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  1. Souris River Brewing in Minot had East Brown and Down, loved it! Went back after the ownership change not as good. Beaver Creek from Wibaux, MT has a tasty Pilsner. Went up to Hallock and tried all six of their brews, the dark is very good, the mild stout is great! 13th Ave Brewing has a really good German Pilsner.
  2. No. Paulaner. I'm a veteran of two Oktoberfests in Munich, Hofbrau is the funner tent, Paulaner is the better beer.
  3. I'm wondering the same thing as the SI article mentioned this is the last NJCAA championship game.
  4. The North Dakota Men's Lacrosse teams kids off the 2017 season on Saturday, 4 March vs Iowa and St. Olaf at Presentation College in Aberdeen, SD.
  5. On 4 March, Aberdeen Lacrosse Club is hosting a 4 game college event with SDSU, UND, St Olaf, and University of Iowa on March 4th with a youth clinic. The college players will be helping out with the clinic. This is a good opportunity for your players to get some close up exposure to the next level in lacrosse. We are offering a $5 discount on admission to any club that wants to bring players to this event. Please contact me with numbers so we can be prepared. Aberdeen Lacrosse Club
  6. Registration is now open for the 2017 Grand Cities Lacrosse season! Grand Cities Lacrosse Association is looking to defend their Varsity and U13 championships and improve the second place U11 and third place U15 finishes. This year we will have different age segments. This is part of the new US Lacrosse guideline. US Lacrosse describes the change: “The nomenclature for age groupings was changed to have the age listed first for clarity and to allow for a clear break between youth (14U and younger) and scholastic (15U to 18U) lacrosse. Previously, the U15 level was considered youth, but often included age-eligible high school players. Those situations will be limited in the new structure.” The full media release can be read here: US Lacrosse Player Segmentation Policy Release 2017 Grand Cities Lacrosse/Dakota Premier Lacrosse League Player Segments Youth Date of Birth Age Group Grade Affiliation Born 9/1/2008 through 8/31/2010 8U 1st & 2nd Born 9/1/2006 through 8/31/2008 10U 3rd & 4th Born 9/1/2004 through 8/31/2006 12U 5th & 6th Born 9/1/2002 through 8/31/2004 14U 7th & 8th Scholastic Date of Birth Age Group Grade Affiliation HS Graduation Year Born 9/1/2000 through 8/31/2002 16U 9th &10th 2020 & 2019 Born 9/1/1998 through 8/31/2000 18U 11th & 12th 2018 & 2017 What does all this mean for Grand Cities this year? It means we learn new age group names and need more coaches. When you decipher everything down, our players are in the same groups as last year just with a different name. The 2017 14U will be the same players that were on the 2016 U13 and that is the case across the board. What was our U9 group last year will be split between 8U and 10U. As of right now the 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U will be league traveling teams. 10U and 8U will be in-house with limited travel opportunities like it was this past season. We are also offering an optional 10U Travel Team to go to the Grand Rapids Shootout Also, as mentioned above, we will be needing more coaches for 2017 at all levels. Please consider registering as a coach and helping grow the games. There are league requirements to be able to coach so please think about it and make the decision early so you do not miss out on training opportunities coming up in the spring. We also need officials for the upcoming year. As with the coaches, please think about it now and register to be an official so we can keep you up to date with training opportunities that will be coming up over the winter and early spring. We can have the best players, the best coaches, the best equipment and facilities, but without officials, we cannot play games. We need you. Register today at: Grand Cities Lacrosse Association Registration Page
  7. His kid isn't that good.
  8. 95-96 season was last time Bagley made it to the quarterfinals
  9. Yes they do other than Woodbury/East Ridge, Apple Valley/Eastview, and Bloomington Jefferson/Bloomington Kennedy. Wayzata gets fringe Minnetonka kids and all the Plymouth kids. And then the privates... But, with this years teams, I feel Central and Red River could play with Blaine and Wayzata and it would interesting to see how they would do against the town on the westside with a dream and EP. Just like a MN Class A team vs a Class AA team, Central and Red River would run into a depth problem.
