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  2. This may be on here already....not looking through all the history. Interesting!
  3. It's a frick'n Sparrow
  4. That fight was the very last game at the old Ralph....Schneider had to miss the 1st game at the new Ralph
  5. Very highly doubt Bucigross tweet, I heard about it Friday. Possible, but very much doubt it.
  6. Well played truenorth!
  7. I have a feeling it's going to be a big day today!
  8. Certainly seems in-line with other prices given the demand. Read Shlossman's FAQ.
  9. Craig Mack -- '83 EGF grad played for Gophers
  10. Bloomington / Holy Angels fight:
  11. Schmaltz draws his 3rd penalty of the game.....has played very well today!!