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  1. NORTH DAKOTA @ Miami

    #ferdaoxbow6 Oxbows luck guides our puck.
  2. Olympic Hockey

    With the next Winter games being held in China I’m betting it’s another event with no NHL players. I think USA hockey may have seen something with the level the college kids played at. Put together a similar system to the WJC selection process and go with the best over 20 college players if it’s a no go with the NHL guys. I’m sure a lot will depend on when the games actually take place in 2022.
  3. Olympic Hockey

    No reason to not go a full 20 4x4 or even 5x5. It’s a world championship event.
  4. Olympic Hockey

    Bobby Butler? Who?
  5. Olympic Hockey

    No Erat for the Czechs.....hmmm....
  6. Olympic Hockey

    Good hockey game. Maybe they should play.....wait for it.....another OT?? Huh?? Yeah? Yeah!
  7. Olympic Hockey

    On a positive note we still have our timeout!
  8. Olympic Hockey

    How many game winners does Gionta have for his team this year?
  9. Olympic Hockey

    Terrible......wow.....what was the plan there?
  10. Olympic Hockey

    Okay. 4-3 for 40 seconds. Terry, Donato, Bourque, and Gilroy. Get it done boys.
  11. Olympic Hockey

    What if I told you....there was once a proud Olympic factory on the prairie that produces no more.....
  12. Olympic Hockey

    Is Stoa pulling a plow? Maybe a bus?..
  13. Olympic Hockey

    For the love of God Greenway......play like a big man.....
  14. Olympic Hockey

    This has all the makings of OT with Troy Terry netting the winner.
  15. Olympic Hockey

    “This guys dead” ”Cross his name off the list”
  16. Olympic Hockey

    I had to check who ESPN thinks the Vikings will use the franchise tag on.
  17. Olympic Hockey

    Tie game after two. First segment of that period couldn’t have gone worse for the USA, but now it’s a dogfight. All Terry all the time in the third period. He and Donato are going to play a lot.
  18. Olympic Hockey

    Big goal. Big goal.
  19. Olympic Hockey

    McCarthy is a waste....guy is out there killing with his stick three feet off the ice....
  20. Olympic Hockey

    You have to take your timeout there.....guys have been out there for three minutes....
  21. Olympic Hockey

    Take your time out.
  22. Olympic Hockey

    Two kills for the USA. Need to get back to rolling lines and playing in their end.
  23. Olympic Hockey

    Milbury just said what I was thinking. Terry should be your guy operating off the half wall on the power play. And a dumb penalty to end the period.
  24. Olympic Hockey

    If four guys chasing the puck and leaving a guy wide open is sloppy.....then yeah I’d agree.... Czechs score. They’ve been all over the USA.
  25. Olympic Hockey

    Under 5 to go, looks like it's the Czech Rerpublic tomorrow night.