  10. What did the Herald article say, had two opportunities. EGF was just too quick and deep. B/F made a galant effort in the first but it didn't take EGF long to wear down the Flyers first line with heavy doses of EGF 3rd and 4th lines. B/F started with some fight though and kept play at neutral ice and high in the defensive zone. Kober used his full arsenal to tire the Flyers out and Thoma was a wall for the Flyers. 3-0 EGF after 1, Shots 22-0 EGF. EGF came out in the second flying and B/F looked tired and shell shocked. Most play was on B/Fs side of the red line. EGF was passing really well and bombing shots from the blue line. At one point they just cycled the puck in the zone long enough to complete two line changes. The D just played outfield on the blue line and intercepted everything B/F tried to clear. EGF took a 5 minute boarding call with 3 minutes left in the period but looked even better on the kill. A minute later, B/F took a minor so that cancelled the power play and they skated 4x4 where EGF picked up a goal. 6-0 EGF after 2, Shots 42-0 EGF. Third period the Green Wave came running out of the tunnel, the Flyers could barely lift their leg to go over the boards. They looked like the would rather be on the bus home. EGF played a lot of pass and catch and put on a cycling clinic. They picked up another goal to finish 7-0 and I had them for 64 shots as they stopped posting them accurately around 45. The last five minutes the whole arena wanted the Flyers to get a shot on goal. The did mount 3 or 4 rushes that got into the zone and below the goal line extended. EGF played tough D to prevent and the entire arena was oowwwing and ahhing. Thoma, the B/F goalie was the player of the game for me. He is good and doesn't have a lot of help in front of him. He is a warrior. He was the last through the handshake line and the last off the ice. The B/F crowd gave him a great standing ovation, the whole building should have.
  11. So here you are insinuating that ND hockey is better. We both agree MN is bigger with 87 Class A teams and 70 Class AA teams, for 157 total. But you are arguing ND is better because Central and Red River crush ALL the ND High School competition, and besides EGF, play Minnesota teams that are sub .500 and then you rattle off some non-tournament teams from ND that also beat sub .500 MN teams yet not even Central or Red River play top MN competition other than EGF? Moorhead won't schedule us. The big names won't come up north. EGF, TRF, and Crookston have arrangments worked out where Breck, St Cloud Cathedral, Blake, Tartan come up and the northern teams travel down. Blaine came all the way up to EGF in a blizzard on New Years weekend for one game vs EGF and went back home. Enter the Schawn Cup over the holidays or go to the Hermantown or Duluth Marshall holiday tournaments. Or is it more fun to kick the dog dirt out of weaker, small town ND and MN teams by 10+ goals, go undefeated without testing yourself, then beat your chest about how great you are.
  12. I never said Kittson Central, Detroit Lakes, or Osseo were great teams. Kittson won 1 game this season, Detroit Lakes cherry picked a bottom feeder schedule. Osseo, demographics are changing in the metro, Osseo is not in a strong hockey area. Just like there is 1 hockey team representing the actual city of Minneapolis. Richfield shut down their program. The power is in the suburbs. But, like Detroit Lakes, Central and Red River are cherry picking an entire league. Central has scored double digits six times this year including today (10,12,10,12,11,16,10) all against ND teams and Red River scored double digits twice (11 and 10) and 9 goals four times and one was Detroit Lakes. So North Dakota hockey is better because Central and Red River run the score up on their entire league and, as you put it, garbage Minnesota teams. Load up the bus and at least drive to Moorhead or Hermantown. Maybe Elk River or Wayzata? If you are gonna say you are the best, play the BEST!
  13. 1/20?
  14. It's your story, tell it however you like.
  15. Bigger AND better. I don't know how having two good teams out of 17 makes North Dakota hockey "better".