the nickname was changed, 1. Were not alumi 2. Were not giving anything in the first place. Typically they were men's hockey fans and general fans of the sports teams that didn't even have season tickets.
  6. I'm glad my kids are done with USA Hockey so I don't have to pay any part of this settlement.
  7. Stayed to the end of the second but it was boring compared to the adrenaline rush of the UND/BU game.
  8. Souris River Brewing in Minot had East Brown and Down, loved it! Went back after the ownership change not as good. Beaver Creek from Wibaux, MT has a tasty Pilsner. Went up to Hallock and tried all six of their brews, the dark is very good, the mild stout is great! 13th Ave Brewing has a really good German Pilsner.
  9. No. Paulaner. I'm a veteran of two Oktoberfests in Munich, Hofbrau is the funner tent, Paulaner is the better beer.
  10. I'm wondering the same thing as the SI article mentioned this is the last NJCAA championship game.
  11. The North Dakota Men's Lacrosse teams kids off the 2017 season on Saturday, 4 March vs Iowa and St. Olaf at Presentation College in Aberdeen, SD.
  12. On 4 March, Aberdeen Lacrosse Club is hosting a 4 game college event with SDSU, UND, St Olaf, and University of Iowa on March 4th with a youth clinic. The college players will be helping out with the clinic. This is a good opportunity for your players to get some close up exposure to the next level in lacrosse. We are offering a $5 discount on admission to any club that wants to bring players to this event. Please contact me with numbers so we can be prepared. Aberdeen Lacrosse Club
  13. Registration is now open for the 2017 Grand Cities Lacrosse season! Grand Cities Lacrosse Association is looking to defend their Varsity and U13 championships and improve the second place U11 and third place U15 finishes. This year we will have different age segments. This is part of the new US Lacrosse guideline. US Lacrosse describes the change: “The nomenclature for age groupings was changed to have the age listed first for clarity and to allow for a clear break between youth (14U and younger) and scholastic (15U to 18U) lacrosse. Previously, the U15 level was considered youth, but often included age-eligible high school players. Those situations will be limited in the new structure.” The full media release can be read here: US Lacrosse Player Segmentation Policy Release 2017 Grand Cities Lacrosse/Dakota Premier Lacrosse League Player Segments Youth Date of Birth Age Group Grade Affiliation Born 9/1/2008 through 8/31/2010 8U 1st & 2nd Born 9/1/2006 through 8/31/2008 10U 3rd & 4th Born 9/1/2004 through 8/31/2006 12U 5th & 6th Born 9/1/2002 through 8/31/2004 14U 7th & 8th Scholastic Date of Birth Age Group Grade Affiliation HS Graduation Year Born 9/1/2000 through 8/31/2002 16U 9th &10th 2020 & 2019 Born 9/1/1998 through 8/31/2000 18U 11th & 12th 2018 & 2017 What does all this mean for Grand Cities this year? It means we learn new age group names and need more coaches. When you decipher everything down, our players are in the same groups as last year just with a different name. The 2017 14U will be the same players that were on the 2016 U13 and that is the case across the board. What was our U9 group last year will be split between 8U and 10U. As of right now the 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U will be league traveling teams. 10U and 8U will be in-house with limited travel opportunities like it was this past season. We are also offering an optional 10U Travel Team to go to the Grand Rapids Shootout Also, as mentioned above, we will be needing more coaches for 2017 at all levels. Please consider registering as a coach and helping grow the games. There are league requirements to be able to coach so please think about it and make the decision early so you do not miss out on training opportunities coming up in the spring. We also need officials for the upcoming year. As with the coaches, please think about it now and register to be an official so we can keep you up to date with training opportunities that will be coming up over the winter and early spring. We can have the best players, the best coaches, the best equipment and facilities, but without officials, we cannot play games. We need you. Register today at: Grand Cities Lacrosse Association Registration Page
  14. His kid isn't that good.
  15. 95-96 season was last time Bagley made it to the quarterfinals